Game #226: Hanna, Ship’s Navigator (3)

Game #226: Hanna, Ship’s Navigator (3)
Date: 2017-03-21
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Azusa; Akiri/Reyhan; Lyzolda
Result:   Mostly Fun Win


The third Daughter-Deck.

I started with a three land hand, and an early Chromatic Star and a Golem’s Heart, and then a Worn Powerstone on turn 3. Azusa came down early, and Lyzolda ramped into a Rune-scarred demon pretty quickly. On turn 4 Azusa Collective Voyaged for 6.  Akiri/Reyhan had an early Corpsejack Menace, and Azusa kept ramping.  Meanwhile I grabbed a Claws of Gix, Paradise Mantle, and an Artificer’s Intuition.  Lyzolda’s Pestilence Demon did some damage on turn 6.

I was able to tutor up a Skycloud Egg, and a Heartstone, and drop a Paradox Engine on turn 8, allowing me to sacrifice the Egg for UW and a draw, use the UW to activate Hanna and return the egg, recast the egg and untap everything and repeat to draw into something (I think I went with Explosive Apparatus) and have enough mana to continue looping and blowing up the apparatus to kill everyone.  I don’t combo-off often, but this deck involved enough pieces, and luck, that I didn’t feel too bad about it.

About the Deck ( )

Hanna and lots of low-cost artifacts for quick and easy recursion. It does make use of Paradox Engine for infinite recursion, but it takes multiple pieces to make it work (and people should be blowing up Paradox Engines, anyway).  Dad is in the workshop with Hanna, and they build stuff.

Game #225: Hanna, Ship’s Navigator (2)

Game #225: Hanna, Ship’s Navigator (2)
Date: 2017-03-21
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Silas/Thrasios; Thassa
Result:   Mostly Fun Loss


Another Daughter Deck.

I started the game with a Hope of Ghirapur and some Inventor’s Goggles.  Thassa had an early Cosi’s Trickster, and Silas/Thrasios came out of the gate with a Burgeoning into an Awakening Zone into a Sword of War and Peace (and then quickly a Scavenging Ooze and a Copy of Thassa).   I played Hanna on turn 4, but didn’t have much to do until a Favorable Winds and a Consulate Dreadnought on turn 7 and 8 (sadly I could never find gas for the boat, though there was plenty of room to sail thanks to Thassa’s Quicksilver fountain and Thada-Adel).  I used a Confiscation Coup to steal Thassa’s Surge Spanner (and I stuck a Freed from the Real on it for fun), but did little else (Cast a Thassa of my own, and a Narwhal).  There was a mass bounce around turn 13, and after that Thassa dropped a bunch of merfolk and fish-buffs, and then I died.   It wasn’t an un-fun game, I just couldn’t get stuff into play.  I did generate 9 energy, and used 4 of it…

About the Deck ( )

This deck is about Energy, Vehicles (especially boats, and extraespecially flying boats), and Whales (especially flying ones), and it is sort of themed towards “inqisitively and exuberantly exploring the world,” which are all qualities I hope my daughter will have.

Extra fun stuff includes getting to play Narwhal, Cunning, and Traveler’s Cloak. Mom is in the deck, but Dad stayed home to build more artifacts. It is more artifact heavy than enchantment laden.  I like the flying Whales a lot.

Game #224: Hanna, Ship’s Navigator (1)

Game #224: Hanna, Ship’s Navigator (1)
Date: 2017-03-14
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Lyzolda; Karador; Mizzix
Result:   Fun Loss

Hanna, Ship's Navigator, Magic, Judge PromosvsKarador, Ghost Chieftain, Magic, CommanderMizzix of the Izmagnus, Magic, Commander 2015

The main reason why my posts have been so sporadic has been the birth of my daughter. In her honor I was going to build her a deck with her semi-namesake as the commander. I wound up with three. This game was quite a long one, but very fun.

I started out with a traveler’s amulet and an expedition map (two of the only artifacts in this deck), and an early Thassa and Serra’s Sanctum. Mizzix (who was cast 4 times in this game) started with a Goblin Matron and an Electromancer, Lyzolda had an early Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath, and Karador had both Kokusho and Solemn Simulacrum early as well.  Karador wrathed on turn 6.

