Game #63: Ashling the Pilgrim

Game #63: Ashling the Pilgrim
Date: 2013-09-25
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Balthor

Ashling the Pilgrim.1VSBalthor the Defiled

This game took place while we were waiting for more people to arrive.  I played Tibalt on turn 2 (which received great praise for awesomeness), Ashling on turn 3 and an early Stigma Lasher (that got at least one hit in, preventing Balthor from gaining life shenanigans).  Balthor had a grave crawler and a bunch of other zombies.  Tibalt died after being activated 3 times.

Ashling blew up for 6 damage, which wiped the board, but Balthor followed up with a Grave Titan. I was mounting a comeback when Geth showed up. Balthor had enough mana to activate Geth multiple times per turn (grabbing a Stigma Lasher the first time).

More players had arrived, so I cast a kicked Molten Disaster for enough to kill me and end the game in a fiery apocalypse.

About the Deck (

The rule for this deck is that every card has a CMC of 2 (or a split-card half that costs 2, and including X spells). It’s pretty fast, and a lot of fun to play.

Fittingly, the deck has two versions.  One version has a slight artifact theme, while the other version plays Land Destruction (which I normally never ever do, but I figure the restriction of only-2-CMC is enough to off-set it). The Sideboard on Tapped Out are the LD cards that get swapped in if it has to be that way, and the Maybeboard are the cards that swap out.

I recently decided to foil this one out, but not to the extent that I’ll cut un-foilable cards for ones that could be foiled. I’m only missing 3 cards, plus some lands.