The Decks Files, part 2: Mono Blue

Note: I’m going to start a series where I rate, and give a synopsis of, my decks. I’ll look at each deck, explain what it does (how/if it wants to win, what “kind” of deck it is), how much I like it, how “good” I think it is, and how often I feel like playing it and maybe an anecdote or two.

Note on Decklists: Having so many decks means that it’s REALLY time consuming to keep decklists updated. Not every deck is on, and many that are have changed significantly. That said, IF YOU WANT A DECKLIST: leave a comment or send me a message and I will find time to fix, or create, the decklists on TappedOut.

Here’s the Quick Rubric I’ll use for some of the questions.

How often do I want to Play it? How “Good” is it? How much do I like it?
5=  More than once in a Row  I’d play it against “Competitive decks” or if I actually want to try to win  One of my very favorites
4=  Often  It can hold its own  I really like it
3=  Sometimes  It might win under special circumstances  It’s okay
2=  Under certain circumstances  Just for Fun  Something’s not quite right
1=  Rarely / have to be in a certain mood  Winning would be a miracle I might actually take it apart… maybe


Commander: Azami, Lady of ScrollsAzami, Lady of Scrolls, Magic, Champions of Kamigawa
Style: All Creature, Tribal
Tribe?: Mostly Wizards
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 4
Deck Notes
:  I wanted to build an Azami deck that wasn’t the “Azami Deck.” (Also had won a Foil Azami as part of the “Pack to Charity Binder” from the first CommanderCast “Gifts Given” drive).  I decided my limitation was that I couldn’t play ANY non-creatures (aside from lands) in the deck. Is drawing tons of cards still good and possible? Yes. But the win condition is supposed to be by Poison/Infect (preferably Quicksilver Gargantuan of an infect creature).  The reason I don’t want to play it often is because of the amount of “Derp… yer playing “The Azami Deck” kill you now” in the world (This is the only deck someone new has “respectfully” asked me to not play before ever seeing it played.

Commander: Patron of the MoonPatron of the Moon, Magic, Betrayers of Kamigawa
Name: Moonfolk!
Style: Tribal, Combo, Arcane
Tribe?: Moonfolk
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 2
Deck Notes
:  This deck is more than half foiled, so it’s in sleeves. I like Patron of the Moon’s ability and I like the idea of Moonfolk as a tribe. Amulet of Vigor is a champ.


Commander: Talrand the Sky SummonerTalrand, Sky Summoner, Magic, Magic 2013 (M13)
Name: Make-a-Drake
Style: Tokens, Spells Matter
Tribe?: Drake?
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 4
Like?: 3

Deck Notes:
 Lots of cheap card draw spells to just make crap-tons of drakes. Only 7 other creatures. I have won a game due to Omni-Science (Which I think I then took out).


Commander: Blind SeerBlind Seer, Magic, Invasion
Name: 5-Color Blue
Style: Manipulation
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 4
Deck Notes
:  The separated twin deck to Mistform Ultimus. Color hosers, color changers, and Rainbow Crow carrying Civic Saber (Caw Blade!!!!). Any excuse to play Sleight of Mind (my very first Rare ever) is a good one.

Commander: Mistform UltimusMistform Ultimus, Magic, Timeshifted
Style: Creature Type Matters
Tribe?: Yes
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 3
Deck Notes: This deck started as a “manipulate everything — creature/land types, colors etc.” deck, but it grew to big, so it split into a color deck and a creature one.


Commander: Lorthos the TidemakerLorthos, the Tidemaker, Magic, Zendikar
Name: LOR-THOS.   The Freshmaker.  King of the Hill People.  Seafood.
Style: Ultra-Mono. Fatty Beat Down
Tribe?: Sea Creatures
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 5
Deck Notes:  I love beating down with big blue creatures.  This has all of the Ula’s Temple critters, but also eels, fish, starfish, homarids/camarids, sharks, whales, etc.  Tromokratis could be a general as well, but I just love Octopuses the most.


Commander: Heidar, Rimewind MasterHeidar, Rimewind Master, Magic, Coldsnap
Name:Snow Day
Style: Manipulation
Tribe?: Snow
Want to play?:3
Like?: 4
Deck Notes: Built in part because I really like how the foil Rimewind creatures look, and built in part because of my  Minnesotan heritage (and also built  in part on a Snow-Day from School).  It plays with the Snow-matters cards from Ice Age / Coldsnap. It also has a strong Bounce theme, since Heidar is almost never not active.

Commander:Reveka, Wizard SavantReveka Wizard Savant
Name: What Blue Doesn’t Do
Style: Creatureless
Tribe?: Old School
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 4
Deck Notes:  Reveka is a ridiculous Homelands creature, and a Blue Dwarf(!?).  There are a bunch of old school blue spells that do things that blue does not do: direct damage, damage-tax, removal, land destruction, etc.  There’s also an  un-tap sub-theme to make Reveka “extra” good.

Commander:Soramaro, First to DreamSoramaro, First to Dream, Magic, Saviors of Kamigawa
Name: SoramarUno
Style: Creatureless / Voltron
Tribe?: Having lots of Cards
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 3
Deck Notes:  Soramaro is my second favorite Maro (after Masumaro).  The goal in this deck (Which is now sort of redundant due to my Kruphix deck), is to have a lot of cards in hand and crush with Soramaro for general damage. It’s not quite Voltron, because it’s not about suiting up Soramaro, just about beefing up the hand.



Commander: Thada Adel, Acquistor / Empress Galina (retired)Thada Adel, Acquisitor, Magic, Worldwake
Name: Fish
Style: Tribal, Theft
Tribe?: Merfolk
Want to play?: x
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 3
Deck Notes: This was, I believe, my first mono blue deck. It was merfolk tribal with some stealing and copying. It started as Galina, but became Thada. Once I got to take a bunch of extra turns with Wanderwine Prophets.  I retired it because I wanted to build the Sakshima Monstrosity and also a Tiny Leaders deck.

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