News: Updates Soon, Website, and Moving

3 Quick News Updates.

1. I’m up to game 177, but due to news item 3, I haven’t had much time to update. I’ll try to get a few more written up soon.  Highlights: Elves, Pauper (Gilder Bairn! Wooly Thoctar!), Korra the False God, Rakka Mar, Medomai, Teneb!

2. Kangee Aerie Keeper My very first EDH deck — Kangee, Aerie Keeper — got some airtime on the Magic Homepage on a “Command Tower” article.    After playing it tonight, I realized that I added a few other new cards to it.

3. Tonight (6-24) was my last night playing at The Family Game store with a super awesome playgroup (short version: destroyed by Squirrels!), as I am moving to Portland over the course of the next month. It’s been great playing there.

If anyone knows of a great Commander / EDH group in Portland, Oregon, I’ll be looking for one (must be chill, not-hypercompetitive, and okay with me using occasional place-holder proxies.

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