I cast Hanna on turn 7, and followed it with Skybind and fetched a Dictate of Heliod and Sigarda’s Aid via Plea for Guidance.   Somewhere in here the board got wiped again, and Hana came out again.  I played a Heliod, and did some blinking tricks with Skybind and the Serra’s Sanctum. I had up to 11 clerics when Blasphemous Act happened, and then Lyzolda Chaos Warped Heliod.  I played a Sphere of Safety, which got Pridemaged away. Mizziz did a Cyclonic Rift.  I played a Blessed Spirits that got decently large, and carried a Thassa’s Emissary.  Lyzolda killed Mizzix.     My notes don’t say exactly how it ended, other than that I came very very close to actually winning.

About the Deck (

This one is the (almost) all Enchantment deck, representing creativity.  It is also nearly entirely permanents (with the exception of Plea for Guidance and the Cleansing Meditation that needs to be put in the deck!).  It plays quite a few Bestow creatures, and could go Hanna “Voltron” if needed. Additionally, both of Hanna’s parents are in the deck.  I think I use the Foil promo Terese Nielsen version.

Game #203: Geist of St. Traft

Game #203:  Geist of St. Traft
Date: 2016-10-18
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Omnath, Locus of Mana; Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Result:  Mostly Fun Win

Geist of Saint Traft, Magic, Duel Decks: Blessed vs. CursedvsOmnath, Locus of Mana, Magic, WorldwakeProssh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013

The second game in week THREE of the “Super October Frightfest of Cereal Box Monsters.”

I kept a 4 land hand, started with a Guildgate, a Secluded Steppe and a Mausoleum Wanderer on turn 2, and Geist of St. Traft on turn 3.  Prossh started with a Viscera Seer, and Omnath found a Nykthos.

Prossh put the Zombie Curse on Omath. On turn 4 I attacked with Geist and cast a Spectral Reserves, turn 5 I cast Midnight Haunting and used a Zombie, some spirits, and mana to cast Obelisk of Urd. Omnath had an Oracle of Mul Daya and had been pumping out a bunch of big Hydras, but I was able to chip away at both opponents’ life totals in the air and killed Omnath on turn 7 and Prossh on Turn 8.

About the Deck (tappedout nearly complete)

This is just a simple spirit tribal deck, with emphasis on Innistrad type ghost spirits, though it does play a number of non-Innistrad creatures.  I had considered making it a “Ghost Boy Detectives” deck, but fitting in Investigate made the deck less fun and cohesive.

The Rest of the Night.

Game 1 of Monst-tober was a 1v1 game of Olivia vs. Prossh that I just barely won (via general damage, the turn before I would have died)

Game 3 of Monst-tober was Gisa and Geralf 1v1 against a Sen Triplets deck (which I neutralized by just never having cards in hand), I kept hanging on despite the Triplets’ board advantage, and the Triplets player had to go home before we could finish, thus making Gisa and Geralf still Undefeated after 3 games!

I played Reveka Wizard Savant vs. Borborygmos and Uril.  Borborygmus knocked Uril down to 1 life. Uril was a 1-shot 40+ Trample Damage nightmare.  I topdecked Feedback, cast it on his Gratuitious Violence, and won on his upkeep.

The last match I played Numot Team ‘Murica and lost to Borborygmus.

Game #182: Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper

Game #182: Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
Date: 2015-11-24
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland, OR
vs.: Borborygmos; Kaseto; Wort
Result: Fun Loss

Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper, Magic, Battle for ZendikarvsBorborygmos, Magic, GuildpactWort, the Raidmother, Magic, ShadowmoorKaseto, Orochi Archmage, Magic, Commander 2015

(it’s been awhile since this game was played, so details may be fuzzy)

I started with 3 lands, into a Merrow Commerce, Manalith, and Jace’s Sanctum on turn 2,3,4.  However I missed lands on turn 5 and 6.  Though Noyan Dar came out on turn 5 and Meloku, turn 6.  Everyone else started out with lands. Kasero dropped some Ninjas and Wort had a Solemn Simulacrum, and then a Seedborn muse.   Borborygmos got huge with hardened Scales and a Runes of the Deus.

