Game #222: Scion of the Ur-Dragon 2.0

Game #222: Scion of the Ur-Dragon 2.0
Date: 2017-01-24
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Radha, Heir to Keld; General Tazri
Result:   Neutral Loss

vsRadha, Heir to Keld, Magic, Planar ChaosGeneral Tazri, Magic, Prerelease Cards

Some Highlights (as I am writing this almost 7 months after playing the game).

  • This is the first game to be recorded in the “Book of Simic” (my second moleskine in this project).
  • I got to Deathrender in a few dragons, and Tasigur.
  • Radha had a turn 6 Kozilek, and did a Scourge of Valkas/Dragon Broodmother
    • Mid game, I traded my non-Japanese Scourge of Valkas for Radha’s Japanese one.
  • I did cast Scion at least once, and it became a Scourge of Nel Toth (but I died that turn). I was at 1 life.

About the Deck

This is a Dragonlance Chronicles theme deck.  Scion has a cool Takhisis Proxy (though I might just use the Ur-Dragon once this year’s Commander decks come out).  It has:

  •  3 mono-colored dragons of each of the five colors.
  •  5 Viashino (1 one of each color) as “Draconians”.
  • Several Black Knights (Knights of Takhisis) and Ihsans Shade (“Lord Soth”)
  • 5 B/x Legends as the “Dragon Highlords”  (Sivitri Scarzam, Grenzo, Tasigur, Teysa (new), Vhati-il Dal)
  • A few other little things


Game #168: Treva, the Renewer

Game #168: Treva, the Renewer
Date: 2015-05-06
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs. Grimgrin, Corpse Born; Horde of Notions
Result: Mostly fun Loss

Treva the RenewervsGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradHorde of Notions, Magic, Lorwyn

I had a 3 land hand, with no white mana. Eventually I was able to Wargate for 1 getting a Birds of Paradise (maybe a land would’ve been better…), which I then Doppleganged. I followed it up with an Emeria Angel, which then got Doppelganged, and then followed that up with a Windreader Sphinx (doppelganged).

Horde of Notions was Ramping like CRAZY, Fertilid tricks, Silverglade Elemental, etc, and Grimgrin was just drawing cards off of Rhystic Study, and causing problems with a Withered Wretch.  I played a Gravitational Shift and Derevi.

Horde cast Maelstrom Wanderer into Boundless Realms (for 9) and then Mirrorweaved Silverglade elemental for an attack. Then he cast a Tornado Elemental (!) but it was countered, but horde brought it back for free. This was bad for me.    Luckily I was holding an Angel of the Dire Hour (a card that almost got cut) and was able to lure an attack in and exile the Wanderer and the Tornado bro (Or maybe they came back again… I can’t remember now).   He still had tons of mana.  Grimgrin got eliminated from the game.

A Legacy Weapon was cast (that he could activate at least 4 times a turn) and I used Diluvian Primordial to get an artifact destruction spell.  I forgot the clause about it shuffling back in, and I missed the turn where he tutored and re-cast it, so that when I tried to rite of replication my Primordial, he exiled it (seemingly) out of nowhere.  I had really good stuff, and he was at really low life (like 7), but there was just no way I could keep up with 4-5 things being exiled per turn.

After this game I pulled out Iname, Death Aspect, and it was one of the most lopsided mana games in history.. sisters of stone death had more than 20 lands and Grimgrin had like 4. My deck was too slow to do anything, though I did get Mortal Combat in play, but died before it mattered.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

This is Treva’s Flyers.  It plays a bunch of DTK Dragons, plus lots of other flyers and flying matters cards.  It also plays clones so that I can have two of the Enduring Scalelord in play at the same time.  There are a few life-gain tricks with Treva, but mostly I just want to find Radiant, Archangel and have her be huge.

Game #164: Intet the Dreamer #2

Game #164: Intet the Dreamer #2
Date: 2015-04-08
Location: The Family Game Store
vs. Yeva, Natures Herald; Karador, Ghost Chieftain; Ghoulcaller Gisa
Result: Fun*/Neutral Loss

Intet, the Dreamer, Magic, Planar ChaosvsYeva, Nature's Herald, Magic, Magic 2013 (M13)Karador, Ghost Chieftain, Magic, CommanderGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014

A new player showed up just after the previous game began and had waited patiently to join our next game (he was from out of town, and here on work business and wanted to get a game in). He was playing Yeva, which always gives me pause (mostly because Gisa’s player used to have a crazy Yeva deck).

