Game #117: Blind Seer

Game #117: Blind Seer
Date: 2014-02-19
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Arcades Sabboth; Grimgrin, Corpse-born; Gisela Blade of Goldnight
Result: Quick, Fun Loss

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I arrived later than normal to Savage Mill, due to a Mock Trial runnning over-time. There was a 4 player game of stalemates in progress that went on for about 30 more minutes, leaving us only 35 minutes until closing. The game looked to be finished:a Karametra player had enough Craterhoof damage to kill everyone, but only if Ghave didn’t wipe the board via Butcher of Malakir, so to move things a long, two other players scooped and we started up another game. Balthor, noble gentleman that he is, gave up his seat at the table to keep it to a 4 player game.

This was the last completed* deck I needed to play to finish off my official play-through. I saved Urza for a group game because it’s more fun with more targets. Everyone else was playing “fast” decks because we were on the clock. I had a 3 land hand and decent cards. I played Insight on the only green player (arcades) and then dropped a Douse (heh heh heh… “dropped a Douse”) as well. Gisela opened with a Figure of Destiny (which leveled-up fast), Grimgrin had a Rooftop Storm, Drogskol Captain, Mikaeus and other stuff. Arcades was on the board fast. Grimgrin passed attacks around and I cast My general (and turned Rooftop Storm Red for Blue Elemental Blasting). Gisela played a Magamatic Force. I chump blocked with Blind Seer and played an Ixidron (that hid all 3 other generals), but then Arcades dropped a ton of guys with a Myojin of being Green and Gisela re-appeared via some trickery. Despite some cool tricks in hand and on board we all died to massive Green Beats from Arcades. I would have turned Gisela Blue and stolen her on my next turn.

Despite it having to be quick and dirty, I got to do some fun color changing tricks, so it was satisfying. It also marked a new element of freedom in playing games of Magic! I was a little bummed that Balthor wasn’t in the game, But I did get to play against the guy that first told me about EDH nights at Family Game Store, and I hadn’t played against him in a while.

About the Deck: (Tapped out Someday)
This is 5-Color Blue, or “lets play with Color.” It takes advantage of both color-hosers and color boosters to go along with Blind Seer’s Ability. Douse becomes “2uu: counter target spell” and re-setting different enchantments is also fun. Civic Saber on Shyft is great, and I can play Rainbow Crow! (not quite Storm Crow, but still rad). I like this deck, but it is not a deck for super fast games.

*I have a playable Karametra deck, but it’s waiting for 2 cards, so I’ve deemed it “Incomplete.”