Game #156: Feldon of the Third Path

Game #156: Feldon of the Third Path
Date: 2015-03-25
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Gisa; Daxos of Meletis; Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
Result: Fun Loss

Feldon of the Third Path, Magic, Commander 2014vsGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014Daxos of Meletis, Magic, TherosJarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Magic, Return to Ravnica

I recently decided that Feldon would be more fun as a Real commander than a Tiny Leader, so I added 50 cards to this deck to bring it up to the big leagues (keeping the TL core so I could revert back if I wanted to).

I started the game with 2 lands and a Thornbite Staff in hand, but drew some lands and played an early Hissing Iguanar followed by a Phyrexian Soulgorger. Gisa started with a Sol Ring AND Ancient Tomb. Daxos came down with a Thada Adel soulbound with Elgaud Shieldmate as well as a Battle Mastery for double strike. Dax took a Howling Mine and Sol Ring from Jarad, before coming after me (taking Bosh and Perilous Myr).

I played Feldon, reanimated the Soulgorger, gave it double strike, and sent it at Daxos do force a block and kill the Shieldmate. Daxos came after me again to take Illusionist’s Bracers and Ashnod’s Altar. Jarad had Boundless Realms’ed for 7 with a Lotus Cobra, and then cast an Eternal Witness to get back Boundless Realms (and also had some big creatues).

At some point I had played an Altar of Dementia and sacced a token Soulgorger to mill myself (too many reanimator decks), and I noticed that I had a Priest of Urabrask in the ‘yard AND a Thornbite Staff and Sac Outlet. I waited patently for my turn, tried to combo out and realized that I was one mana short (I needed to use the first Priest Mana to equip the staff). Daxos wiped the board before I could do it again, and Gisa hit me big (no blockers) with a WurmCoil Engine for the life. Jarad’s Vorinclex was countered, but he had the ability to sac something to Jarad to make us all lose 14 life. I was at 14.

Two other players were waiting for a game, so I went and played with them. This game took a while to finish, but I think Gisa won.

About the Deck (TL version: )
Feldon is the centerpiece. It has the ability to combo, usually involving Priest of Urabrask. When I added in 4+ CMC cards I focused on big Red creatures, cool ETB effects, and Mill things. Self mill to fill my graveyard, but also as a potential win condition.

Game #147: Iname, Death Aspect

Game #147: Iname, Death Aspect
Date: 2015-01-21
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord; Gisa; Lazav Dimir Mastermind
Result: Neutral to Almost Fun Loss

Iname, Death Aspect, Magic, Champions of KamigawavsGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Magic, Duel Decks: Izzet vs. GolgariLazav, Dimir Mastermind, Magic, Gatecrash

I kept a 2 land hand, and got to 3 lands before I stalled for awhile. I played some cheap janky spirits early on (yeah Ghost Hounds!) and also a decent Nether Traitor. Jarad played an early Rune Scarred Demon and Gisa was saccing and recurring Kokusho (at least 3 times). Jarad tried for an Avenger of Zendikar, but Lazav countered it, and then used his pet Crypt Rats to kill of more creatures. I’m still not doing great in the land department.

I get to enough lands to cast Insidious Dreams, searching up Crypt of Agadeem, Necrologia, Witchbane Orb and Mortal Combat and stack it so I draw the crypt and then Necrologia. Jarad has both Thuderfoot Baloth and Demonic Overseer and is saccing dudes to eat our life totals. I have all of the pieces I need to win the game, but not enough mana to do it right away. I had to play the Witchbane orb first (relevant because of Gisa’s Nihil Spellbomb), and was 1 short of also casting both Mortal Combat and Iname as well. However, we were all low enough thanks to Jarad that Gisa just needed to recur Kokusho once more to kill us all.

The other two guys that were there this night ended up playing Two Headed Giant Tiny Leaders (each of them playing two TL decks) for awhile and then just burning out on Tiny Leaders.

