Game #241: Nissa, Vastwood Seer

Game #241: Nissa, Vastwood Seer
Date: 2018-07-24
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Iroas; Nekusar; Lazav
Result:   Fun Los

Due to Backlog, and temporal distance, these recaps will be brief.

Recap: I cast Boundless realms for 15, and Howl of the Nightpack for 29 on turn 8. Died to Insurrection next turn.

About the Deck

Nissa tribal. Lots of Forests and Planeswalkers

Game #193: Multani, Maro Sorceror

Game #193: Multani, Maro Sorceror
Date: 2016-03-15
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Ayli, The Eternal Pilgrim -1 ; Uril the Miststalker; Ayli, the Eternal Pilgrim 2
Result: Neutral Loss

Multani, Maro-Sorcerer, Magic, Urza's LegacyvsAyli, Eternal Pilgrim, Magic, Oath of the GatewatchUril, the Miststalker, Magic, Alara RebornAyli, Eternal Pilgrim, Magic, Oath of the Gatewatch

The second of three new decks tonight.  I started with 2 forests, drew a third, and didn’t hit 4 mana until turn 7 (spoiler: we all die on turn 8). I wasn’t the only one with a slow start, Ayli 2 and Uril were both low for quite awhile…and this is despite the fact that with my 3 mana, I played Rites of Flourishing on turn 3!

I built up some enchantments: Triumph of Ferocity (never used), Primal Rage( never used) and Roots of Life, a land/color hoser I have in the deck mostly to be +1/+1 for Multani… which someone followed up with an Urborg!  I gained at least 50 life from it. The game was basically a back and forth between Aylis.  Uril was threatening for a minute with a beefed up general.  Ultimately Ayli 2 had been using a recurring Sidisi to tutor for a Sun Titan/Angelic Renewal/Blood Artist/Martyr’s Call  combo to kill us all.  I approve of this combo, so didn’t feel too bad about losing to it. Ayli2 earned it.  I was bummed to never play Multani though…

About the Deck: I have plenty of other decks about having giant hand-sizes, but Multani seemed like a fun voltron general with the added challenge of Shroud.  There’s nothing to clever in this deck. It’s just have and give lots of cards, get Trample for Multani via global enchanments and try to win.


Game #178: Sekki, Seasons’ Guide

Game #178: Sekki, Seasons’ Guide
Date: 2015-10-13
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland, OR
vs.: Daretti, Scrap Savant; Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Result: Fun Loss

Sekki, Seasons' Guide, Magic, Saviors of KamigawavsDaretti, Scrap Savant, Magic, Commander 2014Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013

My first game with a new deck in several months. I was playing with two guys I’d never played with before. I had a 3 land hand and played an early Petalmane Baku. Daretti played some myr and a Wanderer’s Twig, and Prossh went hunting for land. I played a Loam Dweller and a Traproot Kami and followed it up with a Kodama’s Reach into Jugan. Prossh played a baby dragon with a Pattern of Rebirth. Darretti was up to 9 counters, so we attacked him down. He responded with a Blaspehmous Act that killed off my team and left me with only 6 land… I had planned on using Petalmane mana to cast Sekki, instead I had to struggle to find lands. Prosh followed up with an Utvara Hellkite that got pretty crazy, and Daretti was making tons of baby Myr. I had a beefy Forgotten Ancient, and I had to take advantage of a Tempting Offer to get more land. Utvara Hellkite was pumping out more Dragons and there wasn’t much that could be done. I cast Sekki and made her 21/21 from forgotten ancient. I attacked just for fun, but died to an Earthquake. I got to cast Sekki, so it was fun.

About the Deck: I was a bit inspired by reading a tiny bit of an article on Sekki (which I stopped reading so I didn’t get too many ideas) that pointed out the fact that Sekki makes spirits even if counters aren’t removed. I built it to be somewhat Spirit/Arcane tribal, with ways to pump up Sekki and lots of Fight cards to get damage dealt to Sekki. One thing that I forgot was that Kamigawa spirit tokens don’t fly.