I was able to start bulding up lands into big creatures, and using Meloku to get other creatures to block with. I played a Merrow Reejery.   Kasero put a quietus spike on a Wake Thrasher, and Wort was Wurm Calling a whole lot.  Borborygmos smashed Kasero down to 7.  Borborygmos died to something.  I did a decent job of hanging on for awhile against Wort, and built up more land creatures, but I think I ultimately died.

About the Deck:  The goal is to build up lands via Noyan Dar and other Awaken spells. Xenograft is also used to make everyone Merfolk (and I think I also try to make them all Blue as well). Lots of buyback spells to keep fueling Dar’s pseudo Awaken abilities.  I didn’t think much of Noyan Dar at first, but after putting in a ton of land-protection spells and creature-untapping stuff, I think he’s pretty all right.

Game #176: Medomai, the Ageless

Game #176: Medomai, the Ageless
Date: 2015-06-17
Location: The Family Game Store, Savage, MD
VS. Karona (Squirrels); Captain Sisay
Result: Neutral Loss

Medomai the Ageless, Magic, TherosvsKarona, False God, Magic, Scourge

I started with a rare Leyline of Anticipation and a good Land hand, Karona plays Rhys the Redeemed and a Fertilid to start ramping and Sisay catches a Reality Acid courtesy of me. It doesn’t stop Sisay from getting out Michiko Konda, Selvala and a Heroes Podium, while Karona usis a Cabal Coffers and a Token Solemn Simulacrum to ramp like crazy via Rhys the Redeemed doubling the Solemn Tokens.

I manage to get an Early Paradox Haze out and cast Tezzeret’s Gambit (into a Long Term Plans… I don’t remember what for, but it didn’t end up mattering. Next turn I cast Medomai, and Karona tried to kill Sisay, but Sisay cast the Green Myojin and dropped Vorinclex, Akroma, Huo Toa and Karametra. Soon after either Karona or I got crushed and the other scooped.

Second game: I played a second game with the deck and managed to play Paradox Haze followed by Mirror Sigil Sergeant and True Conviction. I got up to 32 Sergeants, but I made some kind of mis-play and didn’t win.

About the Deck: Normally I don’t believe in taking extra turns (I think only 4-5 — so like 3% — of my decks have ways to do them. I know Narset has one, and I think Azami has Wanderwine Prophets), but I decided this was the one deck I’d build that takes many extra turns. The real goal is to win via Azor’s Elocutors, sped along by things like Paradox Haze. There’s a slight “Time” theme to the deck. I may have shifted my one Time Stretch to this deck too. I feel like the extra turns Medomai generates are pretty fair.

The Decks Files, Part 6: Blue-White

Having so many decks means that it’s REALLY time consuming to keep decklists updated. Not every deck is on, and many that are have changed significantly. That said, IF YOU WANT A DECKLIST: leave a comment or send me a message and I will find time to fix, or create, the decklists on TappedOut.

Here’s the Quick Rubric I’ll use for some of the questions.

How often do I want to Play it? How “Good” is it? How much do I like it?
5=  More than once in a Row  I’d play it against “Competitive decks” or if I actually want to try to win  One of my very favorites
4=  Often  It can hold its own  I really like it
3=  Sometimes  It might win under special circumstances  It’s okay
2=  Under certain circumstances  Just for Fun  Something’s not quite right
1=  Rarely / have to be in a certain mood  Winning would be a miracle I might actually take it apart… maybe


Commander: Kangee, Aerie KeeperKangee Aerie Keeper
Name:  The Birds. The first.
Style:  Tribal
Tribe?: Birds
Want to play? 3
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 5
Deck Notes: This was the very first deck I ever built for EDH. I knew I wanted a deck I could play Zephyr Falcon in, and, in a previous incarnation of life as a Magic player, I loved playing 5-color birds casual decks with Ordered Migration (which is not good in Commander).   It has gone through some changes over time, mostly to make it “Birdier” and less UW good stuff.


