My 5 Cents on… WBRG Partner Configurations

In honor of finally having “official” 4-color options, I’ve decided to give my pre-playtest opinions on the new 4-color Partner configurations.  I’ll start with how I think they work together and give them a score on Compatibility from 1(least) to 4 (most) with only one “4” awarded, and a score on how likely I’d be to build them as a pair (1 = no, 2=unlikely, 3=possibly, 4=yes) with no guarantees.

Note that additional card choices/deck context could improve compatibility, but I’m not going to go too deeply into that, though I may mention brief ideas.

The Non-blue “theme” is “ATTACK”.  My current non-blue tag-team is “Token Sacrifices” with Kresh and Hazezon.

The Boss

Would I build: 2, I mean, probably a “3” but I don’t like having a commander that totally singles out one player. She might be fun in a “Curse” deck though, so yeah, okay, “3”.

The Built-Ins

= Buff a trampler, get more opportunities at Saprolings that are Buff. Seems Good.
Compatibility: 4
Would I build: 4  This is very likely to replace Kresh/Hazezon in my current Tag-Team.

= More things to attack with, means more things might get through.
Compatibility: 3
Would I build: 3 I don’t know if it would be much different than TanaRavos

The Friendlies

= You’re playing small creatures, so Maybe that means you have mana for big other spells?
Compatibility: 1
Would I play: 1

The Cross-Overs

636131750721891591 + 636131657170741618
= Akiri doesn’t get more toughness.
Compatibility: 2
Would I build: 1

= Putting Counters on Akiri seems decent.
Compatibility: 2
Would I build: 2

636128993995333186 + 636131657170741618
=  Bruse targetting Ikra means 14-28 life. That’s crazy.
Compatibility: 3 
Would I play: 4. These two will probably get their own deck.

= Reyhan will make things bigger, and bigger things with Double Strike is good.
Compatibility: 2.
Would I build: 2.

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