Game #207: Tymna-Thrasios (Elect-a-deck)

Game #207:  Tymna-Thrasios (Elect-a-deck)
Date: 2016-11-08
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Intet; Grenzo
Result:   Mostly Fun Loss

Tymna the Weaver, Magic, Commander 2016Thrasios, Triton Hero, Magic, Commander 2016 vsIntet, the Dreamer, Magic, Planar ChaosGrenzo, Havoc Raiser, Magic, Conspiracy: Take the Crown

In a game that became frighteningly prophetic on election night.  A third player had shown up so we started the game.  Tymna-Thrasios were elected as the president and vice president of my deck (beating Ishai-Reyhan  and Silas-Kondo).  It was a crazy game, in which Intet was cast 4+ times, and play was long and painful (and someone who shouldn’t have won, came back from the brink to be shockingly victorius… and it was all the fault of the Hive Mind).

I kept a 2 land hand.  Grenzo came out and I used an opal palace on turn 3 to filter mana to cast a Tyrants Choice. [Vote 1: Tyrants Choice: Death 2-1] which slowed down Grenzo. I played an Orzhov Cluestone on turn 4, but Grenzo played a guy that killed it. Intet already had a Mirrorwing dragon in play. On turn 5 I played a Guildgate and cast Thrasios. Intet threw down a Thragtusk that would come to haunt us.
Grenzo set up an Extraplanar lens for Mountains and Intet played a Fastbond (which he claimed was legal, and we didn’t look up… RIGGED). Grenzo was also rolling with a Myr Battlesphere and Skullclamp. Somewhere in there I played a Messenger Jays [Vote 2: Messenger Jays: Feather 2-1]. Things were getting messy, so I cast Divine Reckoning, and then followed it up with Leovold (aka Secretary of State) and a Time of Need (finding Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts (aka the Secretary of Defense)). Then we got Cyclonic Rifted on turn 10.

I dropped down Teysa again. On turn 12 I played Selvala’s Stampede [Vote 3: Selvala's Stampede: Wild 2 - Free 1] which got me a Magister of Worth [Vote 4: Magister of Worth: Condemn 2-1] and something else (I replayed Propaganda from my hand with the “Free” vote). The next turn I played a Ballot Broker and a Custodi Squire [Vote 5: Custodi Squire: 3-1 for Teysa]. I tried to replay Leovold and it was countered. I played Tymna for the 2nd time, and also a Kambal (aka Secretary of the Treasury). Things were getting messy, so Grenzo cast Heat Shimmer on my Magistrate [Vote 6: Magister of Worth token: 2-2] which destroys the board, though I’m able to cast Ready to Save Teysa (dooming us all).

Intet has gotten stuff back by Green Sun’s Zenithing for an Enernal Witness, and also took an extra turn, and eventually ended up with a Deadeye Navigator tied to Thragtusk (we had gotten Intet down to 1 at that point). Grenzo had a ton of Artifacts. I played Obzedat (aka Secretary of Health and Human Services) and a Coercive Portal. When the Coercive Portal triggered [Vote 7: Coercive Portal: Carnage 3-0] we got a Diluvian Primordial trigger somehow, which cast “Ready” protecting Intet’s crazy board state.

On turn 18 I flashback Divine Reckoning, and I followed it up by casting Capital Punishment [Vote 8: Capital Punishment: Death 3-0]  which helped just a tiny bit. I cast Death to get back Teysa again and on turn 20 I Diabolic Tutor for Merciless Eviction to exile a Platinum Angel from Intet. Grenzo has been eliminated by this point. Hive Mind has also come into play at some point, which made it really difficult to deal with any of Intet’s Stuff. I cast an Orchard Warden [Vote 9: Orchard Warden: Sprout 2-0]  as some extra defense, because there were a a ton of duplicated dragons.

Intet casts Enter the Infinite, I get one via Hive mind. I draw my deck and, prior to Intet’s resolving, I cast a spell that puts our graveyards back into our libraries (his plan was to deck me to death), and then I mortify his Hivemind, and then bounce one of his dragons. If I didn’t have to play around the hive-mind, or if I had 1 or 2 more mana, I would have had something I could have done to stop the onslaught of dragons, and caused Intet to have to draw out. I came Sooooo close, but ultimately failed. Sadly this was a portent for things to come in the real world (Again: The Hivemind is the worst  and the deck was illegal, but we didn’t know to challenge it).

About the Deck

I had considered building a 3 color “Will of the Council’s Judgment” deck (WUB with Merieke Ri Berit) for Election day, and then the Partner Mechanic was announced, making 4-color both possible (to add in Green) and thematic (by letting me have running-mates).     The candidates are    Tymna/Thrasios (The Cross-over party),  Sidar Kondo/Silas Renn (the Friendly party), and  Ishai/Reyhan (the Built-in party).  The deck contains stuff that works well with each possible combination, like cluestones for Silas to re-cast, +1/+1 counter stuff for the built-ins, and ability to make tokens for Tymna.   It plays all of the “Votes matter” cards and Council’s Dilemma/Will of the Council stuff, and it also plays some “political” themed cards like Propaganda, and a bunch of split cards and other cards involving making choices.

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