Game #208: Muzzio, Visionary Archictect

Game #208:  Muzzio,  Visionary Architect
Date: 2016-11-22
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Atraxa +; Merieke ri Berit; Prossh
Result:   Mostly Fun Loss

Muzzio, Visionary Architect, Magic, ConspiracyvsMerieke Ri Berit, Magic, Ice AgeAtraxa, Praetors' Voice, Magic, Commander 2016Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013

I kept a 2 land hand and played Inventor’s Goggles to start out, followed by a Chief Engineer and a Worn Powerstone. Atraxa led off with Hardened Scales. Merieke played Jace Beleren.  On turn 4 I played Muzzio and also flash/convoked in Shimmer Myr.  Atraxa played a Corpsejack Menace and then Merieke stole my Muzzio with a Control Magic, but I got it back thanks to Prossh’s Brooding Saurian.

Muzzio searched up to a Dreamstone Hedron, and I played a Darksteel Forge (which Atraxa exiled, along with my Shimmer Myr). I played a Cumberstone, and Muzzio got me a Fabrication Module and an Energy Chamber (sadly Decoction Module got milled away).  On turn 9 I fabricated for an Illusionist’s Bracers, and then spent most of the rest of the game with Muzzio wearing Swiftfoot Boots, Bracers and Goggles.

Merieke has out an Altar of Dementia and is stealing things and milling people. Atraxa keeps growing .  I make a play to Trade a Bronze Bombshell for the Altar of Dementia (which only partially works… the bombshell does go off, but I h.ave to try again to get rid of the Altar).  Then there is a board wipe.

Muzzio comes back and gets me an Inkwell Leviathan and a Magewright Stone (and then an Animation Module). He just keeps digging!  We get to a point where Prossh has the ability to kill me, and probably should but Atraxa saves me.  I Contagion Engine away a bunch of Kobolds.  But Atraxa casts Merciless Eviction for Artifacts.  I live for another turn or two, with like 5 lands and then Atraxa wins (and gets to add cards to his deck).

About the Deck (   )

Muzzio wants the Energy to build things. The goal is to put stuff into play for free and hopefully get the Module combo online. Of course it has to play Darksteel Garrison, and it as a small “artificer tribal” sub-theme.

Game #194: Rayne, Academy Chancellor (PLUS DETAILED DECK BREAKDOWN)

Game #194: Rayne, Academy Chancellor
Date: 2016-03-15
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer; Prossh, Skyraider of Kher; Ezuri, Claw of Progress
Result: Fun Loss

Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Magic, Urza's DestinyvsJor Kadeen, the Prevailer, Magic, New PhyrexiaProssh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013Ezuri, Claw of Progress (Oversized), Magic, Oversize Cards

One more new deck tonight!

I mulligan-ed a 1 land hand… into a 7-land hand. Totally kept it. Starting with a School of the Unseen (for style). I played Rayne on Turn 3 and she said “I Am Superman” (woman) via Pemmin’s Aura on turn 5.  Prossh came out hard with a bunch of dragon-cost reducers (which did hurt his Kobold production). Ryusi also came out early, but Rayne was able to jump and miss Ryusi’s trigger.  Ezuri was very dangerous with a Trygon Predator.  I wizard-cycled for an Archetype of Imagination, but I kept it in hand for awhile.

Ayli wiped the board of small CMC creatures and Artifiacts (which wiped my board, including a Strata Scythe). I recast Rayne with a Hermetic Study on her (surprisingly, I never drew cards via Rayne’s ability…) followed by a Diviner’s Wand and Alhammarret’s Archive.  Jor Kadeen used an Elspeth, Suns Champion to wipe the big creatures, and Rayne pinged her to death.  Ezuri had a large Glen Elendra Archmage, and had some Snake Tribal tricks for countering as well, and Prossh had used Hellkite Tyrant to steal Jor’s mana rocks, and was using Greater Good for card advantage and reanimation targets.

I played a Stronghold Machinist and an Oath of Scholars (which I could draw 6 off of!) and, on turn 12 a Sphinx’s Tutelage and the Archetype.  Jor Kadeen’s Purphoros got offed and he scooped (it was 10 minutes to closing). Ezuri had to leave, and I seemed to be in a good place until Prossh played Utvara Hellkite and out flew my flight school.  It was still a fun game where Rayne was effective (despite not directly causing me to draw cards…).


