Game #86.1, 86.2: Daxos of Meletis

Game #86.1: Daxos of Meletis
Date: 2013-12-18
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Damia, Sage of stone; Marath, Will of the Wild; Jeleva, Scourge of Nephalia
Result: Scoop. Unfun.

Daxos of Meletis, Magic, TherosvsDamia, Sage of Stone, Magic, CommanderGhave, Guru of Spores, Magic, CommanderJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge, Magic, Commander 2013

A newly built deck that I was excited to try out. The game started with Marath’s player taking a telemarketing survey phone call, that lasted for several turns. I had 3 lands and a Keyrune and started the game with Field of Dreams. Damia ramped like nuts and played early sword of Feast and Famine and Mana Reflection. Damia took long turns, killed off my white mana, ramped more, then ramped, then drew a billion cards and bonded Sylvan Primordial to a Dead Eye Naviagator and everyone scooped. This was turn 5.

Thankfully, another super competetive player had arrived, and also Balthor got there, so Damia and Marath went to a different table. This wasn’t a worthwhile game, so I decided Daxos got another shot.

Game #86.2
Same Bat-time
Same Bat-place
vs. Jeleva; Ghave #1; Balthor

Daxos of MeletisvsBalthor the DefiledGhave, Guru of SporesJeleva, Nephalia's Scourge

Game two started out much more fun. The Ghave player was from out of town and had time to kill before picking someone up at the Airport. I had a 4 land hand with a Mindstone as well, and then a Sword of Vengeance and more Mana rocks. Jeleva hits the table and is able to cast Army of the Damned on turn 5 AND copy it for 26 tapped zombies. Strangely none of us were worried, and Balthor took care of it with a cycled Decree of Pain (so I held on to my Evacuation).

Jeleva also managed a Vampiric Tutor from this casting, so, of course, I had to swing Daxos that direction to try to cast that which was tutored for, but Daxos was turned to Frog (and therefore did not get any greaves.

I got Cruel Ultimatumed. Balthor’s Patriarch’s bidding caused Daxos to die and everyon to get Gray Merchant-ed for 10. A Balthor activation kills Jeleva and Ghave, and I die to the attack (despite a Propaganda). Daxos was poised to be cast for the 5th time (with a Thespian’s Stage playing Opal Palace). A much more fun game.

Daxos had the chance to cast: Ray of Revelation, Gempalm Polluter, Isochron Scepter and something else, but none were worth doing.

About the Deck: Tapped Out Someday

This deck is all Daxos, all the time. No other creatures.   There’s a decent amount of mana-rock ramping, some decent defensive enchantments, wraths, and things to give Daxos first strike or double strike.  Field of Dreams is a fun card to have to make an educated choice, as is Spin Into Myth and other bounce-to-top-of-library cards.  I may add Pyxis of Pandemonium  to partner with Field of Dreams.

Game #75.1, 75.2 : Lim-Dul, the Necromancer

Game #75.1, 75.2 : Lim-Dul, the Necromancer
Date: 2013-11-02
Location: Family Game Store
vs: (game 1) Teneb the Harvester; Prime Speaker Zeganna; Dralnu, Lich Lord

Lim-Dûl the NecromancerVSTeneb, the HarvesterPrime Speaker ZeganaDralnu, Lich Lord

After a long game with Oloro vs the other 4 new Commanders (on a Saturday Night, which is not my normal EDH night), I joined up with a pod of people I didn’t know very well. I had just made a few updates to Lim-Dul and was excited to play it.

The group looked like they were pretty intense. I had a bad land start, but impulsively played a Necropotence on turn 3.  It was followed up by Dralnu playing a Hypnotic Specter and Hitting me twice (exiling cards I needed to have a hope of a chance). I tutored for a Nevinyrral’s Disk (the only means of artifact destruction that I had), but the random-discard of the Hyppie exiled it. Knowing I was basically out of the game I chose to “draw” 33 cards and then died, hoping to join a different less cutthroat pod.

