Game #75.1, 75.2 : Lim-Dul, the Necromancer

Game #75.1, 75.2 : Lim-Dul, the Necromancer
Date: 2013-11-02
Location: Family Game Store
vs: (game 1) Teneb the Harvester; Prime Speaker Zeganna; Dralnu, Lich Lord

Lim-Dûl the NecromancerVSTeneb, the HarvesterPrime Speaker ZeganaDralnu, Lich Lord

After a long game with Oloro vs the other 4 new Commanders (on a Saturday Night, which is not my normal EDH night), I joined up with a pod of people I didn’t know very well. I had just made a few updates to Lim-Dul and was excited to play it.

The group looked like they were pretty intense. I had a bad land start, but impulsively played a Necropotence on turn 3.  It was followed up by Dralnu playing a Hypnotic Specter and Hitting me twice (exiling cards I needed to have a hope of a chance). I tutored for a Nevinyrral’s Disk (the only means of artifact destruction that I had), but the random-discard of the Hyppie exiled it. Knowing I was basically out of the game I chose to “draw” 33 cards and then died, hoping to join a different less cutthroat pod.

Game #76.2  vs Kei Takahashi; Olivia Voldaren

VSKei TakahashiOlivia Voldaren

This game was against a father-son duo. The Olivia deck was a new one and the Kei deck was purported to have no real win-condition other than surviving.   I got into the mana-production game early with a Gilded Lotus, Everflowing Chalice and a Cabal Coffers, and eventually a Caged Sun.  I also played an early No Mercy to deter attacks.  Kei played a CoP: Black and Olivia played a Steel Hellkite  to try to deal with my enchantment. I kept finding ways to kill it and Sheoldred (including Dark Betrayal). I necromancied  Sheoldred.  Eventually Olivia had a Trostani’s Summoner on a Mimic Vat.

I tried to stay inthe game as long as I could, but Lim-Dul was always threatened, so never got cast. Warstorm Surge plus the Summoner/Vat got dangerous.  I Exsanguinated for 9 to try to live on, and a Life’s Finale was followed up by Rise from the Grave on a Sepulchral Primordial (that had been Finaled from the library), but ultimately I lost to Insurrection + Entwined Savage Beating.   Though the guy that won attracted a Kibitzer from another pod who looked over his shoulder, helped search the deck, gave advice on combat math, etc.  It was kind of annoying. I was hoping for a better game with Lim-Dul.

About the Deck ( (mostly))

This deck only has Lim-Dul as a creature. Everything else is creature destruction and reanimation. Two Lilianas hang around. I once was able to sneak enough counters onto Grimoire of the dead to steal a mass-reanimation out from under Balthor (though I still lost).  Dark Betrayal was a pretty crucial addition to the deck, as I always end up against partial-black decks, and most of the cards in the deck don’t like to kill Black creatures.  If I had a Damnation, it would be in here

Game #54: Mikaeus the Unhallowed

Game #54: Mikaeus the Unhallowed
Date: 2013-08-28
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
Vs: Molimo, Maro Sorcerer; Savra, Queen of the Golgari (GUILD); Karona, the False God
Result: Mostly Fun Loss

MikeShadevsMolimo, Maro-SorcererImage Image (1)

I keep a 1 land hand with a Blood Pet, and don’t draw another land until Turn 4. Molimo and Karona play tons of Lands and Savra plays a Corpsejack Menace which becomes a Slave of Bolas for Karona. I have a Pawn of Ulamog and a Solemn Simulacrum. Molimo plays a Yew Spirit, and Karona plays Oros, but both get sacrificed to a Savra activation.

I cast Mikaeus, and do a few tricks with Mindless Automaton and an Avatar of Woe, but Karona kills Mike and makes other stuff die too. At some point Savra uses Hex to clear the board of all but her minions and I get hit for 18 by a Wight of Precinct 6. I recast Mikaeus, and my Thornbite Staff is Naturalized before I can get it on Avaatar of Woe. Karona returns and starts making the rounds, knocking me down to 3 life. Eventually Savra uses her brother Jarad to sacrifice enough things to kill off the table.

