My 5 Cents on… Partner.

  1.  I’ve been using “Tag Team” generals to create my 4-color decks (which have not been featured here, since I couldn’t get enough people to let me play them) for quite a few years.   Partner is pretty close to that, except for the fact that they can both be in play at the same time. So that’s pretty cool. I was definitely not expecting this to be their solution though.
  2. I feel just a tiny bit slighted that they didn’t come up with more “true 4-color” or “4-color Identity” cards.  I know DFCs are expensive to print, so that’s excusable, but it didn’t seem like the Fate Reforged style “activation color’ generals would have been that tough to design.
  3. Partner is neat, though, because it means that there are lots of combination options, and not just for forming new 4-color decks.  I hope they continue to print Partner cards in the future.  Also, it’s incentive to buy all of the decks to maximize combinations.
  4. Partner and Soulbond would be cool. Partner and Meld would be super cool.
  5. Brothers Yamazaki should be errata-ed to have partner.

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