In Search of Commander / EDH group in Portland, Oregon

  •  I’m Moving to Portland Next Week.Weird Harvest, Magic, 9th Edition

    36yo player (MTG since The Dark)  ISO a fun, regular EDH/Commander group.  165+ EDH Decks and counting.  Just left a fantastic group in Ellicott City, MD (The Family Game Store).

    If you want to read more about my EDH philosophy, check here


  • Casual Play,
  • Social Contract/friendly games,
  • relaxed (non-sculpting) mulligans,
  • deck variety,
  • placeholder proxies (only cards I own),
  • 2-5 player games,
  • standard Commander rules (with occasionally expanding/modifying the format — Tag-Team Commander, Pauper, GuildWars etc)


  • play for prizes,
  • play for points,
  • leagues,
  • tournaments/ “pods”,
  • hyper-competitive games,
  • games consistently ending before turn 10,
  • combo-only games,
  • house-bans,
  • anti-social players,
  • optimization.

    Not sure what my availability will be just yet.  Letters of reference available on request.  Contact me via this blog (cross posted at

3 thoughts on “In Search of Commander / EDH group in Portland, Oregon

      • I almost stopped by there Tuesday, but I had other things planned and it was just too far from North Portland during the 6pm rush. I’ll check it out eventually though. Thanks!

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