Highlights from the Longest Game ( or, “Geth Doesn’t Discriminate)

Highlights from the Longest Game I’ve Ever Played, Featuring Geth.
Date: 2016-2-23
Location: RedCastle Games, Portland OR
vs: Ayli the Eternal Pilgrim; Iroas; Karlov
result: 3 hours of pretty fun

Geth, Lord of the Vault, Magic, Scars of MirrodinvsAyli, Eternal Pilgrim, Magic, Prerelease CardsKarlov of the Ghost Council, Magic, Commander 2015Iroas, God of Victory, Magic, Journey Into Nyx

This is not an official game, since, while I’ve never played Geth as a general before, it’s just my Lim-Dul/Chainer “Creaturless” deck. I realized Geth could be a another Ulitmate General, and I was also inspired by a friend saying “Geth Doesn’t Discriminate,” which made me think “… between the Sinners and the Saints, He Takes and He Takes and He Takes” (because I’ve been listening to and reading “Hamilton” way too much recently, and Geth would make a good Aaron Burr”.


I didn’t record the game because it wasn’t official, but it was, at just close to 3 hours long, the longest 4-player game I’ve ever been a part of at any store, or at someones home. Ayli and Karlov are both about big life and sacrificing, Iroas was all about suiting up a creature and hitting hard, and my deck was all about killing things and taking them from other people. Here were some of the highlights or key moments:

  • I got to use Lake of the Dead 5 times
  • I had a Staff of Nin all game
  • I got to effectively use Black Market, Grave Betrayal AND NO Mercy (though only the latter lasted more than one turn);
  • I stole a Crypt Ghast more than once, and also had Caged Sun (and later a Cabal Coffers with 20 Swamps).
  • I cast Life’s Finale, followed by Rise of the Dark Realms on the same turn (though couldn’t win, as my 40/40 Karlov got Deflecting Palmed and had to die in response
  • Ayli played a Arbiter of Knollridge, with a Sanguine Bond out, when he was down to 4 life while Karlov was at 80. It set me to 4, and everyone else to 80.
  • Miraculously I lived to my next turn, though at 1 life.
  • Necromantic Summons trying to get back the Abiter, but it was exiled. Instead I Beacon of Unrested to get back a Resolute Archangel
  • All told, Geth was cast 5 times, and wore Darksteel Plate, and Lightning Greaves more than once, but never got to have Shade’s Form
  • Geth reanimated a Tainted Sigil, which later was used to gain me 70 life (more, had I been patient).
  • Ultimately I died to Commander Damage from a 23/23 boots, double swords-ed Karlov. I was at 85 life

All in all it was a very swingy game. I did almost nothing for the first 8-10 turns, as no creatures were really dying. Ayli lived through early game mana screw, and Iroas had a tough time getting to creaturehood. I was happy how Geth Worked out (and with how much Mana was happening).

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