About the Deck (TAPPED OUT! for once)

Bursting Beebles, Magic, UnhingedRayne has been one of my favorite cards since I got her in a Urza’s Whateever starter theme deck long ago.  As a former Teacher, I decided to make her into a Theme deck all about school life. Couldn’t really decide on a name, though I like Tolarian Flight Academy, Rayne’s School Days, and  Tolaria College Prep and Airforce ROTC…

Oh, The theme is so stylish that I almost forgot that this deck has the additional restriction of being  ALL PERMANENTS! No instants or sorceries.

Here’s the breakdown : (Go Beebles!):

Rayne, Academy Chancellor (Headmistress)
Barrin, Master Wizard (Board of Trustees, Chair)
Azami, Lady of Scrolls (Librarian (NOT “media Specialist”)
Archivist (Assistant Librarian)
Grand Architect (Operations Director)
Magus of the Future (Development Director)
Lu Xun, Scholar General (Athletics Director)
Psychosis Crawler (School Counselor)
Stern Proctor (Dean of Curriculum)
Stronghold Biologist (Biology)
Stronghold Machinist (STEM/Robotics)
Vedalken AEthermage (Substitute Teacher)
Wizard Mentor (Dean of Students)
Arcanis the Omnipotent (Humanities)
Windreader Sphinx (Flight Training)
Archetype of Imagination (Flight Training / Art)

Student Body:
Academy Researchers (post-grad year)
Disruptive Student (Class Clown
Metathran Elite (Football Running-Back)
Morphling (the Distinguished Alumnus)
Reckless Scholar (the burnout)
Student of Elements (Flight Student)
Thran Golem (Football Offsensive Line)
Vesuvan Doppelganger (social butterfly)
Voidmage Prodigy (the Nerd)
Youthful Scholar (the Frosh)

The Mascots! Go Beebles!
Bouncing Beebles
Bubbling Beebles

Teaching Life:
Freed from the Real (Friday Happy Hour!)
Confiscate (mostly cell-phones)
Oath of Scholars (Scholarships!)
Decree of Silence (Shh!)
Diviner’s Wand (the pointer)
Expedition Map (Expeditionary Learning ™ Curriculum Maps)
Spellbook (gradebook)

The Curriculum:
Reef Worm (Biology Homework)
Archmage Ascension (Senior Thesis)
Curiosity (Drop Everything And Read)
Psionic Gift (psychlogy)
Sphinx’s Tutelage (color theory)
Thought Reflection (student-led conferences)
Unifying Theory (Physics Homework)
Private Research (independent study)
Hermetic Study (study hall)
Rhystic Study (study hall)
Masterwork of Ingenuity (shop project)
Myriad Landscape (off-campus Study)
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (classics)
25 Islands (geography!)

Airforce Academy:
Arcanum Wings
Drake Umbra
Flight of Fancy
Vow of Flight
Pemmin’s Aura

What’s in the Backpack?:
Empyrial Plate (sports pads)
Mind Stone (laptop)
Thought Vessel (cell-phone)
Strata Scythe (lacrosse stick)
Hero’s Blade (hockey stick
Sapphire Medallion (class ring)

The Campus:
Alhammarret’s Archive (Nurses Office that probably used to be a Library Workroom)
Library of Leng (Library (not “media center”)
Hall of Triumph (Lunch Room)
Ivory Tower (yes it is)
Temple of the False God (chapel)
Reliquary Tower (trophy cases)
Blighted Cataract (senior Prank!)
Evolving Wilds (new stadium)
Faerie Conclave (that hollow in the woods)
School of the Unseen (new Campus (since the Tolarian location was condemned))
Terramorphic Expanse (historic acreage)
Opal Palace (Headmistress’s accomodations)
Skyline Cascade (detention room)
Lonely Sandbar (swimming pool)


There are a bunch of cards that didn’t quite make the cut for various reasons (I’d love Musician as the band director).

The Decks Files, part 2: Mono Blue

Note: I’m going to start a series where I rate, and give a synopsis of, my decks. I’ll look at each deck, explain what it does (how/if it wants to win, what “kind” of deck it is), how much I like it, how “good” I think it is, and how often I feel like playing it and maybe an anecdote or two.

Note on Decklists: Having so many decks means that it’s REALLY time consuming to keep decklists updated. Not every deck is on, and many that are have changed significantly. That said, IF YOU WANT A DECKLIST: leave a comment or send me a message and I will find time to fix, or create, the decklists on TappedOut.