Game #76.2  vs Kei Takahashi; Olivia Voldaren

VSKei TakahashiOlivia Voldaren

This game was against a father-son duo. The Olivia deck was a new one and the Kei deck was purported to have no real win-condition other than surviving.   I got into the mana-production game early with a Gilded Lotus, Everflowing Chalice and a Cabal Coffers, and eventually a Caged Sun.  I also played an early No Mercy to deter attacks.  Kei played a CoP: Black and Olivia played a Steel Hellkite  to try to deal with my enchantment. I kept finding ways to kill it and Sheoldred (including Dark Betrayal). I necromancied  Sheoldred.  Eventually Olivia had a Trostani’s Summoner on a Mimic Vat.

I tried to stay inthe game as long as I could, but Lim-Dul was always threatened, so never got cast. Warstorm Surge plus the Summoner/Vat got dangerous.  I Exsanguinated for 9 to try to live on, and a Life’s Finale was followed up by Rise from the Grave on a Sepulchral Primordial (that had been Finaled from the library), but ultimately I lost to Insurrection + Entwined Savage Beating.   Though the guy that won attracted a Kibitzer from another pod who looked over his shoulder, helped search the deck, gave advice on combat math, etc.  It was kind of annoying. I was hoping for a better game with Lim-Dul.

About the Deck ( (mostly))

This deck only has Lim-Dul as a creature. Everything else is creature destruction and reanimation. Two Lilianas hang around. I once was able to sneak enough counters onto Grimoire of the dead to steal a mass-reanimation out from under Balthor (though I still lost).  Dark Betrayal was a pretty crucial addition to the deck, as I always end up against partial-black decks, and most of the cards in the deck don’t like to kill Black creatures.  If I had a Damnation, it would be in here

Game #9: Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind

Game #9: Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Date: 2013-04-10
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Savra, Queen of the Golgari (Guild); Prime Speaker Zeganna;
Result: Fun Loss

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemindvs. 

zegannaSavra, Queen of the Golgari


I started with 3 land and a Sol Ring, and an early Windfall to get some great cards. I nearly activated an Archmage’s Ascension, but it got blown up.  Savra tried to throw down a Vraska, the Unseen, but Zeganna countered it (luckily for me, as I have a tough time blocking in this deck, and instant-death assassins could have meant trouble).  Thoughtpicker Witch left me with an Iceberg (!) that I played with 8 counters, and then left me with Brainstorm (because he wanted to see what would happen with it). I Brainstormed for 14 with Niv on the table, which was not enough to kill off a very huge Golgari Grave Troll, but did take care of some of Zeganna’s board.  However I did a really bad job of discarding (as in, not noticing that I had a Spellbook in hand until after I decided what cards to keep during the end step).  I ended up keeping basically what I had started with, which included an Insurrection, AND a Reins of Power.  A potentially game-winning Insurrection was countered, and neither Zeganna nor I could survive Jarad flinging Golgari Grave Troll at us twice in the turn.  This was a game that any of the three players had a good chance to win, and was a lot of fun.

About the Deck (

This is a rebuild of the second deck I ever built. The original had other creatures in it and tried to ramp into Emrakul, and was otherwise a Counter-burn deck. I thought I was really clever, “discovering” that Curiosity was great with the general (I had been out of the game for 5 years before that).  Eventually I started scavenging it for parts, finding it to be a boring deck, and wanting to build other ones instead.

Later I decided to take the skeleton of the deck, strip all the other creatures and try to get away with just Niv-Mizzet. I liked that restriction a lot (and reused it on other decks). I also decided to cut Curiosity from the deck so that I wasn’t stuck looking for the obvious combo every time. I enjoy the thrill of not being able to rely on dudes to block (it’s fun and political), unless I make some Kobolds.  I don’t play this deck very often, but it’s one of the few that I have that I think have won more times than lost.

Plagiarize is my favorite card in the deck, led to my favorite victory in recent memory: vs. Balthor the Defiled (whom you will meet shortly) who was at 32 life, with 16 zombies in play including a Graveborn Muse. I Plagiarized in response to the Muse trigger, drawing 16 cards and dropping Balthor to 0  at the beginning of a turn where Balthor would have one the game.