My Five Cents On…. The Origins 5 Band.

MaRo Recently gave a line up for “What if the Origins 5 Started a Band”

He listed:

Chandra: Drums
Jace: Lead vocals
Gideon: Lead guitar
Liliana: Bass
Nissa: Keyboard

I’m going to disagree with at least 3 of those choices.

whole band 1

Chandra would indeed play drums. She’s crazy enough, and I could see her being the “Animal” of the group. chandra


Jace would definitely be the Lead Vocalist.  There’s no way Wizards would NOT have him be the “Face” of the band, or the one that everyone is going to think is in charge of things.  Also his powers line up: he doesn’t actually do anything, he just thinks he’s important.


Gideon would NOT be the Lead Guitar player.  1. Lead guitarists do solos and they don’t actually Lead the band.  2. He ALWAYS has 4 Strings on him. He would be the bassist, being the rock holding the band together.


Liliana would NOT be the bassist. She wants credit and attention WAY too much to be a supporting player.  I’ve seen other people argue that she’d be the Lead Singer for that reason, but think about it: has anyone EVER sold her soul to the devil for better singing skills? NO.  She is clearly the lead guitarist (and she shreds a guitar made from the skull of an actual demon).


Finally, Nissa would NOT play keyboard.  She wouldn’t play any electric/synthesized instruments.  She’d be the rhythm guitarist, adding harmony vocals, and giving the music shape. And she’d do it on an acoustic guitar that’s actually a Wood Elemental.




And they’d totally play a show Live at the Thespians Stage (and all the Rakdos Guild in attendance would make Ravnica the next Altamount)


2 thoughts on “My Five Cents On…. The Origins 5 Band.

  1. I would rather make Liliana play the Harpsichord, Organ, Hammond or something with an equally infernal sound.

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