Game #127: Vhati, il-Dal

Game #127: Vhati, il-Dal
Date: 2014-04-23
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Bruna, Light of Alabaster; Balthor; Sisters of Stone Death; Oloro, Ageless Ascetic
Result: Neutral Loss

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A 5 player game didn’t seem to be the best place for Vhati to shine, but the deck was meant to be a fun one, so I decided to play it. I had a 3 swamp hand plus Boots and Illusionists Bracers, and more equipment. I was able to play a Mortar Pod, and maybe an elf that got me some land. Balthor had an early Urborg and Liliana of Everyone Discard, Sisters (a super-ramp deck) brought out Ob Nixilis and Oloro was doing things with Maze of Ith, Crypt Ghast and tutoring with a Demon.

I spent most of the game with few to no cards in hand. The deck needs more card draw (or I didn’t draw any card draw). Eventually I got Vhati out AND put illusionists Bracers on him. I got to do some tricks that killed a few things -1/-1 counters. Bruna got out a Sovereigns of Lost Alara, which I had to kill because it’s trouble. Bruna also finally smashed up Liliana.

Eventually Balthor got ridiculous and wiped the board a few times, generated ridiculous mana with Caged Sun and Candelabra of Tawnos, and tricks with Geth and Gray Merchant and Toxic Deluge. It wasn’t pretty.

I got to do things in the game with my General, so I consider it to be a mostly fun game. I would have liked to have a few more cards to be competitive.

About the Deck
(TappedOut, some day, maybe…)
Vhati il-Dal is Da’ Illest. I have more than a few +1/+1 counters decks, so I decided to make a -1/-1 deck. Vhati has been on my radar for a LONG time as a potential general. I do play with Quillspike Devoted Druid in this one, and also Thornbite Staff. The goal of course, is to put counters on things and then shrink them, including my own creatures sometimes.

The Rest of the Night

I didn’t take good notes of the rest of the night (which was almost a month prior to this writing), but I do know that I probably followed up with Skullbriar (for Golgari +1s). I think I also rolled out Animar and had fun with that.