Game #160: Sakasilazavumgarima (Sakashima the Impostor)

Game #160: Sakasilazavumgarima (Sakashima the Impostor)
Date: 2015-04-01
Location: The Family Game Store
Vs. GrimGrin; Karona(Dragons)
Result: Fun Win

Sakashima the Impostor, Magic, Saviors of KamigawavsKarona, False God, Magic, ScourgeGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, Innistrad

My plan for this April Fools Day was to play this deck (that’s not all that foolish, just fun). I played the whole night with the same two guys (from the Exava game). I had a decent starting hand with two lands and an Opal Palace.  Grimgrin started with a Grave Caller, and my first move was to copy Birds of Paradise from Karona using a Phantasmal Image.

Karona fetched one of the new Dragon pumping lands, and also played a Quicksilver Amulet. I used Acquire to get a Gilded Lotus and then cast Sakashima (as a Birds of Paradise!) and an Assault Suit.  Karona found a quite deadly Scourge of Valkas (that made me salivate with envy). I copied it with a Vesuvan Doppleganger, but mine got killed.  Karona cast Dragonstorm for 2, but Grimgrin countered one of the copies, and Karona ONLY got to get Dragon Broodmother.  I Cursed it to Swine-dom, but only killed the Scourge of Valkas (so that, next turn, I could Body Double it… I really wanted that Scourge of Valkas!).

I put Assault Suit on the Dragon so it could beat on people.   Then when my turn came around I Rite of Replicationed my Scourge. We did the math wrong, and thought I only had 30 damage to distribute, so I killed GrimGrin.  Karona cast a Hoardsmelter Dragon and ate the Gilded Lotus, but then on my turn we realized, wait.  I really had many more damages to distribute, and that he should’ve been dead a turn ago.

I was just pumped I got to Rite the Scourge, which was one of the plays I was hoping to some day make with this deck. Nice for it to happen in game 1.

About the Deck (  is pretty close to what it is now)

This is the Sakashima version of SakaSiLazavumgarima.  It runs 25 cards that are all about Copying stuff and 25 cards that are all about Stealing stuff, and a package of 12 artifacts/spot removal (like the Monkey Maker and Curse of Swine).   The idea for the deck came from an old (circa 2002) Extended deck my friend and I made with a fully Transformative Sideboard (it started out as a combo deck, but you’d board’ 15 and make it a Counter Sliver deck, and you could board the combo back in in game three and play it AND counter silver).

The deck Originally was my Thada Adel deck, but I took out the merfolk to make a Tiny Leaders deck. I started rebuilding it as Sakashima, but partway through also got the bug to make a Lazav deck. They were fighting eachother for cards, so I thought “why not just make the decks share?”   When Silumgar was spoiled, I realized it had to be a Tripartite General deck.     Sakashima is the Blue Copy and Blue Steal packages, Lazav is Blue Copy and Black/Gold steal/copy pagage, Silumgar is Black/Gold and the Blue Steal package.

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