Deck building drought, and Tapped Out

Drought, Magic, Ice Age

So, I haven’t played any new decks in several weeks, but it’s not for lack of trying.  I’ve been starting decks and not being able to finish them, either for lack of creative theme or for temporary lack of funds to complete them.

HOWEVER, I have been playing A LOT of games on MTG Forge  which has also meant that I’ve really ramped up adding and updating decklists on TappedOut.  I think I have almost 150 decklists up now.  My goal is to have every deck up by Halloween and update this blog accordingly.

The following decks are in various states of construction (not even including all of the decks that have been sitting partially completed for a year or more).

  • Emrakul, the Promised End (basically done, but I want to make it more awkward-huggish)
  • Gisa and Geralf (missing about 20 cards that need purchasing)
  • Sigarda  – the new one (human-ish tribal, was going to maybe be clues or non-red werewolves.  needs a final focus)
  • Urabrask and/or Eron the Relentless (ultra-mono red, still piling up options)
  • Marchesa (politics/voting/the moonarch, though it may have absorbed potential Kiku, Nights Flower and Dioachan, the Artful Beauty decks into a “girls run the world” deck)
  • Leovold (early pile stages… will it be elves? poltical trading? Little Big Leaders (CMC =<3 ) ?  It won’t be built to abuse the draw-limits)
  • Geist of St. Traft (UW spirit tribal, because I don’t have that spirit tribal yet… this is a tiny pile)
  • Alesha (knight tribal, all-creature. just needs lands)
  • Linessa Zephyr Mage (some kind of weird mess of things that shouldn’t work in EDH, plus or minus also exiling Emrakul to Call from the Blind Eternities)
  • Zedruu? – for the colors (something that can use Nahiri Harbinger for getting Emrakul)
  • Scion of the Ur-dragon (Dragonlance theme… just needs lands and proxy lands)
  • Olivia, Mobilized for War (discard madness vamps… just needs lands and a few hellbent cards)
  • Roon of the Hidden Realm (a deck where I would want to play Manifest)
  • Arcades Sabboth (CLUES!)
  • Ulrich of the Krallenhorde (dumb werewolfs)
  • Marieke Ri Berit (a stealing deck that seems too similar to another deck I already built)
  • Joven and/or Chandler (make other stuff artifacts).
  • UR Thopters (literally just waiting for the UR legendary that was supposed to be in Kaladesh)
  • and still working to finish  Lady Evangela, Karrthus, Sidisi and others.
  • PLUS I’m sure I will build Rashmi  and Kambal  from the new set

All Creature / Creatureless project

As a sub project of this deckbuilding endeavor, I like to sometimes hold myself to specific restrictions. They have included Ultra-Mono (no non-lands outside color identity), CMC Restrictions (all non-lands either have that CMC or can be played for that cost in a non-X way), or All Permanents.

The restrictions I’ve followed most often are the All-Creature deck, and the “Creatureless” deck. Creatureless decks are allowed to create creatures, and have creatures as generals, but play no cards with the Creature type in the 99.

While I doubt that I will ever complete this grid, I am interested in filling it out over time.

Color All Creature “Creatureless”
 White  Commander Eesha
 Blue  Azami, Lady of Scrolls  Soromaro, First to Dream
 Black  Lim-dul/Geth/Chainer,  Nefarox 2.0
 Red  (almost Kiki-Jiki)  Slobad/Kurkesh/Daretti
 Green  Thrun, the Last Troll
 W/U  Daxos of Meletis
 G/W  Karametra, God of Harvests
 W/B  Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts
 U/R    Niv-Mizzet, the FireMind
 R/W  *tbd
 WUB  Oloro, Ageless Ascetic
 WUR  Narset, Enlightened Master
 RGU  Animar, Soul of Elements

New Decks Happen, Again

Some Moderate snow hit the East Coast, and some cold-enough temperatures made for freezing rain. Since I work at a School, that means I had two days off.  This led to quite a bit of spending on cards, and quite a bit of deck building, including.

