4-Color Thoughts

I am anxiously awaiting ANY kind of spoiler about the 4-color Commander product from Wizards that’s coming out this fall.  I am really excited to be able to take apart the 4-color “Tag Team” decks that I have built (since Tag Team never took off).  Lots of speculation on how it will be executed.  My guess is there will be a “True” 4-color legend, and then a 2-color with a hybrid ability for the other 2 colors, though I’d love too see 2-colors that are flip-walkers  (Dark Trauma Spark Ignition!).

Of course I did a 5-part series on some of my card-creation attempts at 4-color commanders back in 2013 .

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.Part 5

I never ended up building decks around any of these, but I had a lot of fun designing them. I didn’t use Hybrid technology as much as I could have either.  Of all of them, I think I like the pair of the twins Pradoc and Pradice the best.   I also really liked the idea of the “Dark Transformation” double-faced cards, and the idea of having one card represent a team-up of two characters. Oh how I would love a  Teysa/Zegana  Orzhov-Simic Team-up card…. Hmmm…. time to go back to Magic Set Editor

Deck building drought, and Tapped Out

Drought, Magic, Ice Age

So, I haven’t played any new decks in several weeks, but it’s not for lack of trying.  I’ve been starting decks and not being able to finish them, either for lack of creative theme or for temporary lack of funds to complete them.

HOWEVER, I have been playing A LOT of games on MTG Forge  which has also meant that I’ve really ramped up adding and updating decklists on TappedOut.  I think I have almost 150 decklists up now.  My goal is to have every deck up by Halloween and update this blog accordingly.

The following decks are in various states of construction (not even including all of the decks that have been sitting partially completed for a year or more).

  • Emrakul, the Promised End (basically done, but I want to make it more awkward-huggish)
  • Gisa and Geralf (missing about 20 cards that need purchasing)
  • Sigarda  – the new one (human-ish tribal, was going to maybe be clues or non-red werewolves.  needs a final focus)
  • Urabrask and/or Eron the Relentless (ultra-mono red, still piling up options)
  • Marchesa (politics/voting/the moonarch, though it may have absorbed potential Kiku, Nights Flower and Dioachan, the Artful Beauty decks into a “girls run the world” deck)
  • Leovold (early pile stages… will it be elves? poltical trading? Little Big Leaders (CMC =<3 ) ?  It won’t be built to abuse the draw-limits)
  • Geist of St. Traft (UW spirit tribal, because I don’t have that spirit tribal yet… this is a tiny pile)
  • Alesha (knight tribal, all-creature. just needs lands)
  • Linessa Zephyr Mage (some kind of weird mess of things that shouldn’t work in EDH, plus or minus also exiling Emrakul to Call from the Blind Eternities)
  • Zedruu? – for the colors (something that can use Nahiri Harbinger for getting Emrakul)
  • Scion of the Ur-dragon (Dragonlance theme… just needs lands and proxy lands)
  • Olivia, Mobilized for War (discard madness vamps… just needs lands and a few hellbent cards)
  • Roon of the Hidden Realm (a deck where I would want to play Manifest)
  • Arcades Sabboth (CLUES!)
  • Ulrich of the Krallenhorde (dumb werewolfs)
  • Marieke Ri Berit (a stealing deck that seems too similar to another deck I already built)
  • Joven and/or Chandler (make other stuff artifacts).
  • UR Thopters (literally just waiting for the UR legendary that was supposed to be in Kaladesh)
  • and still working to finish  Lady Evangela, Karrthus, Sidisi and others.
  • PLUS I’m sure I will build Rashmi  and Kambal  from the new set