I’m ALL CAUGHT UP with my playthrough!!!

As of Game #117, I am officially all caught up with playing through every one of my current decks!  I started this project just under a year ago, when I had under 100 decks built, in that time the Deck Count has grown quite a bit.  As it stands I have 114 “completed” decks, as 3 decks were “retired and reborn” during this project (and more are coming!)

I am Compleat

This Blog is Compleated

For those people who have been reading the Blog, or following this project, Thanks! I know there were some people out there, because we passed 4000 page-views a few days ago.  Even though I mostly did it for my own fun and records, it’s nice to know that people out there were reading things.

So what does this mean for the project and this blog?

It means several things!

1: FEAR NOT! The blog is not ending – there will be more games.   I will keep updating the Master Deck List as I build new decks, and whenever a brand New Deck is played for the first time it will get added to the sequence. It is very likely that I will have 3 new decks* by the time I play again.  While I don’t have a ton of great insight, or grand writing skills, I will still post things on a semi-regular basis.

2: I’m allowed to play any of my decks now!  While doing this project has been a really fun exercise, there were some decks I was really psyched to play a year ago that ended up in just utterly crap games (I’m looking at you Karador, Ramses, Edric, Khemba and Karn) and now I can play them whenever I want to. I can also whip out Teysa or Animar and test out their new updates (New Elspeth, the Archetypes), or play decks that have had upgrades since their debut on the project.

3: I will have time to go back and update all of the Tapped Out decklists, and also do more deck breakdowns of decks that I think are worth breaking down

4. I can start some new sub-series like “Decks that Deserve a Second Chance,” or explore other optional formats like Tag-Team commander, or games against Hordes.  I’m really looking forward to updating my 4-Color Tag-Team decks, or having nights where I only play Ultra-Mono decks, or only bring All-creature or Creatureless decks.

5. I can make more Charts and Graphs and stuff.  I will do another retrospective post in a few days, and talk about Lessons Learned.

In Conclusion:

If you liked the EDH100 Project, leave a comment, and if you have any suggestions about what I should do with it next, let me know. If you want me to talk about this project on your show or blog or podcast, let me know. I’m not a famous voice in the EDH Community, but this project has certainly given me things to talk about. (and I have way more decks than Sheldon does (but his are probably better)).

Again, if you’re reading this post…. THANKS!  (and tell your friends)

If I got to play with you  in any, or many, games (and you didn’t brutalize my fun in too horrific of a fashion)… THANKS! It wouldn’t have happened with out people to play against.

If I played in your Venue (mostly The Family Game Store, but also Sir Bens, and a number of friend’s houses)… THANKS!


*I have a Karametra Deck that is only missing two cards.  I have a reborn Sharuum (Sphinx Tribal, no known combos involving Sharuum) Deck that just needs a Mana Base, and a Heroic Progenitus deck that is just missing a few cards…. plus at least 5 other decks in the works.