On Animar

On Animar

Along with Teysa #1, this is probably my most favorite deck to play. It has potential to do explosive things, but isn’t a broken deck.  Animar has a long history.

In its first incarnation it was a Sliver deck, (it really was the sliver that broke off of my retired Sliver Overlord deck) and it had about 10 non-creature spells (things like Survival of the Fittest, Hivestone, Doubling Season, Lightning Greaves, Warstorm Surge and a few other things). Eventually I started pulling out non-creature spells for creatures that could do similar things (Warstorm became Rage Thrower, Survival for Fauna Shaman, Boots for Elgaud Shieldmate) only leaving the Hivestone. The number of slivers pared-down as well, though the hivestone engine was important enough that I kept a Hoarding Dragon.

Then M14 slivers hit and I hated them, so I de-sliverized the deck (Animar is against giving handouts to those greedy free-loaders) and was able to make it fully ‘all-creature’. Since then I’ve tinkered a lot with the creature mix. The current incarnation plays up the +1/+1 counter theme more than past version.

Lets meet the team.

The Boss

is totally Swamp Thing.


The Lands

The Basics are  badass White-border “Tap to add” lands from Unlimited.


Some duals and filters are important since colored mana is the only kind I plan on spending.  As soon as I feel like taking apart my circa 2002 Miracle Gro deck, I’ll put in the real Tropical Island. For now it’s Sharpie placeholder.


Utility Lands that can be swapped for other cards are key, since un-needed lands are this decks second least favorite thing after board wipes. Oran-rief and Llanowar Reborn are great for speeding Animar’s growth.  The Alchemists refuge is on the block now that Prophet of Kruphix exists.


Ancient Ziggurat is a 2nd command tower, Opal Palace, despite being slow, is pretty great for later turn Animar-ing.


The Not-Lands (aka, The Creatures)

Guys that tap for mana. Birds makes for faster Animar. Myr are usually Free.


Guys that get more lands or otherwise accelerate, since the land count is low in the deck, and I don’t want to really draw more than 8 or so lands. I like to untap them, and i prefer to  play more than one per turn (especially off the top of the deck)


Animar’s favorite friends always give him the plusses. Hunting Moa is so rad it got a nod on the Mothership. 


Haste makes for not-waste. Wraths’ happen, and waiting out summoning-sickness sucks.


Things that play well with +1/+1 counters, either by supplying Animar with them, or helping out with extra abilities. If Experiment Kraj weren’t so color intensive, he’d join too.  Kalonian Hyrda is just dumb.  There are also a few X creatures that usually are huge, and Storm Entity can also get large in a hurry.


Some of the newest additions are the Gods. Which are totally allowed because Animar makes them cheaper, and are all really good in the deck. Purphuros can steal Ani’s thunder and become the kill. Thassa means Animar is getting in for that lethal commander damage, and that maybe I won’t draw a crappy land that I don’t want.DSC04306

Protective pals to keep Animar alive and un-targeted. Or to do crazy things (Progenitor Mimic)


Disruption and distruction on a body. Ruric Thar and Nullstone Gargoyle are particularly mean cards in a deck like this. There’s not a lot I can do against board-wipes, but Rage Thrower helps.


Sometimes (most of the time) my hand is empty or is just lands. These guys help to re-fill the hand or keep the bodies flowing. Sages of the Anima is a tricky play, since it’s tough to get any lands after it, but it puts a lot of cards into the hand.DSC04301

The Big Guns. Kozilek used to join Ulamog, but got evicted for not being indestructible and also for having Annihilator (which I dislike using).  20/20 Indestructibles are a better way to win.    DSC04308

I’m sure this deck will go through more changes as new things come out. Brutalizer Exarch is already threatening to oust Edric.