The Rest of the Night: I played one more game with these guys, choosing Narset. I almost switched when I realized Daretti had switched to playing Ruric Thar (and I had literally one creature in Narset). I played it anyway, and for some reason Ruric Never got cast. I got a chance to attack with Narset (who was Indestructible and Gift of Immortalitied) and flipped two extra-attack step cards, which lead to more, and some deck-stacking ability and a beacon of tomorrow and I plowed through a ton of hydra tokens to get 20 damage on Ruric, and then, after removing all lands from my deck, was able to do the same thing the next turn. I didn’t mean to blow up like that, but Narset had lots of kung-fu and Ruric never showed up…

Game #170: Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury

Game #170: Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury
Date: 2015-05-13
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs. Rhys the Redeemed; Shauku, the Endbringer; Horde of Notions
Result: Neutral Loss

Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, Magic, Commander 2014vsHorde of Notions, Magic, LorwynShauku, Endbringer, Magic, MirageRhys the Redeemed, Magic, Shadowmoor

I started with 2 forests and drew into a Myriad Landscape, and play a few decent elves. Rhys started early with an Essence Warden, Skullclamp and other stuff into an early Kozilek, Horde of notion gets a 5-0 Fact or Fiction split, and Shauku wipes the board and uses Sorin to put Rhys down to 10.

All of Shauku’s lands get destroyed and he scoops. Horde of Notions pounds me down to 1. Rhys tries some tricks, but Horde has a stupid Craterhoof Behemoth (or something like that) on a Hideaway land, and I can’t do math, and scoop.

About the Deck: (tapped out someday)
I started building another deck and ended up cutting the Elves from it and they ended up here. I didn’t want to play a dumb elf general, and I liked the idea of Freyalise as a non threatening value generator. I think there is a combo in there with -1/-1 counters.  Kaysa is the alternate general for this deck because of her Rebecca Guay art.

The Decks Files, Part 5: Mono Green

ng so many decks means that it’s REALLY time consuming to keep decklists updated. Not every deck is on, and many that are have changed significantly. That said, IF YOU WANT A DECKLIST: leave a comment or send me a message and I will find time to fix, or create, the decklists on TappedOut.

Here’s the Quick Rubric I’ll use for some of the questions.

How often do I want to Play it? How “Good” is it? How much do I like it?
5=  More than once in a Row  I’d play it against “Competitive decks” or if I actually want to try to win  One of my very favorites
4=  Often  It can hold its own  I really like it
3=  Sometimes  It might win under special circumstances  It’s okay
2=  Under certain circumstances  Just for Fun  Something’s not quite right
1=  Rarely / have to be in a certain mood  Winning would be a miracle I might actually take it apart… maybe


Commander: Rhys the RedeemedRhys y Rhai Gwaredol
Name:  Rhymes with Peace
Style: Tokens/Tribal
Tribe?: Somewhat Elf
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 3
Deck Notes: My first “Mono” Green deck (no white mana except for Rhys’ hybrid symbol) is a mix of Elf Tribal and things that make lots of different kinds of tokens.  I like the deck because Rhys is a family name. I dislike the deck because there are so many different tokens to keep track of, and also because no one pronounces it correctly (hint. it’s not Rice, Riss, or Rizz).  I have a Custom, poorly translated Welsh, version of Rhys and am making poorly translated Welsh custom Tokens.  I may de-elf the deck down to only elves that make tokens.

Commander: Jedit Ojanen of EfravaJedit Ojanen of Efrava, Magic, Planar Chaos
Name: Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, (and Wolves, and other Beasts) Oh, My
Style: Aggro
Tribe?: Animals
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 2
Like?:  3
Deck Notes: This one was going to be Wolf Tribal, but then it just became miscellaneous Woodland Beasts.  It makes creatures. It attacks. It may try to play tricks with Nacatl War-Pride

Commander: Thrun, The Last TrollThrun, the Last Troll, Magic, Mirrodin Besieged
Name: My Thrun and Only; the Thrunny-Badger; Thrun Stands Alone
Style: Creatureless(?)
Tribe?:  A Troll
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 3
Deck Notes:  Thrun and buffs. Preferably re-useable ones.  Thrun is tough to kill. Thrun also hates Fleshbag Marauder.  If Thrun gets suited up correctly, he can win hard.