About the Deck ( )

This is mostly a pretty standard Win By Mortal Combat OR By Big Crypt of Agadeem Mana Fueled Spell Thanks to Iname’s Ability deck. I play a lot of crappy spirits and a few non-spirits. The rest of the goal is to just load the graveyard and play off of that. Nothing special, but it was fun to play and cheap to build.

Game #119: Karametra, God of Harvests

Game #119: Karametra, God of Harvests
Date: 2014-03-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Rhys the Redeemed; Arcades Sabboth
Result: Neutral Loss

Karametra, God of Harvests, Magic, Born of the GodsvsRhys the Redeemed, Magic, ShadowmoorArcades Sabboth, Magic, Legends

I arrived to see the tail end of a Sisay vs Arcades battle, and decided it was a good time to also be playing a GW deck. I’ve been waiting to try out Karametra. Sisay’s player switched to Rhys (which, of course, prompted me to correct his pronunciation).

I had a 2 land hand, but playable things, so I went with it. Playing a Scryb Ranger on turn 2 and a Gaea’s Herald on turn 3.   A third land let me do Ranger tricks to get out Centaur Omenreader, and a creatureless Arcades made it so I could tap the Omenreader and get out Karametra on turn 5 with only 3 lands.  Rhys had made a few tokens by this point.

I followed that up with a Fierce Empath, that grabbed a Soul of the Harvest, but I had no reliable way to tap the Omenreader, as both opponents now had blocking creatures.  Arcades dropped a Mana Reflection and Rhys had an Eldrazi Monument, so I Dust Elemental-ed back the ranger, herald and empath, and was able to play them all due to a tapped omen reader. I grabbed a Woodfall primus to take care of the mana Reflection.  Then Rhys dropped a Gaea’s Cradle, so my Primus decided to attack Arcades, but, whoops, there was a 9/9 Prime Speaker and the primus died and persisted to kill the cradle.

I played a Knight of the Reliquary, hoping to fetch my own Cradle to abuse with a Stone-seeder Hierophant that was in my hand, but at that point Rhys was able to swing with many huge flying elves and kill Arcades. I top decked the Archon of Can’t Attack Me, but Rhys had a Martial Coup and I had nothing I could do about it.

It was a pretty fun game overall. The deck did what I wanted it to (but no Lotus Cobra action, or Stonecloaker).  I had a Twilight Shepherd in my hand, but no mana to cast it, and it wouldn’t have saved me anyways.  My only hope would have been to bounce and re-play the Woodfall Primus.

About the Deck (no TappedOut yet)

Karametra is definitely my favorite of the New Gods (okay, actually, it’s Scott Free). Yes, this deck is about ramping lots of lands out with the God of Harvests, but I limited myself to only creatures and no artifacts (which was made possible by remembering that Stone-Seeder Heirophant is, in fact, a thing).   It uses a lot of bounce creatures to get value out of other creatures (and Kara triggers) and only makes tokens based on Landfall. I did put an Avenger of Zendikar in the deck, but only because I had a spare Foil one lying around from the “Pack to Charity” binder from the 1st Commander Cast “Gifts Given” auction.  Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (or shrine to Nics) is the only non GW color-identity card in the whole deck.  It really plays out like a combo deck, but it has a lot of math, searching and shufflling, so despite really liking it, it’s not one I would play often.

The Rest of the Evening:

I actually played game #120 this evening as well, but by the end of this game  Balthor had shown up, and the other players were all playing Mono decks.  The only Mono deck I had with me tonight was my All Foil Vampires (Team Edward*… because they Sparkle).  I never got above 4 lands, Balthor had Candelbra, Nykthos, Deserted Temple, Urborg, Coffers, etc and was making metric tonnes of German mana.   The coolest play of the game was SunQuan’s player Rite of Replicationing my Captivating Vampire (which didn’t get to steal Baru’s Polukranos)

Game #93: Maelstrom Wanderer

Game #93: Maelstrom Wanderer
Date: 2013-12-26
Location: The woods north of Duluth, Brother’s Friend’s Cousin’s house
vs. Skullbriar, the walking Grave; Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts; Olivia Voldaren
Result: Cruel win

Maelstrom Wanderer, Magic, Planechase 2012vsSkullbriar, the Walking Grave, Magic, CommanderTeysa, Envoy of Ghosts, Magic, Dragon's MazeOlivia Voldaren, Magic, Innistrad

After the dumb game with Nin, I decided to pull out a new deck. My brother had switched the general of his Nath deck to Skullbriar, and his friends pulled out a Teysa deck (I love Teysa!) and an Olivia deck (that he really liked).

