Game #86.1, 86.2: Daxos of Meletis

Game #86.1: Daxos of Meletis
Date: 2013-12-18
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Damia, Sage of stone; Marath, Will of the Wild; Jeleva, Scourge of Nephalia
Result: Scoop. Unfun.

Daxos of Meletis, Magic, TherosvsDamia, Sage of Stone, Magic, CommanderGhave, Guru of Spores, Magic, CommanderJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, Magic, Commander 2013

A newly built deck that I was excited to try out. The game started with Marath’s player taking a telemarketing survey phone call, that lasted for several turns. I had 3 lands and a Keyrune and started the game with Field of Dreams. Damia ramped like nuts and played early sword of Feast and Famine and Mana Reflection. Damia took long turns, killed off my white mana, ramped more, then ramped, then drew a billion cards and bonded Sylvan Primordial to a Dead Eye Naviagator and everyone scooped. This was turn 5.

Thankfully, another super competetive player had arrived, and also Balthor got there, so Damia and Marath went to a different table. This wasn’t a worthwhile game, so I decided Daxos got another shot.

Game #86.2
Same Bat-time
Same Bat-place
vs. Jeleva; Ghave #1; Balthor

Daxos of MeletisvsBalthor the DefiledGhave, Guru of SporesJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge

Game two started out much more fun. The Ghave player was from out of town and had time to kill before picking someone up at the Airport. I had a 4 land hand with a Mindstone as well, and then a Sword of Vengeance and more Mana rocks. Jeleva hits the table and is able to cast Army of the Damned on turn 5 AND copy it for 26 tapped zombies. Strangely none of us were worried, and Balthor took care of it with a cycled Decree of Pain (so I held on to my Evacuation).

Jeleva also managed a Vampiric Tutor from this casting, so, of course, I had to swing Daxos that direction to try to cast that which was tutored for, but Daxos was turned to Frog (and therefore did not get any greaves.

I got Cruel Ultimatumed. Balthor’s Patriarch’s bidding caused Daxos to die and everyon to get Gray Merchant-ed for 10. A Balthor activation kills Jeleva and Ghave, and I die to the attack (despite a Propaganda). Daxos was poised to be cast for the 5th time (with a Thespian’s Stage playing Opal Palace). A much more fun game.

Daxos had the chance to cast: Ray of Revelation, Gempalm Polluter, Isochron Scepter and something else, but none were worth doing.

About the Deck: Tapped Out Someday

This deck is all Daxos, all the time. No other creatures.   There’s a decent amount of mana-rock ramping, some decent defensive enchantments, wraths, and things to give Daxos first strike or double strike.  Field of Dreams is a fun card to have to make an educated choice, as is Spin Into Myth and other bounce-to-top-of-library cards.  I may add Pyxis of Pandemonium  to partner with Field of Dreams.

Game #71: Rasputin Dreamweaver

Game #71: Rasputin Dreamweaver
Date: 2013-10-23
Location: Family Game Store
VS.: Balthor; Sharuum the Hegemon; Jenara, Asura of War

Rasputin DreamweavervsBalthor the DefiledSharuum the HegemonJenara, Asura of War

I started with a lot of white mana in my hand, but no blue. I played an early Suture Priest.  Jenara rolled out a Propaganda, Sharuum had Jace Beleren, and Balthor had Liliana of the Veil.  It ended up being a very slow crawl of a game.

Jenara had a Sphinx of Uthuun that I copied with a Phyrexian Metamorph, and I was able to do some pinpoint removal tricks with Stone Cloaker (including taking care of an Ashen Rider somehow) and Ghostly Flicker. I was also recurring Cloud of Faeries, but not in any way that was gaining me great advantage.

Balthor dropped an Akroma’s Memorial, that didn’t really scare me. Living death almost wiped me out, but I had a Ghostway (which turned my metamorph into an Akroma’s Memorial). I got to a point where I was able to recur Ghostway every turn by having an Archaeomancer on the board, but I still didn’t have any offensive value to generate.