*Daxos of Meletis (creatureless controllish)

*Prossh, Skyraider of Kher  (casting Prossh a lot, Kobolds of Kher Keep with Rohgahh, Dragon Appeasement! and no Food Chain)

*Stangg (twin deck/ Wild Pair. not very good, but could be fun)

Took apart my original Sharuum deck and turned it into

*Sydri, Galvanic Genius (artifact creatures: Golem, Thopter, Myr etc.)

*Sharuum the Hegemon (Sphinx tribal), AND

*Bosh, Iron Golem  (pretty much the decklist from this awesome article on CommanderCast with a few alterations)

Nextwave Superfriends: Help Needed

Help Needed!

I’ve been planning on making a 5-Color Planeswalker EDH deck (a “Superfriends” deck), but since I only own 1 copy of certain PWs, I didn’t want to tie them all up in a single deck.

Since I own one of each Planeswalker (okay, except for Chandra 4.0), I don’t mind having proxies of them, and since MSE makes it easy to make cool proxies, I decided to do alternate art. I considered doing the actual “Superfriends,” but I’m annoyed enough with “The New 52” to not want to do DC.  Then I thought about going to Marvel and doing an X-Men deck, but I realized that it could get cooler… it could Kick Your Face… and I came to the correct conclusion…

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. !  

Here are some examples (See more examples in the Gallery)

The Main Team

Liliana of the Veil Elspeth Knight-Errant Chandra Nalaar Tezzeret Agent of BolasGarruk Wildspeaker

Elsa as Elspeth: Because she is a B@d@ss warrior
Tabby as Chandra: because, like, ZOMG!
Monica as Liliana: because she’s a bit self-centered
The Captain as Garruk: because he’s filthy, strong, and smashes
Aaron Stack as Tezzeret: because he’s a Machine Man

Some Villains:

Sarkhan the Mad Sorin Lord of Innistrad Jace Beleren Jace Memory Adept Nicol Bolas Planeswalker

Dirk Anger as Sorin/Sarkhan:  because he becomes Undead AND goes Mad
Baby Modok/Number None as Jace: Mastermind? Also Baby Modok is Baby Jace, and Elvis Modok is JtMS
Nicol Bolas as Fin Fang Foom: Extraplanar Dragon with serious issues.

Other Bit Characters:

Ajani Vengeant Ashiok Nighmare Weaver Domri Rade Karn Liberated
A crazy white Tiger from one of the splash pages as Ajani Vengeant:  an angry cat (pretty lame.
Dread Rorkannu as Ashiok : might be into (or be) one of those Suicide Girls
A Drop Bear as Domri: beause it’s little and vicious
Robo-Officer Mangel as Karn: big angry robot

Here’s Where I need help!

There are still a bunch of Planeswalkers that need characters:

  • Ajani
  • Gideon
  • Koth
  • Nissa
  • Ral Zarek
  • Tamiyo
  • Tibalt
  • Venser
  • Vraska
  • Xenagos

There are still some key players that need Planeswalkers

  • Devil Dinosaur
  • Mindless Ones and Broccoli-men (possibly as Tokens)
  • Forbush Man and the other New Paramounts
  • Other things

I need sugestions!   Do I keep it All-Nextwave, or do I branch out into other Marvel Characters?  Should Gideon be Charlie America or Captain America? Please give me the answers!

The Decklist is here:

It also needs a General. Currently it’s “Child of Alara” (because it’s a board wipe), but  since this deck is a Silly Deck as it is, do I just bend the rules and use a Legendary Artifact (Legacy Weapon) as the Shockwave Rider? if not, What WUBRG critter would make the best general?

The rest of the deck isn’t thematic, just lots of proliferate and counter-doubling and such and a few creatures to block. However, I may proxy up some cool  scenes on things like Doubling Season.