I took out Maelstrom Wanderer. In hindsight, this was a pretty “D” move. For that, I apologize.

Skullbriar hit me on turn two, and grew to +5/+5, and became a vampire thanks to Olivia. I played lands every turn, including two Ravnica Karoos. I dropped my 5th land and had 7 mana. I cast the Food Chain and Misthollow Griffin that were in my opening hand and opening draw. I exiled the Misthollow enough times to get enough mana to re-cast it enough times to also get an arbitrarily large amount of red and green mana, and then cast Maelstrom Wanderer enough times to put my whole deck on the field. Then I felt bad.

If the world were fair the Nin Game and this game would have both had fair opening draws, rather than one being horrible and one being god-draw. The only justification I had for what I did was that we were on a time limit because my brother had to get on a plane at 5:30 the next morning and it was already 10:30 p.m. At least we got to play another game after it.

About the Deck (

I built this deck because back in the day  RUG Aluren Combo was my second favorite deck to play in Extended (when extended was cool and went back to Ice Age) and I wanted an EDH approximation.  I also wanted to have a deck that was just a dedicated combo deck.

The deck has three main combos: Aluren plus Horned Kavu plus Purphuros/Furious Assault for  Arbitrarily Large damage;  Misthollow Griffin/Food Chain for Maelstrom Wanderer castings;  Morselhorder/Sinking Feeling/Presence of Gond  for Arbitrarily Large elf army.

There are also some bounce tricks and counterspells (I may even make this the first EDH to have a Force of Will in it…).

This was the wrong deck to play in the game that I played it in. I’m generally anti-combo, and I felt really dirty winning on Turn 5 with this (in the context of the game I was in). I mostly have the deck to be one to play after either a crushing defeat or if I’m stuck in a situation where I have to play with a lot of Try-Hards (which was not the case when I played it the first time)

Game #91: Experiment Kraj

Game #91: Experiment Kraj
Date: 2013-12-23
Location: Mom’s Kitchen Table, Duluth, MN
Vs. Teneb the Harvester
Result: silly Win

Experiment Kraj, Magic, DissensionvsTeneb, the Harvester, Magic, Planar Chaos


One last game before bed time. I pulled out Kraj, and my brother took out Teneb. I had a 3 land hand, plus an Essence Warden and a Krosan Restorer. He had a bunch of lands and Buried Alive for It That Betrays, Massacre Wurm and something else and then cast a Corpse Connoiseur.

I played Ascetiscim, Gaea’s Cradle, Mana Reflection and 1000-Year Elixir. Then a Doubling Season and a Vigean Hydropon. It was dumb. Ascetism got Mortified and a giant Kraj (who was putting like 10 counters on things per turn) got Doom Bladed.  Teneb Hit the board, but I had a Tradewind Rider active and he got bounced. Then Kraj got recast, pumped to 22/22 and swung to end the game

About the Deck (

I think this was the second deck I ever built, perhaps 3rd after a retired Niv-Mizzet deck.  The goal is to make Kraj do a lot of cool things.  This is probably the most “Elf” deck that I have as well.  The list posted above has been changed a bit in since I originally posted it, but I haven’t updated the Tapped Out.   I think it’s actually gotten a bit less “elfy” to accommodate more things for Kraj to Experiment on. Illusionists Bracers are a cool new addition, and I really like Quicksilver Elemental and things that put counters on my opponents creatures.  Morphling is a star in this deck as well. I should probably get a Aetherling in there somewhere also.

