New Decks In the Works

No one else showed up last Wednesday to the regular EDH night at my store (or at least not for the 40 minutes I waited) and I won’t get a chance to play this week, so I thought I’d share a bit about new decks that I’m working on.

Last Wednesday was going to be the debut of two decks (for which I do not have full lists written up).

Soramaro, First to Dream

1. Soramaro, First to Dream,  which is a “creatureless” deck built to draw a ton of cards and make Soramaro huge and voltron-y, with a back up plan of Altar of Dementia and a bit of mill.  In an ideal world (or one that plays Tag-Team commanders) this would be a UG deck sharing space with Masumaro.

Vhati il-Dal

2. Vhati il-Dal:  This deck was one that just sort of happened. It is a -1/-1 counters matter deck, meant to use counters to my advantage and to kill off Vhati-ed creatures.  It has some Devoted Druid/Quillspike combo action, and hopes to use Nekroskitter for benefit.  I’ve wanted to do a Vhati deck for awhile, but didn’t really have a theme for it.  I considered using Infect, but since I dislike Poison so much, I cut most of that out of the deck.  There are one or two infect creatures, but they are there more because they interact with -1/-1 counters.

Yomiji, Who Bars the Way

3. I also may have played my “White Wedding” deck (Yomiji Who Bars the Way), which is all Legendary creatures (and almost all Legendary Permanents) and focuses around giving them (wedding)-Bands with Other White Legends at the Cathedral of Serra.  There are an even number of “male’ and “female” legends, of most humanoid species, (but they are allowed to Band with Other Legends of any species or gender… Yomiji believes in Marriage Equality).  I even have a special box for it, and little gold ring and dove tokens.


Reki, the History of KamigawaKaysaMasumaro, First to LiveAyumi, the Last Visitor etc.

A. The Green Legends deck (a rotating cast of green legendary generals including  Reki, Kaysa, and others):  I liked building the “White Wedding” deck (all white legends) so much that I decided to build a Green one (and might eventually go for each color) to give some Legendary Creatures that don’t fit into other decks, or might never lead a deck, the chance to play.  I intentionally did green second (and separate from white) to show that I know it’s “Better” to just use Sisay.

B.  Kruphix:  The green legends deck was originally going to be a Masumaro deck (but not a ‘creatureless’ one, possibly an all-creature one) but then I realized it would be fun to have both Masumaro and Soramaro  (and Multani) in the same deck. I thought about Edric. Then Kruphix was spoiled.  Of course I want an indestructible Reliquary Tower as my general for a deck like this.  I’m excited to build it.  I may use Enter the Infiinite as a win condition (just to buff the ‘Maros. no Omniscience in the deck).

Skeleton Ship

C. Skeleton Ship:  I’m very close to my “Pirate” theme deck being done.  I may tweak it a bit to make it even more “Pirates of Dark Water” themed.  The challenge is taking the time to find the best 15 islands (preferably foreign) for the deck (possibly shelling out for APAC and European lands).

Athreos is finally spoiled.  It’s not what I hoped for to help Teysa #1, but I could see myself building a  B/W weenie devotion deck with it  maybe with minor life-gain and Carnival of Souls.