Game #82: Krond the Dawn Clad

Game #82 : Krond the Dawn Glad
Date: 2013-11-12
Location: Family Game Store
vs: Karador, Ghost Chieftain; Prime Speaker Zeganna

Krond the Dawn-Cladvs.Karador, Ghost ChieftainPrime Speaker Zegana

This was a “Farewell Tour for Karador as well.  While Balthor is my most played-against general,  Prime Speaker Zeganna is the general I’ve faced the most different decks, this being the 6th different PSZ deck I’ve played against.

I start with a very forest-y hand, and a cluestone allows me to play an Umbra Mystic.  Karador starts loading up the graveyard with a hermit druid (this should have been a sign), and Zeganna has an early Fathom Mage.

I start loading up a Yavimaya Enchantress with Keen Sense, Daybreak Coronet, Pollenbright Wings and such. I get a few swings in before a Sylvok Replica gets rid of the Daybreak (man, I miss Community. Is it October 19th yet?).  Zeganna has a baby Jace and a Deadeye Navigator and Arcanis and a Reliquary tower and is drawing butt-loads of cards. Karador now has Greater Good.

Zeganna uses the Monstrosity Kraken to tap down my good stuff (including an Ethereally Armored Krond). Then uses Jace 4.0’s ultimate to grab Sheoldred and my Bear Umbra (we’d already killed one Bear Umbra) immediately thanks to the ever-adorable Gilder Bairn, and takes a really really LOooooooooOOOoooong time to do it. I start to untap, thinking it’s my turn finally, but that was still the first main phase, so there is also attacking and sorting through a 30+ card hand to be happening.

All I really want to do in this game is swing once with Krond so that I can exile the Reliquary Tower and not let PSZ have a 35 card hand, but that isn’t going to happen. I sac Krond to Sheoldred so I can re-cast him.  Then the board gets big and messy when Karador Twilight’s Calls at the end of my turn and kills us all with many ridiculous triggers from the 25 or so creatures that come into play.

This one was less fun than the last one, but I’m glad Karador got to retire at the top of his game.

About the Deck (tappedout coming someday)

This was the deck formerly known as Uril, which I took apart because I got bored of it. Krond is cooler because he doesn’t have Hexproof and doesn’t need to be overloaded with Auras.  I didn’t lose much by cutting red from the deck (and gained back an actual Taiga and Plateau).  Cutting red also let me make it a bit more Enchantress-y.  This deck has a lot of similar cards to my Bruna deck, but they feel very different to play.

Wizards needs to make a 5-color Archon Legend so I can make an Archon tribal deck. (Or I could just keep building different Karonas)


Game #81: Lady Caleria

Game #81 : Lady Caleria
Date: 2013-11-12
Location: Family Game Store
vs: Maelstrom Wanderer; Roon of the Hidden Realm (modified)

Lady Caleria.2vs.Roon of the Hidden RealmMaelstrom Wanderer

Maelstrom Wanderer’s pilot was on a “Farewell Tour” of his decks, playing them all one last time before taking them apart to rebuild (which is a very foreign concept to me… take decks… apart?).  Roon was the third of the rebuilt C13 decks the other guy had been playing (see the previous games vs. Marath and Prossh).

I started with a Tormod’s Crypt and a Hanyku and 3 lands.  Roon had a Mother of Runes (if she were a rhino, would she be a Mother of Roon’s?) and a Solemn Simulacrum.  Malestrom had an early Urza’s incubator (elemental) and soon a Paleoloth.  I added silly stuff like Norwood Archers, Icatian Phalanx, and cool stuff like Magewright Stone.

Roon played a Progenitor Mimic on the Simulacrum… I think…, Malestrom played Cryptic Command followed by Incendiary Command, which wheeled away my Akroma’s Memorial.   Roon continued to play a bunch of little value guys, as well as an Aura Shards (Which shut all of the cool enchantments I had in hand right down).  Maelstrom started doing tricks with Crackleburr.  I’m able to play Lady Caleria, but she gets bounced by the Crackleburr.  I block with banding to kill the Wanderer.

Roon now has a Deadeye Navigator and a Hornet Queen and a Seedborn Muse (and then another one), so Maelstrom Wanderer just up and kills Roon.  When he comes after me Lady Caleria is at least able to double shoot and kill an Intet.   Then Wanderer casts Hypergenesis:  I play my only card, an Umbral Mantle, and he plays Riku, followed by a doubled Plated Slagwurm, a doubled Garruk’s Horde, a doubled Engulfing Slagwurm and more stuff.

I die horribly. It was fun. I’m glad Maelstrom Wanderer went out with a savage bang.

About the deck (

Since my first days of Summer Camp, I’ve always loved archery. Thus an Archer Tribal deck was an inevitability (despite what Andy of CommanderCast thinks, archers are a the-bomb tribe). Banding was my favorite keyword, way back in the day, so since Archers don’t quite fill out an EDH deck, I let that be a sub-theme. Also a few Elves that don’t mind untapping (and I might add Midnight Guard for the Presence of Gond combo).

Decent equipment to give deathtouch or other damage-triggered abilities, and tricks to untap for maximum shootage.

Game #51: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice

Game #51: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice
Date: 2013-08-21
Location: Family Game Store
vs.: Savra (GUILD)
result: fun loss

Trostani, Selesnya's VoicevsSavra, Queen of the Golgari

This is a non-guild Trostani life-gain deck. I played an early Ajani’s Pridemate and an Armadillo Cloak, which was Abruptly Decayed. Savra played a Korozda Guildmage. I played Healer of the Pride, Trostani and an Essence Warden, but they got Hexed. I played something with double strike and lifelink, but they were things that could by Sylvan Primordialed. Savra played a Necropolis Regent that got really big. I wasn’t having awesome luck with my draws. A doubling season hit the table, but I was able to Ray it from the graveyard. I died, 1 mana short of an entwined Tooth and Nail that would have won the game.

About the Deck: Tapped Out someday

This deck happened as a spin off of building Seton (and cards that didn’t make the cut when it was going to be partial Beast tribal, went on to become the core of Marath).  The goal is to gain a lot of life, and use life-gain triggers to enable win-condition creatures. It has the infinite Archangel of Thune/ Spike Feeder combo in it, and is the first deck I ever put a Tooth and Nail in (though not the first deck I cast it with).