Here’s the Quick Rubric I’ll use for some of the questions.

How often do I want to Play it? How “Good” is it? How much do I like it?
5=  More than once in a Row  I’d play it against “Competitive decks” or if I actually want to try to win  One of my very favorites
4=  Often  It can hold its own  I really like it
3=  Sometimes  It might win under special circumstances  It’s okay
2=  Under certain circumstances  Just for Fun  Something’s not quite right
1=  Rarely / have to be in a certain mood  Winning would be a miracle I might actually take it apart… maybe


Commander: Azami, Lady of ScrollsAzami, Lady of Scrolls, Magic, Champions of Kamigawa
Style: All Creature, Tribal
Tribe?: Mostly Wizards
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 4
Deck Notes
:  I wanted to build an Azami deck that wasn’t the “Azami Deck.” (Also had won a Foil Azami as part of the “Pack to Charity Binder” from the first CommanderCast “Gifts Given” drive).  I decided my limitation was that I couldn’t play ANY non-creatures (aside from lands) in the deck. Is drawing tons of cards still good and possible? Yes. But the win condition is supposed to be by Poison/Infect (preferably Quicksilver Gargantuan of an infect creature).  The reason I don’t want to play it often is because of the amount of “Derp… yer playing “The Azami Deck” kill you now” in the world (This is the only deck someone new has “respectfully” asked me to not play before ever seeing it played.

Commander: Patron of the MoonPatron of the Moon, Magic, Betrayers of Kamigawa
Name: Moonfolk!
Style: Tribal, Combo, Arcane
Tribe?: Moonfolk
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 2
Deck Notes
:  This deck is more than half foiled, so it’s in sleeves. I like Patron of the Moon’s ability and I like the idea of Moonfolk as a tribe. Amulet of Vigor is a champ.


Commander: Talrand the Sky SummonerTalrand, Sky Summoner, Magic, Magic 2013 (M13)
Name: Make-a-Drake
Style: Tokens, Spells Matter
Tribe?: Drake?
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 4
Like?: 3

Deck Notes:
 Lots of cheap card draw spells to just make crap-tons of drakes. Only 7 other creatures. I have won a game due to Omni-Science (Which I think I then took out).


Commander: Blind SeerBlind Seer, Magic, Invasion
Name: 5-Color Blue
Style: Manipulation
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 4
Deck Notes
:  The separated twin deck to Mistform Ultimus. Color hosers, color changers, and Rainbow Crow carrying Civic Saber (Caw Blade!!!!). Any excuse to play Sleight of Mind (my very first Rare ever) is a good one.

Commander: Mistform UltimusMistform Ultimus, Magic, Timeshifted
Style: Creature Type Matters
Tribe?: Yes
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 3
Deck Notes: This deck started as a “manipulate everything — creature/land types, colors etc.” deck, but it grew to big, so it split into a color deck and a creature one.


Commander: Lorthos the TidemakerLorthos, the Tidemaker, Magic, Zendikar
Name: LOR-THOS.   The Freshmaker.  King of the Hill People.  Seafood.
Style: Ultra-Mono. Fatty Beat Down
Tribe?: Sea Creatures
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 5
Deck Notes:  I love beating down with big blue creatures.  This has all of the Ula’s Temple critters, but also eels, fish, starfish, homarids/camarids, sharks, whales, etc.  Tromokratis could be a general as well, but I just love Octopuses the most.


Commander: Heidar, Rimewind MasterHeidar, Rimewind Master, Magic, Coldsnap
Name:Snow Day
Style: Manipulation
Tribe?: Snow
Want to play?:3
Like?: 4
Deck Notes: Built in part because I really like how the foil Rimewind creatures look, and built in part because of my  Minnesotan heritage (and also built  in part on a Snow-Day from School).  It plays with the Snow-matters cards from Ice Age / Coldsnap. It also has a strong Bounce theme, since Heidar is almost never not active.

Commander:Reveka, Wizard SavantReveka Wizard Savant
Name: What Blue Doesn’t Do
Style: Creatureless
Tribe?: Old School
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 4
Deck Notes:  Reveka is a ridiculous Homelands creature, and a Blue Dwarf(!?).  There are a bunch of old school blue spells that do things that blue does not do: direct damage, damage-tax, removal, land destruction, etc.  There’s also an  un-tap sub-theme to make Reveka “extra” good.