Sharuum played an Avacyn and equipped it with Swiftfoot Boots.  I tried to swing in and kill Balthor with my Pro-black Flying team, but my Akroma’s Memorial got bounced. I had lost my Ghostway recursion by this point, but it did allow my Metamorph to become Avacyn (Thanks, New Legend Rule!).  Then Jenara Played an Avacyn… (Thanks… New Legend rule…), and exiled my artifact-Avacyn (because stupid Angel of Restoration can’t swoop in to save other Angels).   By this point it was nearly closing time at the store, so I packed up my cards early (I had no real way to deal with double Avacyn, and the game didn’t look like it was ending any time soon), my deck was a few draws away from really getting rolling, but it was too late.

About the Deck (Tapped Out: coming someday)

This is my blink/flicker deck. It can generate lots of mana under the right conditions with Rasputin(a) (the first of my “Italian Legends to Full Art Foil Gender Bending” generals), and Gemstone Array (one of my secret favorite cards).

It can do some fun tricks (like the Ghostway and Archaeomancer good times above). It does have a Deadeye Navigator in the deck because it is good AND on theme.

Game #59: Sygg, River Guide

Game #59: Sygg, River Guide
Date: 2013-09-04
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Sek’Kuar the Deathkeeper; Ezuri; Selenia;
Result: Moderately fun Loss

Sygg, River GuidevsSek'Kuar, DeathkeeperEzuri, Renegade LeaderSelenia, Dark Angel

Happy Tappy Fish vs Elves and Monsters in Round 4 of the “Night of Insurrection and Obliteration”…

I start with good lands and a Sol Ring. Ezuri starts with Ridiculous, and Selenia is also doing Dumb things. I play some fish and Counter a Hermit Druid.  Ezuri Genesis Waves for 6 but doesn’t get anything too great. Selenia’s Thrashing Wumpus cleanses the board of Elves and also a Merfolk Sovereign and Lullmage Mentor.

Selenia has a Vizkopa Guildmage (which can win games), Sek’Kuar has a Lord of Extinction and casts Insurrection which gives him enough guys to kill the other two players and then kill my creatures (though I live).  I keep myself afloat for quite awhile by casting Summon the School a lot of times. (I think I also had Sek’Kuar in death by general damage range too, but I couldn’t get Sygg to stay out). Sek  uses survival of the fittest to get Mikaeus and then casts Obliterate. I am able to survive for 4 more turns off of little dudes, but not enough to not eventually lose.

About the Deck ( is close)

This deck is about tapping things and also untapping them for fun and profit. It’s also tribal Merfolk token-swarm, which is really fun. Sygg plus white mana is good times, and Basalt Monolith with Wake Thrasher and a Surestrike Trident (quite fish appropriate) is a good way to just kill someone.  Opposition is in there for Fish Prison fun, and Reconnaissance does work like a boss. This one only plays 35 lands, but I always seem to have enough mana (it’s the opposite of Rakdos)

Game #32 : Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Game #32 : Bruna, Light of Alabaster
Date: 2013-07-09
Location: Friend’s house in Duluth
vs: Lorax, the Siege Tower; Varolz, the Scar-Striped; Ashling, the Pilgrim
Result: Neutral Loss

Bruna, Light of AlabasterVS.Doran the Siege Tower

Varolz, the Scar-StripedAshling the Pilgrim

A Tundra, an Island and an Expedition Map seemed like a good way to start.  Playing the risk, instead of playing smart, I expedite a Serra’s Sanctum.  It proves to be a mixed blessing.

Varolz gets off to a big start with a ton of acceleration and a Deadbridge Chant.  Doran hits the board, and brings Sorin, of Innistrad to make tons of vampires.  Ashling starts to get big.

I’m able to get a Rayne, Academy Chancellor on the board and give her a Spirit Mantle and Curiosity for some card-draw (and to make my Sanctum useful.  I also put an Arrest (or something like it) on the Hunted Horror that seems like it wants to only attack me.    Then Fleshbag Marauder gets rid of Rayne.

Sorin and Ashling’s Chandra get into a battle,  Sorin makes a Vampire, Chandra pings-and-redirects damage to Sorin (Chandra eventually wins, getting up to almost 12 counters).  The game starts to slow down.  I’m able to start building a board position (Auramancer, Umbra Mystic, with Indestructibility,  Lucent Liminid, Totem-guide Hartebeest), but am leery of trying to play Bruna without some means of protecting her.