Decks Happen

So, of course, I had to build more decks because there are still Magic Cards being printed.  Here’s what’s been built this summer, or been started.  When they are completed I’ll add them to the Master List  (The race for 200 begins…)

Niv-Mizzet, DracoGenius  (UR):  the All-Tim Greatest  (pingers and pinger enablers)

Melek, Izzet Paragon (UR):  Not UR Average Deck  (sorceries and instants matter unless they Counter or Burn)

Teysa, Orzhov Scion #2 (WB): The Spirit of Discard.  (spirit tribal and discard effects. because I love Teysa so much and I need a deck for my Foil German one to lead once my Foil Russian one gets here from Finland)

Seton, Krosan Protector (Super G):  DooDads (Druid Tribal ramp to Green/Forest-matters fatties, and lands attacking.  No artifacts, only G color identity)

Trostani (GW):  Elves and Beasts and massive Life Gain for profit.   This one was inspired by number of m14 cards.

Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis (or some other demon) (B):  Demon/Human/Cleric cult to play with the Shadowborn guys.

Lorthos, the Tidemaker (Super U):  Sea World (super-mono blue deck with naturally occuring sea-creatures, plus Homarids, Cephalids, Kraken/Leviathan/Octopus/Serpents.  Meant to feature one of my all-time favorite cards “Homarid Spawning Bed”

also in moderate consideration, but not really started

Balthor the Stout  (Dwarf and Barbarian… possibly Super-mono Red)

Jhoira of the Ghitu (time/suspend matters, P/T switching tricks)

Skeleton Ship (because Pirates)


How to Build 100 EDH Decks


How to Build 100 EDH/Commander Decks*
(originally posted HERE in my, currently on hiatus, list blog “My Year in Lists“)
1. Don’t Be Hung Up on Perfection:   Not every deck is going to be a hyper-optimized pile of staples.
2. Play “Bad” Cards:  your decks will get boring if every deck has the same staples.  Use this opportunity to try out “less good’ cards (or the ones that TryHards say are “bad”).
3. Proxy (fairly) —  Some cards that are good enough for a lot of decks are also a lot of money, and you might not have stacks of them.  To me, fairly means you can proxy something as long as you own at least one copy of it, but no more than 3 non-dual-land  placeholder proxies per deck. More on my Proxy philosophy in a later post.
4. Restrictions = Creativity (because MaRo said so):  not every green deck need be “Ramp to Fatties,” and not every blue deck “Draw/Counter/Combo”. Giving yourself restrictions can lead to more ideas for decks…  Mono-blue beat-down,  creature-less green,  all one-drops, Samurai tribal, Ice Age Block Constructed etc.
5. Sleeves are for Wimps:  or people with extra time and money to keep decks in the right sleeves, or people that foolishly would want to ever get rid of their cards.  I’d rather spend money on more cards, than on 10,000 sleeves, but your mileage may vary. Penny sleeves are awkward and gross, and other sleeves are hard to shuffle. I have 2 decks in sleeves. One is an all-foil deck, and another was going to be. I sleeve my Generals to distinguish them.
6. Play for Funsies First:  see #1.  If you are tournament-hustler Spikey McSpikerson, you’re probably only going to optimize one deck to KILL and win all of the prizes and money and glory.  Building in bulk, not all of your decks are going to be optimized to win, (or at least not win in the same old way).  Be happy to play for the game to pull off an awesome play, or be part of epic games, or just to sling cardboard with your friends.
7. Build for Art Sometimes:  an extension of #4.  Some of your decks might be exercises more than anything else. Try building a Rainbow Stairwell, or Tag-Team decks, or ‘drafting’ out of your deckless-cards (see #9), keeping a few “teaching” decks is a good idea too.
8. Have a Lot of Cards:  it helps if you’ve already got a ton of cards to build from. Any card that isn’t in a deck should make you want to put it into a deck or make a deck for it.
9. Play Favorites:  some decks are worth going back and tweaking with the newest cards, others can be built and finished. Keeping all of the decks up to date would be foolish, costly, and time-consuming. On the other hand, keeping a few favorite decks as fresh as possible, is also important.
10. Don’t Go Bankrupt Trying to Do it All at Once:  My initial goal was just to have one of each possible combination (including no-color and 4-color). Once that happened I thought about going for two of each legal combination.  The idea of shooting for 100 didn’t come up until about #65.
* at this point I have 99 that are ready to go, with #100 just waiting for lands to be added, plus at least 4 others that are in various states of build.