Commander:Soramaro, First to DreamSoramaro, First to Dream, Magic, Saviors of Kamigawa
Name: SoramarUno
Style: Creatureless / Voltron
Tribe?: Having lots of Cards
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 3
Deck Notes:  Soramaro is my second favorite Maro (after Masumaro).  The goal in this deck (Which is now sort of redundant due to my Kruphix deck), is to have a lot of cards in hand and crush with Soramaro for general damage. It’s not quite Voltron, because it’s not about suiting up Soramaro, just about beefing up the hand.



Commander: Thada Adel, Acquistor / Empress Galina (retired)Thada Adel, Acquisitor, Magic, Worldwake
Name: Fish
Style: Tribal, Theft
Tribe?: Merfolk
Want to play?: x
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 3
Deck Notes: This was, I believe, my first mono blue deck. It was merfolk tribal with some stealing and copying. It started as Galina, but became Thada. Once I got to take a bunch of extra turns with Wanderwine Prophets.  I retired it because I wanted to build the Sakshima Monstrosity and also a Tiny Leaders deck.

Game #160: Sakasilazavumgarima (Sakashima the Impostor)

Game #160: Sakasilazavumgarima (Sakashima the Impostor)
Date: 2015-04-01
Location: The Family Game Store
Vs. GrimGrin; Karona(Dragons)
Result: Fun Win

Sakashima the Impostor, Magic, Saviors of KamigawavsKarona, False God, Magic, ScourgeGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, Innistrad

My plan for this April Fools Day was to play this deck (that’s not all that foolish, just fun). I played the whole night with the same two guys (from the Exava game). I had a decent starting hand with two lands and an Opal Palace.  Grimgrin started with a Grave Caller, and my first move was to copy Birds of Paradise from Karona using a Phantasmal Image.

Karona fetched one of the new Dragon pumping lands, and also played a Quicksilver Amulet. I used Acquire to get a Gilded Lotus and then cast Sakashima (as a Birds of Paradise!) and an Assault Suit.  Karona found a quite deadly Scourge of Valkas (that made me salivate with envy). I copied it with a Vesuvan Doppleganger, but mine got killed.  Karona cast Dragonstorm for 2, but Grimgrin countered one of the copies, and Karona ONLY got to get Dragon Broodmother.  I Cursed it to Swine-dom, but only killed the Scourge of Valkas (so that, next turn, I could Body Double it… I really wanted that Scourge of Valkas!).

I put Assault Suit on the Dragon so it could beat on people.   Then when my turn came around I Rite of Replicationed my Scourge. We did the math wrong, and thought I only had 30 damage to distribute, so I killed GrimGrin.  Karona cast a Hoardsmelter Dragon and ate the Gilded Lotus, but then on my turn we realized, wait.  I really had many more damages to distribute, and that he should’ve been dead a turn ago.

I was just pumped I got to Rite the Scourge, which was one of the plays I was hoping to some day make with this deck. Nice for it to happen in game 1.

About the Deck (  is pretty close to what it is now)

This is the Sakashima version of SakaSiLazavumgarima.  It runs 25 cards that are all about Copying stuff and 25 cards that are all about Stealing stuff, and a package of 12 artifacts/spot removal (like the Monkey Maker and Curse of Swine).   The idea for the deck came from an old (circa 2002) Extended deck my friend and I made with a fully Transformative Sideboard (it started out as a combo deck, but you’d board’ 15 and make it a Counter Sliver deck, and you could board the combo back in in game three and play it AND counter silver).

The deck Originally was my Thada Adel deck, but I took out the merfolk to make a Tiny Leaders deck. I started rebuilding it as Sakashima, but partway through also got the bug to make a Lazav deck. They were fighting eachother for cards, so I thought “why not just make the decks share?”   When Silumgar was spoiled, I realized it had to be a Tripartite General deck.     Sakashima is the Blue Copy and Blue Steal packages, Lazav is Blue Copy and Black/Gold steal/copy pagage, Silumgar is Black/Gold and the Blue Steal package.