Commander:Seton, Krosan ProtectorSeton, Krosan Protector, Magic, Odyssey
Name: Doo-Dads
Style: Ultra-Mono, Tribal
Tribe?: Druids
Want to play?: 4
“Good?”: 4
Like?: 4
Deck Notes:  It is easy being green in this deck. Just about every creature in it taps for G because of Seton, and it loves Primalcrux and Rushwood Elemental for devotion purposes. It ramps pretty hard into some big beaters, so I guess it’s stronger than most of my decks, but it’s still extra restricted, mostly tribal.

Commander: Nemata, Grove GuardianNemata, Grove Guardian, Magic, Planeshift
Name: Plants
Style: Tribal
Tribe?: Flora
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 3
Like?: 3
Deck Notes:  I haven’ played this one a lot, but it’s a decent tokens deck. I’ve always really liked Nemata.  It has a mix of trees and other plants, but mostly Fungus and Saprolings.


Commander: Reki, The History of KamigawaReki, the History of Kamigawa, Magic, Saviors of Kamigawa
Name: Green Legends
Style: Theme
Tribe?: Legendary
Want to play?: 2
“Good?”: 2
Like?: 3
Deck Notes: Similar to the “White Wedding” Deck, this deck plays primarily Legendary permanents, though it does have some other supporting cards.  Reki lets you draw lots of things.  I enjoy that I have a White legendary deck and a Green legendary deck, rather than a White-Green Sisay deck.

Commander: Titania, Protector of ArgothTitania Protector of Argoth
Style: Aggro Synergy
Tribe?: Elementals and dead lands
Want to play?: 3
“Good?”: 4
Like?: 4
Deck Notes:  destroying and sac-ing my own lands isn’t something I normally like to do, but I really enjoy sometimes having no-lands in play in this deck. Ghost Quartering your own land for extra profit is also super fun, as is beating with 5/3 guys. This is the deck that gets my one and only Crucible of Worlds and the only deck that I play Wasteland and Strip Mine in. Mostly to use on myself.

Coming soon: Freyalise/Kaysa

Game #158: Yasova Dragonclaw (B)

Game #158:  Yasova Dragonclaw (B)
Date: 2015-03-25
Location: Family Game Store
Vs.: GrimGrin; Sisters of Stone Death
Result: Fun, No Decision

Yasova Dragonclaw, Magic, Prerelease CardsVSGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradSisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

There seemed to be time for another game tonight, so I played the other Yasova deck I had built.  This one is “Mono” Green.  I started out with a Forest and Fertile Ground followed by a Beastmaster Ascension.  Sisters played an early Steely Resolve choosing Gorgons (obviously).  I swung with a Giant Solifuge to start ascending.  I also got to play Hero’s Blade followed by Yasova.

Sisters of Stone Death hit the table and ate Grimgrin’s Solemn Simulacrum. Knowing that my Yasova was probably going to die to either Grimgrin or Sisters, I sacrified her to a card draw spell to draw 7.  I tried to cast a Realm Seekers, but it was countered (thankfully Grimgrin also countered SoSD’s Vraska attempt as well).  I managed to steal a a Grave Titan, and I played an Engulfing Slagwurm as some anti-Sisters tech, but I couldn’t stabilize.  Grimgrin played a Crypt Rats, wiped the board, and by then it was 9p.m., and we had to go.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

This is the “Mono” green version of Yasova. Every card (Except Temur Ascendancy) can be played with only Green mana.  There are enough color-fixing sources to be able to use Yasova’s ability (I think the Izzet karoo is the only non-green producer), but it’s not the focus of the deck.  It’s more about big ferocious creatures and smashing things. (Yasova Hulk!)