Commander: Sygg, River GuideSygg, River Guide, Magic, Lorwyn
Name:  Tappy Fish
Style:  Tribal
Tribe?: Merfolk
Want to play? 3
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 4
Deck Notes: I thought it was cool that Lorwyn had UW merfolk.  This deck takes advantage of the Untap mechanic, and stuff that triggers upon un-tapping, as well as tapping down other things. I don’t know that I’ve updated it with the less cool “inspired” stuff from Theros.  Of course it plays Wake Thrasher/Basalt Monolith/Surestrike Trident.  It also has some Fish-Prison elements, but it’s not a shut-down deck or a pillow fort.


Commander: Isperia, Supreme Judge – GUILDIsperia, Supreme Judge, Magic, Return to Ravnica
Name:  Azorius Guild
Style:  Guildwars
Tribe?: Azorius
Want to play?: 1
“Good?”: 3
Like?:  3
Deck Notes:  Like all of the Guildwars deck this is Ravnica/Return to Ravnica cards only, and no watermarked cards that aren’t Azorius.  It’s one of the stronger guild decks simply due to the fact that the vast majority of the creatures are flying creatures. Its “want to play” is only low because the guild decks are mostly fun against other guild decks.


Commander: Bruna, Light of AlabasterBruna, Light of Alabaster, Magic, Avacyn Restored
Style: Enchantress Voltron
Want to play? 3
“Good?”: 4
Like?: 4
Deck Notes:   Bruna is pretty linear, but the deck plays a lot of other Enchantment Matters creatures.  It’s a deck that can win games, but I don’t play a lot of counter or control in it (or in general) and I also took out things like Corrupted Conscience and Eldrazi Conscription for just being to dumb and obvious.  I would like to someday have an Alter done of the general so she looks like the cover of Starman #63

Commander: Rasputin DreamweaverRasputin Dreamweaver
Style:  Blink
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 2
Deck Notes:  I wanted to build a blink deck in UW and Brago didn’t exist yet. I don’t play this one a lot, mostly because it takes a lot of effort and fiddling to do stuff. It has some combo synergy in it (DeadEye, but not Palinchron), and I really like using Gemstone Array to store up mana from Rasputin counters.  It was the first foil Proxy I ever made.


Commander: Isperia, Supreme JudgeIsperia, Supreme Judge, Magic, Return to Ravnica
Name:  Bring It
Style:  Aggro
Tribe?: Soldiers
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 4
Like?: 4
Deck Notes: This is about making soldier tokens and turning them sideways to beat face. Isperia and some enchantments are there to deter people from attacking me.  This is one of the few decks that I play Extra Turn spells in.  This deck has actually been pretty successful.

Commander: Daxos of MeletisDaxos of Meletis, Magic, Theros
Name:  DaxoSolo
Style: Creatureless,
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 3
Deck Notes: Daxos was an intriguing commander. I don’t remember why I decided to make it a Creatureless deck, but it’s a lot of fun.  It’s not a “get huge” voltron deck, but there are a alot of ways to make sure Daxos hits, or kills and survives being blocked, and also library manipulation and “peeking” to make wise attacks.



Commander: Ephara, God of the PolisEphara, God of the Polis, Magic, Born of the Gods
Name:  The Rebel Alliance
Style:  Tribal, Theme
Tribe?: Rebels, Star Wars
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 4
Deck Notes: A mixture of Rebels and constellation cards, make this the Star Wars deck (a Princess Leia  Lin Sivvi would be pretty cool). It’s not a strict theme deck, but there are a few cards in it that are for flavor purposes. The deck started as a way to use Ephara for card advantage, and rebels seemed a good way to do that. Also wanting to play some constellation cards led me to realizing it had a pretty cool theme (and then I got a Darth Vader sleeve in the mail, and it was awesome).

Commander: Ayesha TanakaAyesha Tanaka
Name:  Ayesha Tanaka/ Sonic Titan; Ayesha battles the Pink Robots
Style:  Voltron,
Tribe?: Robots
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 5
Deck Notes:  A Quirky activated ability, and BANDING (which is super cool) made me decide to build an Ayesha deck.  Using her art as a starting point, I added in a bunch of Giant Robots (Dark and Blightsteel Colossus, etc) and decided she was a Mech Pilot.  The deck is designed to suit her up and/or Band her to a Giant Robot for fun and profitt. I really dig the concept, and am excited to play this deck again.

Coming Soon: Medomai the Ageless