Game #129: Reveka, Wizard Savant

Game #129: Reveka, Wizard Savant
Date: 2014-05-14
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Pheldagriff; Glissa, the Traitor; Balthor.
Result: Fun Loss

Reveka Wizard SavantvsBalthor the DefiledPhelddagrif, Magic, AlliancesGlissa, the Traitor, Magic, Mirrodin Besieged

I started the game with a 4 or 5 land hand, and it started out pretty great: Balthor played the Liliana I was very much hoping he would play and made everyone discard, allowing me to discard Psychic Purge and deal him 5 damage. That achievement alone made the game fun for me. Glissa played a Carnage Altar and imprinted Prototype Portal with Tree of Tales. I played down a Shapeshifters Marrow which eventually became a Geralf’s Messenger, and then played a Caged Sun to match the one that Balthor had (Along with his Candelabra and a Top and a Sac Outlet dude.) Pheldagriff was using StoneCloaker to mess with people and used the mass blink spell on Glissa to get rid of the token Lands and generator.

I decided to slow the game down by playing Frozen Aether AND a Meekstone, keeping most of the rest of the creatures tapped down, I also was a jerk and Amnesia-ed Pheldagriff (for having the most cards in hand… all of them non-land), this would prove to be a mistake. I played Reveka.

Balthor then got crazy with Geth and Ridiculous amounts of Mana: Darksteel Forge, Suture Priest, several trinkets, Stone Cloaker, 2(!) Coat of Arms, some other big dudes from Phelda’s graveyard, and then we all died horribly (and Balthor was put away for the night).

About the Deck (TappedOut some day)
I wanted to make a Mono-Blue Creatureless (no creatures except the General) deck. When I started building I realized I was going in two directions so I refocused the deck as Soramaro. Then I realized that I had to cut all of my “Stuff Blue Shouldn’t Do, But Used To” cards. So I had to build another deck. Since it was going to be a Direct Damage deck (kind of) Reveka was the old school best choice (also, she’s a Blue Dwarf Legend). The deck has all manner of blue damage spells and old school damaging engchantments(Beta Psychic Venom, Creature Bond, Feedback,etc) plus other weird stuff from the Early days of magic (Baki’s Curse, Energy Vortex), and then some standard playing-creatures hate like Aether Storm and Soul barrier. It’s rounded out with un-tap effects for Revkeka and a few “theft” spells. It ended up being better than I expected.   I think I cut Sorrows Path at the last minute (because I didn’t have a spare Donate at the time), but I think it’s going back in.  I plan on winning a game via Sorrows Path some day…

The Rest of the Night
The next game featured me playing Daxos (another “Creatureless” deck) vs Karona, “Foils” God, Baru (borrowed by Balthor) and Oloro. I played a turn 2 Daxos and did a lot of swinging, but Karona got really silly (though I was smart enough to put a Vow on her). Baru won that one because of mono/mana mania.

The last game of the night had me playing Chainer, Dementia Master (ALSO “creatureless”, but really just my Lim Dul deck with a different General — not truly “new” as a deck) vs Arcades Sabboth, Nekusar, and Baru. I had a ridiculous start with Grave Betrayal, Black Market, a copied Ulamog and a Life’s Finale into Rise of the Dark Realms, BUT I totally died to Arcades letting Nekusar kill his Prime Speaker, which then came back to Grave-ly Betray me and make me draw 13 cards when I only had 11 life. I never did get to use Chainer.

Game #126: Soramaro, First to Dream

Game #126: Soramaro, First to Dream
Date: 2014-04-19
Location: Mom’s house in Duluth
vs. Rhys the Redeemed
Result: Win

Soramaro, First to Dream, Magic, Saviors of KamigawavsRhys the Redeemed, Magic, Shadowmoor

Though it was late, my brother and I decided to get one more game in (since I brought two decks home with me). I had a 3 Land hand to start out. My brother had one land, but used it for Rhys and an Essence Warden, and eventually worked his way up to a Heritage Druid and Seedcradle Witch and a bunch of other elves. I managed to turn many of his Elves into Pigs with Curse of Swine, and then was able to Aetherize a large attacking army of elves and insects.

I drew a bunch of cards off of a Recurring Insight, and was able to pull off the Proteus Staff trick with Soramaro and stack my deck, though by that point it was a two hit General Damage Kill. This one didn’t go on too long, but it was okay, since I had to get up in the morning to be on the road to the airport.

About the Deck

This one is another “Creatureless” deck, with no other creatures but the general. The whole idea is to just draw a lot of cards and make the general big (and maybe stack the deck with Proteus Staff). This deck is going to end up being somewhat similar to the Kruphix deck I’m building, but I’ll likely keep both, as this one is a “Creatureless” deck.