Game #144: Titania, Protector of Argoth

Game #144: Titania, Protector of Argoth
Date: 2014-12-10
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Zurgo Helmsmasher; Daretti, Scrap Savant;Ghoulcaller Gisa; Grimgrin, Corpse-born
Result: Neutral Loss

Titania, Protector of Argoth, Magic, Commander 2014vsZurgo Helmsmasher, Magic, Prerelease CardsGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014Daretti, Scrap Savant, Magic, Commander 2014Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, Innistrad

I play Lands on Turn 1-6, casting Titania turn 6 followed by a Crop Rotation for a token and a Ghost Quarter. On Turn 7 I can swing for 20 with Titania and 3 elementals.  In the meantime Daretti has started building a Myr Army, Gisa has a 1000-year elixir, cryptghast and shepherd of Rot, and Grim Grin has killed things with a crypt rats.  Zurgo has smashed a number of people.

Turn 8 I swing elementals at Zurgo and Grimgrin.  Turn 9 I swing at Grimgrin. Turn 10 I swing at Zurgo (though Gisa Duplicanted my Titania) Zurgo has blasted Daretti out of the Game early, so Gisa kills Zurgo out of the Game. GrimGrin has a Roil Elemental, but it dies to Gisa.

I just keep drawing lands and Casting Constant Mists to try to keep Grimgrin and Myself alive, but I’m always one land short of being able to really do anything to re-mount an offense, and we get over-run by Gisa.

About the Deck (  is  close to what it ended up)

I think this is a pretty straight forward Titiania based deck. It likes to let its own lands be destroyed (Ghost Quarter is a pretty good card). There are a few ways to try to bounce or blink Titania if needed, and ways to get more lands in to play to be destroyed.  However, I think I need to cut the number of lands down from 49-50 down to 44 or 45 and add in some card draw.  I would super like to play this with the Titania Vanguard card… hmm… maybe a Rebecca Guay art proxy foil general…

Game #139: Reki, the History of Kamigawa

Game #139: Reki, the History of Kamigawa
Date: 2014-10-27
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Phenax, God of Deception; Sisters of Stone Death
Result: Neutral Loss

Reki, the History of Kamigawa, Magic, Saviors of KamigawavsPhenax, God of Deception, Magic, Born of the GodsSisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

I kept a 2 land hand that was full of 4-drops and ended up stalling at 4 mana. I cast a Traproot Kami and Reki. Phenax powered out a Consuming Aberation and then a bunch of things died to a big Mutilate. Sisters played a Whip of Erebos and also tried for a Tooth and Nail but it was countered. I had Yisan the Wandering BArd out to get a Hana Kami that got back something or other. Phenax had replayed Consuming Aberration but Sisters ate it. Phenax Traumatized and Keening Stone and Spellbombed Sisters out. I had nothing left.

About the Deck: Tapped Out someday.

Reki is a mostly green Legendary Creature deck with a small arcane/spirit sub theme. I have a Green and a White “All Legends” deck. If they ever invent Double Commander, then those decks will be led by Sisay.

Game #123: Nemata, Grove Guardian

Game #123: Nemata, Grove Guardian
Date: 2014-03-36
Location: Family Game Store, Savage Mill, MD
vs. Sisters of Stone Death; Nekusar the Mindrazer
Result: Fun Loss

Nemata, Grove Guardian, Magic, PlaneshiftvsNekusar, the Mindrazer, Magic, Commander 2013Sisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

For the last game of the evening, I decided to try out this recently thrown together deck. I had a good land hand, plus some ramp spells and an opening play Essence Warden, followed by a Pendelhaven Elder. I paid into the Join Forces ramp spell that Sisters of Stone Death played. Nekusar had an early Anvil of Bogardan and was soon also playing his general and two other draw-into-damage guys on us. I continued to have rad draws though and was able to un-morph a Thelonite Hermit after playing Doubling Season, with a Cradle on the table. Sister’s had an Urborg and a Mana Reflection, I had some enchantment/artifact removal and a lot of choices. I decided to kick out the Anvil because I didn’t want an extra draw and discard, and Nekusar was the bigger current threat.

