Game #88: Chromium

Game #88: Chromium
Date: 2013-12-18
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs. Ghave, Guru of Spores #2; Karona
Result: Fun Loss

Chromium, Magic, ChroniclesVSGhave, Guru of Spores, Magic, CommanderKarona, False God, Magic, Scourge

There was only about 30 minutes left until closing, but we were down to 3 players at our table, so we decided to throw down one more fast game. I picked Chromium, because, hey, someone actually posted a comment on the blog asking about the deck, and I like to give the fan what he or she wants.

I started with a three land hand and a myr and followed it up with an Invisible Stalker.  Karona had a shiny Necrotic Sliver, and eventually an early Karona, which, when it swung at me, got chump blocked by the stalker.  I play a Kusari-Gama  and use Steelshaper apprentice to grab Loxodon Warhammer.   The game is being played very fast and loose, and I’m soon down to 6 life.

Ghave does some mess of things with Renegade Krasis, the General, and Coat of Arms and has a bunch of super big saprolings.  I attack with Karona holding a War-hammer and Kusari Gama, hoping to gain boatloads of life, but instead he sacrifices all of his tokens to make the Krasis big, and everything else dead (though I do get 22 life out of the deal, but looking back I realize that it’s the Equipment dealing the damage).  That wasn’t the only rules error I made this game, I also misplayed Leonin Shikari thinking that it was Puresteel Paladin, and did at least one equip for 0 rather than at instant speed.

Eventually I am down to no creatures and a bunch of really good equipment.  Karona is gone, dead to general damage from Karona (thanks to my equipment and an attack from Ghave with it).  If I could’ve drawn a creature, I also had a gorgon’s flail and magebane armor in hand, but I didn’t, so I died to Ghave.

A fast, flawed, fun game.

About the Deck (

The goal is to abuse Rampage by assembling a giant dragon in armor. The “combo” is   Magebane Armor + Loxodon Warhammer + Gorgon’s Flail/Basilisk Collar + Nemesis Mask + Chromium  so that everything has to block Chromium (who no longer flies) so it gets bigger due to rampage and the deathtouch/trample effect wipes the board of creatures and player (hopefully).  It’s really hard to assemble, so there are  few other guys that can carry swords (Teeka’s Dragon!).

I also realized that I probably should have at least one of the original Elder Dragons as a deck.