Game #117: Blind Seer

Game #117: Blind Seer
Date: 2014-02-19
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Arcades Sabboth; Grimgrin, Corpse-born; Gisela Blade of Goldnight
Result: Quick, Fun Loss

Blind Seer, Magic, InvasionvsArcades Sabboth, Magic, ChroniclesGisela, Blade of Goldnight, Magic, Avacyn RestoredGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, Innistrad

I arrived later than normal to Savage Mill, due to a Mock Trial runnning over-time. There was a 4 player game of stalemates in progress that went on for about 30 more minutes, leaving us only 35 minutes until closing. The game looked to be finished:a Karametra player had enough Craterhoof damage to kill everyone, but only if Ghave didn’t wipe the board via Butcher of Malakir, so to move things a long, two other players scooped and we started up another game. Balthor, noble gentleman that he is, gave up his seat at the table to keep it to a 4 player game.

This was the last completed* deck I needed to play to finish off my official play-through. I saved Urza for a group game because it’s more fun with more targets. Everyone else was playing “fast” decks because we were on the clock. I had a 3 land hand and decent cards. I played Insight on the only green player (arcades) and then dropped a Douse (heh heh heh… “dropped a Douse”) as well. Gisela opened with a Figure of Destiny (which leveled-up fast), Grimgrin had a Rooftop Storm, Drogskol Captain, Mikaeus and other stuff. Arcades was on the board fast. Grimgrin passed attacks around and I cast My general (and turned Rooftop Storm Red for Blue Elemental Blasting). Gisela played a Magamatic Force. I chump blocked with Blind Seer and played an Ixidron (that hid all 3 other generals), but then Arcades dropped a ton of guys with a Myojin of being Green and Gisela re-appeared via some trickery. Despite some cool tricks in hand and on board we all died to massive Green Beats from Arcades. I would have turned Gisela Blue and stolen her on my next turn.

Despite it having to be quick and dirty, I got to do some fun color changing tricks, so it was satisfying. It also marked a new element of freedom in playing games of Magic! I was a little bummed that Balthor wasn’t in the game, But I did get to play against the guy that first told me about EDH nights at Family Game Store, and I hadn’t played against him in a while.

About the Deck: (Tapped out Someday)
This is 5-Color Blue, or “lets play with Color.” It takes advantage of both color-hosers and color boosters to go along with Blind Seer’s Ability. Douse becomes “2uu: counter target spell” and re-setting different enchantments is also fun. Civic Saber on Shyft is great, and I can play Rainbow Crow! (not quite Storm Crow, but still rad). I like this deck, but it is not a deck for super fast games.

*I have a playable Karametra deck, but it’s waiting for 2 cards, so I’ve deemed it “Incomplete.”

Game #114: Patron of the Moon

Game #114: Patron of the Moon
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Sister’s of Stone Death
Result: Fun Loss

Patron of the Moon, Magic, Betrayers of KamigawavsSisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

I thought I was out of decks to play (the only unplayed deck left in my box was Blind Seer, which is one I wouldn’t want to ever play in one on one) until I realized that I had Patron of the Moon in it’s own special box because it’s one of my, now, 4* sleeved decks due to the fact that it’s more than 50% foil (and some are Japanese Foils, or my very favorite foil Island**).

I had a 3 land hand with a Spellbook and drew a Teferi’s Isle. Sisters did a lot of cycling and card drawing early on. I cast an Everflowing Chalice with 2 counters and then a Caged Sun.  Sisters started playing snakes including a River Boa that was dangerous. I had a few small Moonfolk out, and eventually I got both Meloku, the Clouded Mirror and Patron of the Moon online and could generate several Illusion Tokens (that I so very much wished were Spirits) on board per turn as blockers for his snakes who were being Buffed by Seshiro.

I ended up re-casting Patron twice more in the game (once with Moonfolk Offering as a surprise).  His River Boa was island walking for big damage, and he also had Hythonia on the table. I played a Roil Elemental (that I should have played earlier, but was holding on to because I didn’t want to just win the game out of nowhere), but totally forgot that Monstrous could be achieved at instant speed, so all the non-gorgons died. I think at that point I still was able to re-cast Patron, and be able to block, but instead was killed with Suffer the Past.