Then Doran drops Emmara Tandris, Squirrel Nest and Earthcraft, and we know we are nearly doomed.  Ashling and Varolz team up to try to do some tricks with killing and Volrath’s Strongholding an Eternal Witness to get back a Krosan Grip, but Infinity Squirrels are made in response to the EW trigger. Varolz Scoops (which kills one of my enchantments, knocking my mana down… but it didn’t end up mattering).  I pass, and many Squirrels clobber us.

About the Deck:( )

Bruna does a certain thing — getting the Auras on her — and does it well.  This deck is mostly about that, but it’s not just “power out Bruna ASAP and Win on Turn 7.”  I actually like to play it in longer games because I’ve always loved moving auras around on creatures ( Autumn-Tail, Kitsune Sage, would be a general of one of my decks if that were allowed).  There are a bunch of “Auras and Enchantments Matter” cards in the deck.

Yes, it does play Steel of the Godhead, and it has Corrupted Conscience in there (despite my general abhorrence for Poison, that spell can also function as removal), but there’s no Eldrazi Conscription in there, because it’s just too dumb and obvious in this deck.   It also  has Enchanted Evening/Aura Thief, but it’s more of a pocket combo (if I happen to draw into it, which I never have).

I especially love sacrificing Flight of Fancy and bringing it back with Bruna.

Game #14: Isperia, Supreme Judge

Game #14: Isperia, Supreme Judge
Date: 2013-04-17
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Savra, Queen of the Golgari (guild); Sek’kuar the Deathkeeper; Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Nicol Bolas
Result:Neutral Loss

Isperia, Supreme Judge va.

jaradNicol Bolas

Savra, Queen of the GolgariSek'Kuar, Deathkeeper

I started out the game putting an Akroma’s Vengeance under a Windbrisk Heights. Bolas played an early Stranglehold and a Jace the Mind Sculptor, Sek’Kuar was building up with a Corpsejack Menace.  The Golgari twins were threatening with Savra managing a Plague Boiler, and Jarad with a Gravecrawler, Grafted Exoskeleton and later a Pestilence Demon. I had trouble getting to 6 lands,  but was able to build up a few tokens or pumpers. Bolas tired to combo off, but Plague Boiler wiped the board to prevent it (though I could have prevented it as well Knight-Captain of Eos). Bolas got killed, and my attempts to rebuild after the board wipe – Mobilization and Cathar’s Crusade – were met with an Indrik Stomphowler and a Sylvan Primordial. Then Jarad made a big Living Death and won off of the back of it.

About the Deck ( )

This deck is the blue-white token swarm cousin of my Jor Kadeen deck.  I wanted to have a UW deck that wasn’t just standard wrath/counter/control. It has a lot of ways to make tokens and pump them, and a few ways to discourage attacks against me (hopefully directing them elsewhere).  I’ve won a few games on the back of Crescendo of War. It’s the only deck that I play Time Stretch in (and that’s mostly to try to speed along Azor’s Elocutors).

Game #1: Kangee, the Aerie Keeper

Game #1: Kangee the Aerie Keeper
Date: 2013-03-17
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Prime Speaker Zeganna; Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
Result: Unsatisfying Loss

kangee  vs.


I started the game with a hand full of: lands, Glorious Anthem and a Sol Ring, but then had trouble drawing any creatures. I Confiscated Zeganna, but lost it to a Trigon Predator.  I tried to Mirrorweave my Academy Rector, mostly to deal with a World Spine Wurm, but it was sacrificed with a Death’s Presence on the board.  I was the first one killed by General Damage from Zeganna (the eventual winner). Kangee never saw play.    This old deck just couldn’t keep up with the new stuff

About the Deck )

This was the very first EDH deck I ever built, and it shows. I’ve only made a few updates to it since its creation.

When I started playing magic again after my second multi-year hiatus, I discovered EDH.  Birds were my favorite deck to play, and I wanted an excuse to play Zephyr Falcon (my favorite creature) and its lesser cousins Bay and Skyshroud.  So I dug up another 96 cards and called it good.    I don’t like the Grand Arbiter in it, and I think Hanna will be coming out as well.