Game #80: Damia, Sage of Stone

Game #80: Damia, Sage of Stone
Date: 2013-11-13
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Balthor the Defiled; Mangara of Corondor; Balthor; The Mimeoplasm

Damia, Sage of StoneVSBalthor the DefiledMangara of CorondorThe MimeoplasmRuric Thar, the Unbowed

This game took a long time and a lot of little things happened, but not a lot of major stuff. The Mimeoplasm came in to play 4+ times (as Eternal Witness + 2, Liliana’s Reaver +3, a big Dragon + 9, Garruk’s Horde +4, and probably more). Mangara built up a pillow fort and did some exiling in  a variety of ways.  Ruric sent in smashings, but drew hate. Balthor only got cast once, and never sacrificed (and got Strength of Tajuru’ed so he could get his very first, but tainted, General Damage Kills ever).  I just kind of bided my time, played some Faeries (it was Faerie night, I guess) and stole Balthor’s Geth for a turn.  Eventually  my deck did what it was supposed to and drew into the good ol’ ProsBloom engine and I Exsanguinated for 64 to take out Balthor and Mangara (Mimeo and Ruric having been Balthor-ed out).   It was a long game, and I’m glad I eventually got to do the combo in real life (as it’s my third favorite combo deck), but it wasn’t a great game… it ended 30 minutes before store closing. Not enough time for another game.

About the Deck (

This is a Faerie Tribal deck, with some Gorgons as well (because Damia loves Absinthe, and because there are Green Faeries, she is the general). It can swarm with faeries, but really they are a distraction while I try to set up a ProsBloom kill by either Milling or Exsanguinating.  It can’t combo off early, and it doesn’t go “infinite,” so I don’t mind playing it as a combo deck.

Game #64: Vela, the Nightclad

Game #64: Vela, the Nightclad
Date: 2013-09-25
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: Jaya Ballard; Ruric Thar, the Unbowed; Balthor

Vela the Night-Clad VSJaya Ballard, Task MageRuric Thar, the UnbowedBalthor the Defiled

I start with 3 lands and an Augury Owl. Balthor has an early Fleshbag Marauder.

I start building up some decent stuff like Cloud of Faeries, Puppet Conjurer, a Dopplganger, Sengir Autocrat, Ashnod’s Altar and Thopter Squadron, but I have a really hard time keeping Vela on the table because Jaya Ballard can just kill her for R.  Ruric sends some General Damage my way, Balthor plays a Gray Merchant, but Jay Infernos everything and then we all die to the Red Women (the theme of the Jaya deck).

About the Deck (

The decklist in the link is an early version of the deck, and may not reflect its current state.  The goal of the deck is to have creatures leave the battlefield  (my favorite way being looping Su Chi with Ashnod’s Altar and Nim Deathmantle for the added bonus of infinite colorless mana), OR to have a lot of cool artifact creatures with Intimidate.



Game #3: Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Game #3: Karador, Ghost Chieftain
Date: 2013-03-17
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Bruna, Light of Alabaster; Karona, the False God
Result: Extra Unsatisfying Loss

Image vs.

bruna Image (1)

This was the deck’s maiden voyage, and I was really, really excited to try it out. I had a good start. The deck runs smoothly on 3 lands, which I had, plus some mana rocks, into a Jar of Eyeballs and a Champion of Lambholt. Then, Bruna untapped on turn 6 or 7, cast Sovereigns of Lost Alara, swung and searched up Eldrazi Conscription and dropped Corrupted Conscience from hand. Now I have to wait 97 games to try this deck out again. Thankfully, the game ended quickly. Maybe the next one would be fun…

About the Deck: (

Inspired by This Article on the Wizards site. I had already built an All 2-CMC deck (Ashling, the Pilgrim) and an All 1-CMC deck (Isamaru, Hound of Konda), and liked the idea of Immortal Servituding every creature from my graveyard, so every card in the deck has a CMC of 3.  Techinically Karador isn’t 3-CMC, but I had a Doran deck already, and Doran doesn’t work nicely with this deck. Plus,  Karador can be cast for 3 mana (so that’s the only way I’ll cast him in this deck) AND plays very nicely with the idea of the deck.  In test draws it was a lot of fun to try to build into the combo, but it will be a while now before I find out if it works.