I like that the Sisters deck was Gorgon/Snake themed like mine is (though mine is also a landfall deck… I seem to have a lot of landfall decks, including a new one in the works…)

About the Deck (  or, when I can edit it again )

The goal of this one is to be Moonfolk Tribal with a minor Spirits Matter theme and play around with Patron of the Moon’s sweet ability (and try to trinket tutor for Amulet of Vigor). I love abusing land-drops.  The deck likes lands that produce extra mana (what deck doesn’t… this would be the first deck to get a Tolarian Academy, were it legal). I was sort of trying to foil it out (or use Japanese cards) and it does have a foil Japanese Thwart in it (though only a foil Foil, I think), but sometimes I don’t remember what all of the Kamigawa cards do and I have to keep spares around. I have yet to be able to sneak out The Unspeakable, though I want to.

*All Foil Vampires; Teysa #1; 90% Foil Ashling the Pligrim; Patron of the Moon

** Favorite Island
Island (338), Magic, Mercadian Masques

Game #107: Heidar, Rimewind Master

Game #107: Heidar, Rimewind Master
Date: 2014-02-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs.: Ghave; Balthor
Result: Neutral/Fun Loss

Heidar, Rimewind Master, Magic, ColdsnapvsBalthor the DefiledGhave, Guru of Spores, Magic, Commander

It was fitting to debut this deck on a day that I had off from work due to an ice storm. I had 3 snow-covered lands and got to start the game with a Leyline of Anticipation in play (my first ever pre-game leyline). Balthor started out with a Stripmine, Wasteland and Expedition Map. I played a Frost Raptor and had to discard twice to Liliana (lands both times. big mistake). Eventually I drew a 4th land to play the Surgespanner that I didn’t discard, but I stalled there for a long time. Balthor already had ridiculous lands plus a Mikaeus. There was a Patriarch’s bidding.

The best thing I managed to do was kill off the coffers by bouncing a Reality Acid (the other card I didn’t discard) with a Surgespanner. Then Balthor played a Coat of Arms. Ghave had been slowly building an army with a Cytoplast Root-kin and drawing cards off of Greater Good. Balthor was set to play Grey Merchant of Asphodel and Ghave did a ton of stuff in response sacrificing big tokens to Greater Good with Butcher of Malakir out to kill zombies (That came back from Mikaeus) and kill them again, and then Chord of Calling for Savra to accelerate things, but by the end Gray merchant only had Devotion of 3 or 4 (down from 17). Ghave couldnt’ sacrifice anything else or he’d have decked himself.

Ghave dropped Ajani and Elspeth and gave his general flying and double strike to kill Balthor. I had an Icy Manipulator to tap Ghave, but there was nothing I could do to stay alive. I played a Delusions of Mediocraty, but had no ability to donate it.

About the Deck (Tappedout someday)
This deck was built around the time of the big “Polar Vortex” where barely sub-zero temperatures crippled the East Coast (and made this native Minnesotan laugh). I had to acquire plenty of Snow Covered Islands to make it work. It started out just being a Ice/Snow theme deck (yes it has an Ice Cauldron) but then I realized that Heidar’s ability is really good and worked well with things like Reality Acid and Puca’s Mischeif/Donate + Illusions of Grandeur/Delusions of Mediocraty. I was really excited to play it, but really bummed that it was mana-screwed. Icy Prison is a great multi-player O-ring for Blue. You can play it on a major threat, but then put pressure on other players to pay the upkeep instead if they want the target gone too.

Also, I like having fun random sleeves for my generals (the only card I sleeve is the general) and another card I ordered came in that day with a really pretty deep blue metallic sleeve that was perfect for Heidar.

Game #101: Mistform Ultimus

Game #101: Mistform Ultimus
Date: 2014-01-15
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: Jeleva; Baru, Fist of Krosa; Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
result: scoop to mana screw and time

Mistform Ultimus, Magic, TimeshiftedvsJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, Magic, Commander 2013Baru, Fist of Krosa, Magic, Future SightNiv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, Magic, Return to Ravnica

I started with a 2 land hand and played an Ameboid Changeling. I stalled at 3 land. Niv played a Lighthous Chronologist, Baru had a Sylvan Library and a Gaea’s Cradle, Jeleva ramped a ton and hardcast a Decree of Pain

Jeleva Beacon of Unrested something, Niv had a Wojek Embermage and Baru played Vorinclex, at which point I scooped since I only had 3 lands and there was only 5 minutes left before 9 P.M.

About the Deck (TappedOut someday)

This deck is Illusions tribal, with some creature-type matters stuff, and a good helping of the tribal equipment to auto-equip onto Misty.