I had a two land hand, but I could play Kavu Predator on turn two so I was happy. I followed it up with a Temur Ascendancy. Yeva cast Time of Need for an Omnath, Locus of Mana, and later killed off Gisa’s Thran Dynamo with a Reclamation Sage. Gisa also had a Caged Sun, and Karametra was working with Nylea, Corpse Harvester and a Creakwood Liege.

I happened to have Dragon Broodkeeper and a Mark of Fury to easily make a dragon each turn for R, and that was followed by a Crucible of Fire to make 5/5 dragons that also drew me a card. Gisa matched my dragons with a Kokusho and a Whip of Erebos (which my Kavu was happy to see). Yeva’s deck was an Elf build and he had good mana generation powers and had just played an Ezuri. I played a Prophet of Kruphix, which I got to use once to play both of the Dragon-Cost-Reduction dudes (making my dragons cost 3 less), before Gisa Ashes-to-Ashes-ed the Prophet and Ezuri. Fair enough.

I still only had 5 lands on my battlefield, but I managed to cast Intet, and then the next turn cast Atarka for a big swing. I held up on attacking Gisa for fear of the Kokusho, but I accidentally killed Yeva’s player (and felt like a super jerk about it. I was trying to do big Damage to everyone, but ended up just killing him, for which I apologized). I should have realized that attacking Gisa with my 15/15 tramply Kavu would have been great (because hey, if he blocks it with Kokusho, it’s getting even bigger).

The next turn Gisa cast All is Dust, and I said “boooooo.” Then Gisa attacked for big trouble. Karador killed both of Gisa’s Caged Suns. I attacked with Intet and used her ability to cast a Clever Impostor, copying Gisa’s Oblivion Stone (to try to put a Fate counter on Intet in case the O-stone was popped), but Gisa cast Damnable pact to make Karador (At 7 life) draw 7 and lose 7 life. Then Gisa smashed me with zombies and I died.

There was time for more games, but Yeva’s player had to leave, making me feel extra bad that he showed up, had to wait, was the first one out, and then had to leave. Despite enjoying the game, I couldn’t feel totally good about it.

The Rest of the Night: Gisa decided to sit out, so I played head to head vs Karador. First I played Animar, and swung with an Arbitrarily Large Animar (thanks to Stupidly Good Ancestral Statue) on turn 5. We played again, but I switched to Shu Yun, which Karador was able to handle both other games we played.

About the Deck: (tapped out Someday)
This deck was built because I really liked Atarka (the double strike one) but wanted Blue in the deck for Xenograft, Temur Ascendancy, Day of the Dragons, and Sarkhan Unbroken and for some other shenanigans. I also wanted to abuse Kobolds and Cloudstone Curio for Dragonstorming, and I really wanted to play Aluren/Furious Assault/Horned Kavu (my favorite combo ever). So it’s dragons with a Kavu and Kobolds theme (with the goal being making them ALL graduate to Dragonhood). I play both Niv Mizzets, Scourge of Valkas, Utvara Hellkite, Dragon Broodmother, etc. The invention of Impact Tremors (aka Furious Assault but BETTER and CHEAPER) blew my mind.

I’m not a believer, like one of the EDH columnist/podcasters out there, in the philosophy that every deck should be able to win on turn 3, but I realized as I was sitting down to play this one that it actually could:

  • Turn 1: Mountain
  • Turn 2: Land, Impact Tremors
  • Turn 3: Land, Cloudstone Curio, Kobold A, Kobold B

If I felt like adding in an Elvish Spirit Guide/or the Gorilla one, and a Sol Ring, it could happen on turn 2.

Game #66: Wort, Boggart Auntie

Game #66: Wort, Boggart Auntie
Date: 2013-09-25
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Selenia, Dark Angel; Balthor

Wort, Boggart AuntievsSelenia, Dark AngelBalthor the Defiled

My fist draw is 7 lands. My Mulligan has one. I play it anyway, and soon a Shrine of Burning Rage

Balthor has an Ancient Tomb, Mana Crypt, Altar of something, Maze of Ith, but NO SWAMPS. Selenia had a Vizkopa Guildmage and a Tithe Drinker.

I manage to get Krenko for a little bit while Balthor is slowly dying to his own Mana Crypt, but then Selenia gets an Exquisite Blood and the Vizkopa Guildmage makes us die.

About the Deck (  OR

This deck has interchangeable Commanders in Wort, Boggart Auntie and Bladewing the Risen.  It’s both Dragon and Goblin Tribal. Usually when I play Wort, I draw lots of dragons and the opposite is true for Bladwing.   Lots of cheap goblins can make for a pretty big Dragonstorm, though.  I tend to have trouble drawing lands in this deck.