Thanks to Urborg, my Spreading Algae had a lot of targets, but I should’ve put it on Cabal Coffers instead of trying to limit Nekusar even more. I had a pretty strong board presence and my life was high and played my General with enough mana to make another 10 saprolings. I had 8 that could attack (they were 2/2 thanks to the hermit) and decided to swing at Nekusar, he asked if I was just going to kill him, but I was honest and said that I hadn’t intended to use Nemata to pump my guys (because I forgot about that power) so he just took the damage. He played an Overloaded Cyclonic Rift before my next turn came around. Looking back, I could have killed off Sisters that turn (both of them, if there weren’t an impending rift).

I was able to come back from the Rift though and actually restored my entire board state (minus the general) thanks to 1-drops and the Cradle (Spreading Algae on Coffers this time around, but it was also vesuva-ed). Pendlehaven Elder saved my non Saprolings from a Cycled Decree of Pain. Then Gorgons played Hythonia and went Monstrous in one fell swoop. Nekusar was attacked and taken out of the game. Then Sisters played a Twilight’s Call that, thanks to some massive discarding caused by Nekusar, set up a Gray Merchant/Nim Deathmantle soft combo that basically destroyed me. The best part: I had given him the GM for his deck, only to have it destroy me.

About the Deck (no TappedOut yet)

This is Saprolings and Fungus Matters green.  It’s got the doublers and most of the ways to make Saprolings, also most of the Thallids.  It also plays a few Mold or Algae based cards. Mold Adder and Spreading Algae (thanks to ubiquitous Urborgs) are smart and thematic (and possibly tasty) meta-game choices. I picked Nemata because she was always my favorite Treefolk.  This deck was one that was just one that I decided to throw together.

The Rest of the Evening

Two other games were played before this one.   The first game I played creatureless Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts against Balthor, Sisters of Stone Death, Sakashima and Sidar Jabari (Knights),  I had a good start, but scooped after Sakashima took 20 minutes to play through 5 straight extra turns without a win condition, and then generated 5 more extra turns. I was bored.  The rest of the table stuck it out though on the assumption that if boring blue hadn’t won by then, it probably wasn’t going to  (I had hoped to just start a new game).  That game went on for a lot longer (a 6th player had shown up), one another player died, we started another 3 player game (the first one was actually won by the Knights!)

The second game of the night was Sisters, Purpuros (goblins) and I played my Karador “everything costs 3cmc” combo deck.  I had a good start, but Sisters of Stone Death had a ridiculous start and we just got dead from it.

Game #108: Rhys the Redeemed

Game #108: Rhys the Redeemed
Date: 2014-02-05
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Arcades Sabboth; Balthor
Result: Loss

Rhys y Rhai GwaredolvsBalthor the DefiledArcades Sabboth, Magic, Chronicles

I started with 3 lands and a Sylvan Library. I played a Wirewood Hivemaster and followed it up with Rhys and a Wellwisher. Balthor started with a Candelabra, Graveborn Muse, the trio of lands of evil (Urborg, Coffers, Deserted Temple) and a Pontiff of Blight, then a Soulless One and a Carrion Feeder. I eventually got to 5 lands (where I stayed, with a hand full of good stuff at 6 mana) and played a Doubling Season, but all it did was give me an extra set of Snake/Wolf/Elephant off Bestial Menace.

Arcades had an Akroma, but I’m pretty sure we died to Extort and beatdown.

About the Deck
Thing #1 it is not pronounced “Riss” or “Rizz” or “Rice” or “Rise”. It is Welsh (thus the poorly translated proxy above) and pronounced Rees, and I want to punch your face if you get it wrong. That said…
This was my first “mono-green” deck ever. Technically Rhys is also white, but there is nothing white in the deck. It’s goal is to produce a whole bunch of different kinds of tokens. I don’t play it a lot because I haven’t finished making tokens for it and it can get complicated to remember which is which.