About the Deck: (Tapped Out someday)

This is a deck made to take advantage of Sacrifice and ETB triggers. It has some silly stuff, but it also happily plays Triskelion, and I have won games by Mike & Trike. The best feature is that I have a sweet altered card for the General (not a printed foil, but an acutal painted alter) of The Shade from DC Comics’ “Starman” series that Balthor’s owner did for me on commission.

Game #45 : Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis

Game #45 : Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
Date: 2013-07-31
Location: Sir Benedicts by the Lake (pub), Duluth, MN
vs: Kumano, Master Yamabushi; Riku of Two Reflections

Nefarox, Overlord of GrixisVSDoran the Siege TowerRiku of Two Reflections

Game three at Sir Ben’s.  I had just finished this deck that morning, and was excited to play it.  I had to mulligan to start, and then had 2 Swamps and a Cabal Coffers. I play a Shadowborn Apostle to start the game, followed by a Dark Supplicant, and then another Apostle, and they all get sacrificed to summon Scion of Darkness.

The Scion runs over Doran to smack Garruk, the Relentless.

Riku uses a Fierce Empath to get a Roil Elemental, and then plays a Sunken Hope.  I still only have 4 land: two swamps, bojuka bog and Coffers, that only tap for 3 mana.

Garruk summons up a Grave Titan. I attack Riku with the Scion of Darkness and resurrect his Consecrated Sphinx (which ends up drawing me about 4 cards before it dies to a board wipe).

Lorax, the Siege Tower swings for lethal damage against Riku, but Riku is able to bolt an attacking creature to stay alive, and then drops an Avenger of Zendikar.  Lorax plays a doubling season and then fetches out his own Avenger of Zendikar and makes lots of huge tokens with Oran-Rief.

By this point I have a Door of Destinies, set to “cleric” out, and the Sunken Hope is letting me re-cast a Shadowborn Apostle every turn, so my guys are getting pretty big.   Riku casts Disaster Radius for 9, which kills much of the board that is not mine, but Lorax has an Unburial Rites to bring back his Avenger (for lots of tokens again). Riku Genesis Waves into mostly lands and then Lorax casts All Suns Dawn.

Riku fainally dies, and I die soon after to a giant swarm of plant tokens, even though I’m able to declare blockers AND sacrifice enough of my guys to Disciple of Griselbrand to gain 103 life.

It was a good game because lots of big stuff happened. I would have liked some more land to start, but turn 3 Scion of Darkness isn’t bad.  I maxed out at having 5 Apostles on the table at any given time, though I played 7 of them. Door of Destinies had 12 counters on it.

About the Deck( partial list at Tapped Out:

This is the obligatory Shadowborn Apostle deck.  It is a mix of Tribal Clerics and Demons.  There are 13 Demons in the deck for thematic purposes (not including It That Betrays, Scion of Darkness and Elbrus, the Binding Blade, which are not actually demons, but are big evil monsters).  There are 18-20 Apostles in the deck, depending on my mood, and I also really like Vile Deacon.  Evil clerics aren’t judgmental, so there may also be a few wizards in the deck. I don’t remember if I let Rotlung Reanimator in the deck or not;  I’m not sure if they allow independent zombies in this evil church

Game #29: Ashling the Extinguisher

Game #29: Ashling the Extinguisher
Date: 2013-06-16
Location: friend’s house in Duluth, MN
vs: Crovax, Ascendant Hero ; Angus McKenzie
Result: Fun Loss

Ashling, the ExtinguisherVSCrovax, Ascendant HeroAngus MacKenzie

After playing an 8-pack Modern Master’s Sealed (I didn’t win the Tarmogoyf lottery… Sword of Light and Shadow was the only card of note in the box), I got a chance to play some EDH.  I had to lend one of my decks (Angus/Agnes McKenzie) to my friend, since he didn’t bring any EDH decks.

