Game #62: Gwendlyn di Corci

Game #62: Gwendlyn di Corci
Date: 2013-09-11
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Balthor

Gwendlyn di Corci.1 VSBalthor the Defiled

Since no one else had shown up, we decided to play one last game.  A discard deck isn’t a great match-up for a crazy recursion deck, but I’d been carrying it around for awhile and decided to get it over with.

I started with 2 lands and a Rakdos Signet. Balthor had an early Geralf’s messenger. I had no 3rd land drop, and an Evolving Wilds on turn 4. I played a Blizzard Specter and a Liliana’s spectre, which I used to chump block Geth.
I had a Polluted bonds, but Geth just kept stealing my stuff. I got back my Blazing Spectre, but Geth grabbed Alexi, Zephyr Mage, Greel the Mindraker, milled me into an Illusionist’s Bracers (which he took), and a bunch of other things. I don’t remember if I died to damage or to being Milled out.

Not the best game to finish on, but still not a bad game. Also, I hate Geth

About the Deck ( TappedOut Coming Soon)

This was a deck that was built at the same time as Sol’Kanar, and around the same time that I pulled the discard elements out of Oona.  Straight up discard isn’t great in EDH (and it’s not always that much fun to play with or against), but I really liked the Proxy I made for my Italian Gwendlyn from a favorite Dragon Magazine cover image.

Lots of spells and creatures that make discard happen (but in a different way from my Teysa Spirits/Discard deck).  There’s also a slight bounce theme to it.