Game #XXX: Kalemne

Game #XXX: Kalemne Disciple of Iroas
Date: 2016-05-10
Location: Red Castle Games
Vs: Mayael; Reaper King; Doran

I spent 2 months building an all-Creature Kalemne deck based on inexpensive creatures with 5-power.

Then, on turn 5, it is pointed out to me that Kalemne triggers on CMC of 5 or greater, not Power, I nearly cried. The deck had about 5 creatures (of 59) that fit that bill.

Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas, Magic, Commander 2015

Why Aren’t You Good? RTFC!

Luckily the people in the game were cool enough to let me bash through 5 turns with my Animar deck to catch up. I didn’t record that.

Game # 31.1, 31.2: Doran the Siege Tower

Game # 31.1, 31.2: Doran the Siege Tower
Date: 2013-06-16
Location: A Friend’s House in Duluth
vs: Glissa the Traitor
Result:  Redo, Loss

Doran, the Siege Tower vs.Glissa, the Traitor

After a lopsided win in Thrun v. Kira, we decided to get one more game in. I switched to Doran, and my opponent switched to Glissa.

I start out with a Murmuring Boskand and a Forest in hand. Since Doran comes down cheap, I figure this is okay. I am wrong.  I miss the rest of my land drops.  Glissa, on the other hand has tons of artifact-based ramp (Thran Dynamo, Krark Clan Iron Works, Palladium Myr, Mind Stone, etc).  A Steel Overseer, some Precursor Golems, a Mimic Vat… all are things that combine to kill me and my two lands.  Since I didn’t even get to play anything other than a Slagwurm Armor, I decide that I get a Do-Over…

On to Game Two.  This time around I start with a Swamp, Forest, and draw a Selesnya Sanctuary.  I play a Treefolk Harbinger for a Timber Protector.  Then my Sanctuary is Strip-Mined.  I manage to get a Somberwald Dryad on the table, and then I die to a Berserk-ed 7/7 Infect creature.  The end.

I really enjoy this deck, so I’m kind of bummed that it bombed out like this.

About the Deck (

Despite what it seems like from the reports above, this deck does run an appropriate number of lands.  I call it “Big Dumb Treefolk,” because that’s what it is about. Treefolk with big Toughness, Toughness boosters, and Doran.  There’s a minor “creatures of the Forest” theme: Squirrels, and the Doran-improved Joven’s Ferrets, and a few  Dryads.

Game #22a: Sisters of Stone Death (aborted)

Game # 22a : Sisters of Stone Death
Date: 2013-05-15
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs:Azami, Lady of Scrolls; Savra, Queen of the Golgari (guild)
Result: Abort/Redo

Azami had a fully leveled Lighthouse Chronologist by turn 4.  Savra and I both checked out of the game, eventually just scooping to a board that included Deadeye Navigator, Ertai, Wizard Adept, and a whole bunch of other stuff before we’d even played our 6th turns. Another fun player had shown up, and we wanted to start a new game.

Since I had chosen this deck because Savra’s player had never seen me play it, and had asked about it, and since it was a non-game, I declared this game to not-count towards the actual project, and moved on to the real Game#22