I went first and dropped an Urborg. I had another swamp, a dark ritual, Hatred and Howl from Beyond in my opening hand.  I played an early Reassembling Skeleton and a Corrosive Mentor.  Angus did a lot of ramping (the deck is based around landfall/land tricks and some token tricks), Crovax tutored for a Land Tax and played a Skull Clamp.

I got out my general on turn 5 and then used my ritual to play a Butcher of Malakir.  I attacked Crovax for 4. The butcher got Swords to Plowshares-ed.    Angus had a Patern of Rebirth on a Fertilid and Crovax had an Aura of Silence.  I attacked Angus, hoping to draw Crovax to sac the Aura (so I could safely play a Wound Reflection) to destroy the Pattern. He didn’t (“I want to see what he’ll get”) and Meloku,the Clouded Mirror was reborn.  Angus then played a Mirror Sigil Sergeant.

Crovax was building up a small army of Soldier tokens via Mobilization.  I played a Strands of Night and a Nefarox. I got a few attacks in with Nefarox, but was met with blockers (spirits from Meloku). Both opponents built up sizeable token armies. I sacced Nefarox to Disciple of Bolas. The following turn,  I cast Mutilate for 9 and then reassembled a skeleton which was then sacrificed to Victimize, which got me back a Nefarox and Corrosive Mentor.

Aura of Silence killed my Strands of Night, which allowed me to cast Wound Reflection. Angus played a Storm Cauldron, as a delaying tactic, which put both me and Crovax in a bind.  Angus copied a crovax’s Reya, Dawnbriger with a Vesuvan Doppleganger (playing under M14 rules), and used Scouting Trek/Treasure Hunt to get the last few basic lands into hand.  I used a Xenic Poltergeist to animate the Cauldron and Crovax sucked it up and cast a Martial Coup.

I followed up with a Massacre Wurm, but Crovax used a sac-outlet to prevent himself from losing 20 life.  I recast Ashling. Angus used Trade Routes to keep drawing cards.

I saw an opening that could win me the game: I gave Ashling Swampwalk with an enchantment, attacked Angus (at 18 life) and, anticipating Wound Reflection, cast howl from beyond  to put her power to 9,(before blockers, as I assumed her unblockable).  She got Cytoshaped into a 3/3 green centaur with protection from black, knocking the enchantment off and making her blockable. I had hoped to repeat the process the following turn using Hatred to do the last 17 General Damage to Crovax.  Instead Ashling died.

Crovax StoneCloaker-ed my Skeleton. I cast a Shelodred, which got Parallax Waved away. I cast an Avatar of Woe and then attacked with a Hunted Horror, which would have killed Angus (no general on the board), but he Mirrorweaved everything to Avatar of Woe and then events lead to my board being wiped of guys.

I made a last attempt with a 24/24 Umbra Stalker, but there wasn’t much I could do at that point without evasion. My hope was to get Sheoldred to get back a Disciple of Bolas and gain 24 life and draw 24 cards. Instead I died to damage from giant soldiers.

The game continued on for quite awhile with lots of back-and-forth. Tradewind Rider vs Isochron Scepter (Disenchant), Sundial of the Infinite tricks to save creatures. Eventually a Catapult Master was able to take control and Angus fell (at 6 life for almost an hour). Crovax only took 4 damage (from Ashling) the whole game.

It was long, but fun. My friend who played my Angus deck is a good player, and I like letting him play my decks (1. because they are bad, which gives me a chance against him, and 2. because he does well with whatever he’s given).  However, the night had gotten late, and he had to go home.

About the Deck: (tappedout coming soon)

This deck started out as being a deck about  “Black Cards with Purple in the Art”, but became a super-mono black deck (every card in the deck, with the exception of Thespian’s Stage and Urborg, which is pretty darn black) has Black Color Identity.  It was going to be ‘sacrifice matters’ but I had too many ideas and cards selected, so I chose to limit it to being only ‘black’ cards.   It has a “Swamps Matter” sub-theme, and it’s really fun to play Umbra Stalker with a big Chroma count.  I really enjoy playing this deck. It’s not subtle, it’s not control, it’s just black aggro.

