Game #180: Daxos the Returned

Game #180: Daxos the Returned
Date: 2015-11-24
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland, OR
vs.: Anafenza the Formost; Karlov of the Ghost Council; Oloro, Ageless Ascetic
Result: Neutral Loss

Daxos the Returned, Magic, Commander 2015vsKarlov of the Ghost Council, Magic, Commander 2015Anafenza, the Foremost, Magic, Khans of TarkirOloro, Ageless Ascetic, Magic, Commander 2013

A battle of everyone is BW! (the best color combination!).  I had a two land hand but no white mana, I drew a plains on turn 3 and cast Daxos, but he didn’t survive to my turn as Oloro wiped the board to kill Daxos, Karlov and something else with a Toxic Deluge.  For fun, and Oloro-hate, Karolv played Tainted Remedy.   My deck wasn’t big on life-gain, but every card in my hand that I could cast happened to be something that involved life gain.  Anafenza played Athreos and Nissa (legendary).

On turn 5 I played an Underworld Coinsmith and an Attrition.  On turn 8 I finally hit 5 mana to cast Daxos again (who died to an Oloro Supreme Verdict before I could do anything).  In the mean time Oloro kept losing life and Karlov had a Grave Pact and Butcher of Malakir.  Also our graveyards kept getting wiped due to a Salvaging Station/Nihil Spellbomb interaction.

Then Oloro dropped Ugin. Wiped our boards, had the mana to drop Planeswalker Karn, and then slowly went crazy with Planeswalkers (Elspeth, Ashiok, Tezerret, Chain Veil). Eventually we all lost, but I stopped paying attention as to how.

Anafenza was also doing Enchantress-y things, but suffered from Mana issues as well (and also graveyard hated issues).

Total Experience Counters with Daxos: ZERO.   It wasn’t so miserable to be rated “unfun” but it was close.

About the Deck:  Daxos is by far and away my favorite of the new C15 legends. I was super pumped to have another option for W/B that plays differently than my other decks (which are reanimation/lifegain based).  I started building this deck the day Daxos was spoiled.  Several cards (obvious ones) were in the pre-con already.   I had a stack of about 150 cards to sort through to build the deck. I briefly considered trying to go All-Enchantments as a restriction to breed creativity, but I realized that there were enough key cards that weren’t natively enchantments that I wanted in the deck to invalidate that path. I settled on “if it can be done via enchantment, then it will be” as my guiding principle. So the removal is all Enchantment based (except for the one instant/sorcery that destroys all non-enchantment creatures), and the additional creatures all deal with enchantments in someway.

The main goal is to generate a lot of experience counters, so there are quite a few recurring enchantments (Gossamer Chains, Despondency, Flickering Ward).  It does have some life gain, mostly to offset Carnival of Souls. I opted against most +1/+1 counters generation because it’s too much to keep track of.  Bestow creatures also do double duty of suiting up Daxos or just being guys in their own right.

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