Game #192: Selenia, Dark Angel

Game #192: Selenia, Dark Angel
Date: 2016-03-15
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Ayli, The Eternal Pilgrim; Mayael the Anima; Mogis, God of Slaughter
Result: Fun Loss

Selenia Dark AngelvsAyli, Eternal Pilgrim, Magic, Oath of the GatewatchMayael the Anima, Magic, Commander 2013Mogis, God of Slaughter, Magic, Born of the Gods

Back to Back W/B decks (albeit separated by 2 weeks).  I kept an awkward 3 land hand that lacked white mana, though I did play a Seraph Sanctuary early on. I got 1 white producer on turn 4, and played an Ashnod’s Altar. On turn 5 I missed a land drop, and sacrificed a Vampire Nighthawk to play a Talus Paladin for strategic reasons.

Mogis had built up a Phyrexian Arena, Mogis himself, Repercussions and Tainted Remedy, those plus Mayael’s Lurking Predators mean that I had to Merciless-ly Evict all enchantments on turn 6.  Ayli was mostly harmless. Mogis returned with an Underworld Dreams.

My 7th turn I played two more Vampire Allies, though one got Fight-ed by a werewolf.  Mogis was threatening with a Sarkhan in dragon form. Ayli wiped the board but it led into Mayael getting a Godsire, which smacked Sarkhan.  Ayli drained us with an X=3 Debt to the Deathless. On Turn 10 I was able to March From the Tomb three of my Allies,  sacrifice 2 to get the mana to cast a kicked Blood Tribute, halving Ayli’s large life total and bumping me from 17 to 41.  Meanwhile I had cast Selenia and bounced her once. I had to cast her a second time from the command zone (I eventually bounced and recast her 3 more times).

Ayli wiped the board again. Mogis uses Palace Siege to continue to grind us, and Praetor’s Grasped away a Vampire Impostor from me.  On turn 12 I try to Congregate for big life, but only end up with 12.  Ayli now has a Debtor’s Knell. Mayael is hanging on with an Elderscale Wurm, and other big Wurms (Novablast, Worldspine!) but can’t mount an offensive. Ayli continues to reanimate a Godsire via Puppeteer Clique, attack me, get a token, and sacrifice the Godsire for life. Mostly I just block and bounce Selenia.

Mayael is hanging on with 1 life and has to kill Mogis before the Siege kills him.  On turn 14 I play a Retreat to Emeria, play an evolving wilds that gets an Island, and gives me 2 tokens and my second White mana…

I try for a Defiant Bloodlord on turn 15 but by this point Ayli has a mess of a board and kills us all.

About the Deck:  This one also grew out of the “Build Karlov, Rebuild Vish-kal, Build Ayli” project.  When I realized that I basically had every other BW commander built (assuming I use old Ghost Dad as backup-general for my Teysa #2 deck), I knew I had to build Selenia.   Ayli had to have the B/W Allies cut, and they found a home here, cementing the Unlikely Alliance of Angels and Vampires that make up this deck.  It’s a deck that benefits from life-gain, but is not a Life deck (the life is really to stabilize and let me bounce Selenia).  Seal of the Guildpact is a star, along with the one that does the same thing for life.  This one isn’t really a reanimator deck either, aside from the Allies sorcery.


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