Game #20: Baron Sengir

Game #20: Baron Sengir (Drana Kalastria, Bloodchief) 
Date: 2013-05-08
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs:Olivia Voldaren
Result: FUN Loss

DSC03341-375VS.Olivia Voldaren

Starting out the night suffering yet another boring Nicol Bolas combo loss, I switched tables and joined a late arrival. I hadn’t settled on a deck, but when he said he was playing Olivia, I decided I had to match Vampire Tribal with Vampire Tribal.  Why would I do that when his general says “Gain Control of Any Creature in My Deck”?  If you have to ask that question, then you don’t get Fun.  Also, this deck is normally piloted by Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief, but while really good at smashing-face and spot removal, she doesn’t do anything for Vampires, so I switched over to The OG Vampire Boss, Baron Sengir (nicely altered by Balthor’s player).  This was going to be a silly game…

I shot out of the gates with a 3 land hand (which is great in this deck that plays way too few lands), and a Guul Draz Assasin.  I leveled him up all the way (good anti Olivia tech) and also played a Sangromancer.  Olivia dropped a Child of Night, but had a really slow mana start, and not a lot of red.

I played a few more small vampires, and Olivia built up some mana, and played a Necropolis Regent (the GD Assassin was ever vigilant to give Olivia some -4/-4 lovin’). I had Beseeched the Queen for a Cabal Coffers by this point. I took about 18 from the Regent before I was able to Blood Tribute, dropping Olivia to 19,.  Even at 41 life, a  24/24 Regent was not fun to see on the other side. So I popped a Nev’s Disk (using the Baron’s regeneration boon on the Assassin).

This, however, tapped the assassin, and that allowed Olivia to hit the table, and steal the assassin.  I swung with Baron Sengir for 5 general damage, but then he died to an Assassin/Olivia Ping maneuver.  I had many swamps and a Coffers, so recasting the Baron AND using a kill spell on Olivia was well within my power.  I swung in again with the Baron for 5 more. Olivia comes back, we do the same steal/assassinate/ping dance.

During this time, I’ve also activated a Bloodchief Asecension. Sengir is cast a third time and swings (he did 15 total), and Olivia is down to 1 life.  All I need is Olivia to put a single card in the yard, but the only creature I’ve got in hand is a Kalastria Highborn… vampire-based lifegain is not something I want Olivia to steal. I keep drawing more swamps and Olivia keeps attacking me.  Finally I draw an Exquisite Blood.  I bemoan the fact that it’s not a Sanguine Bond, then I draw a Sanguine Bond(!), but hey, still have to get a card in the yard.  But I can’t, and Olivia just keeps getting bigger and I totally die.

.At one point I was at 41 and Olivia was at 1, I had an auto-win combo on the board just needing a trigger, and I still lost.

This game was the most fun I’ve had since starting this project.

I actually found myself rooting for Olivia at 1 life (though I never stopped trying to get a Win in this game).  We decided to join the other table (where Balthor and Nicol Bolas were)…

About the Deck (

This is my one All Foil deck. It was the first Mono colored deck that I built, and I just really liked the look of the Zendikar Vampires, so I started getting them in foil.  I am not a Twilight fan (other than the fact that, as a Librarian, I approve of teens reading, regardless of my opinion of their choices), but I couldn’t not name a deck of Sparkly Vampires* “Team Edward.”

Drana is the normal general, and with 3 black mana boosters — Caged Sun (of course vampires would want to cage it), Nirkana Revenant and Gauntlet of Might — plus a Coffers, she can often clear an opponent of flying blockers and one-shot them.  Baron Sengir, though, is the spiritual leader of the deck, however, he isn’t available in foil, so I had my friend (the Balthor player) do a cool alteration of das Baron von Sengir to make it look like the card is bleeding.  It looks super cool  (this was before I started making foil proxies).

There are a few vampires in it that are not great in EDH — Ruthless Cullblade, Guul Draz Vampire, Barony Vampire — that just look too cool in foil not to include, and Screeching Bat is not cast as a Vampire, but they get a pass, along with Sengir Autocrat (because Serf Tokens).