Game #116: Obzedat, Ghost Council (GUILD)

Game #116: Obzedat, Ghost Council (GUILD)
Date: 02-13-14
Location: Home
Vs. Boros Guild
Result: Neutral Loss

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to RavnicavsAurelia, the Warleader, Magic, Gatecrash

This was second to last of the decks I had remaining (and one that I didn’t mind playing as a one on one), and, having just lost to it, I wanted to get the game over with. Most of the poeple at my normal game store no longer have Guild decks, so this was a good opportunity. My fiance asked for the fast red-white one, so I fetched Boros. I had a 3-land hand with a lot of high-cost things in my hand, but I went with it anyway. She started quick with a Guildmage, and a Courier Hawk and then built into an Assemble the Legion. I managed to get to 4 lands and an Absolver Thrull (though it didn’t have an enchantment to hit when I cast it). She played an Aurelia and a Gleam of Battle, which became a 2 Turn clock (4, then 5, then 6, then 7). I had a Hissing Miasma which was keeping the soldier tokens at bay. I got to 5 and cast Obzedat. I had an Obzedat’s Aid in hand, but not enough turns left to be forced to discard something so that I could bring it back and have a chance (Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts was the thing I discarded, but it was too little, too late. I had no way to get the Absolver Thrull to die and take Gleam of Battle with it.

In my hand: Angel of Despair; Necropolis Regent; Obzedat’s Aid; Merciless Eviction; Culling Sun; Treasury Thrull; and Pontiff of Blight. All would have been great to have, but you need lands to cast spells.

About the Deck
Orzhov is my favorite Guild of all of them. This deck skews more to the Extort side of the guild, but it does have a bunch of Haunt cards (since this is really the only deck I’d put Haunt cards into).

Game #115: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice (GUILD)

Game #115: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice (GUILD)
Date: 02-13-14
Location: Home
Vs. Orzhov Guild
Result: Fun Loss

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to RavnicavsTrostani, Selesnya's Voice, Magic, Return to Ravnica

The most recent snow storm meant another few days off of work. Instead of shoveling out the cars, my fiance offered to play a few guild deck games. Wanting to finish up this project, I decided that they’d be official games. I started with a one plains hand, but I had a Birds of Paradise in hand, and decided to gamble on the draw (all of the decks have 39 lands plus signet, cluestone, keyrune). and I got it on the draw. She started with 2 lands and a Kingpin’s Pet and followed it up with an Absolver Thrull (with nothing to destroy). I drew a forest and played Watchwolf, and the next turn played another forest, Birds of Paradise and Voice of Resurgence, but then stalled at 3 lands for a long time.

She built up a small army of bats and other things with Belfry Spirit and played Obzedat. The Thrull died, haunting the birds of paradise. I got a Glare of Subdual into play and had to cast //Well to gain some life back. I Devouring Lighted an unblockable (via Rogue’s passage (her most hated card)) Obzedat, and then she cast Merciless Eviction wiping the board. I’m still at 3 lands at this point.

I used the Glare of Subdual to keep a re-cast Obzedat from attacking, but a Storm Herd for 57 was the end of things. I was attacked and knocked to -50 life. It’s hard not to have fun in a game where you are run over by 57 Pegasus. I might have enjoyed having more than 3 lands though.

About the Deck
Another Guild deck. Of course this one is all about tokens.

Game #113: Isperia, Supreme Judge (AZORIUS GUILD)

Game #113: Isperia, Supreme Judge (AZORIUS GUILD)
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Obzedat, Ghost Council (GUILD)
Result: Neutral – Fun Win

Isperia, Supreme Judge, Magic, Return to RavnicavsObzedat, Ghost Council, Magic, Gatecrash

My friend had a few Guild style decks built (where most of my regular play group took theirs apart), so I saw an opportunity to get a game out of the way. I had a 4-land hand and decent things. Orzhov started with Syndic of Tithe’s followed by Basilica Guards, but not a lot of mana.  I had an early Guildmage of New Prahv (which makes me think of New Prague, MN) and a Keening Apparition suited up with Righteous Authority and Murder Investigation.  I swung with it and it was targeted with condemn, so I sacrificed it to destroy one of the enchantments and get 7 guys (I don’t know if we played it right).  I also played  a Judge’s Familiar and Isperia.  Orzhov had a Desecration Demon, which I Dream Leashed and had a knight and a Pack Rat.  I took care of his Ogre Slumlord guy and was able to fly in with Isperia for the win.

About the Deck:

This one is one of the more powerful guild decks, I think, because it is almost all flying, card draw and control. If it can maintain a board presence most of the other decks can’t block.

Game #97: Niv-Mizzet (GUILD)

Game #97: Niv-Mizzet (GUILD)
Date: 2014-01-08
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Nekusar, the Mindrazer; Kaalia of the Vast
Result: Neutral Loss

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, Magic, Return to RavnicavsNekusar, the Mindrazer, Magic, Commander 2013Kaalia of the Vast, Magic, Commander

Two more new people had shown up, so I switched tables to join them. When I saw the generals and heard them talking about their multi-trillion dollar collections, I wished that I hadn’t, because it seemed like this game was going to be at a speed/level different from what I enjoy. Expecting to lose, I decided to just play a Guild deck and see how it happened. I kept a 2 land hand with a signet and drew into another land, and then played Ral Zarek (who got up to 6, before being killed). All of us played Signets early on, actually.

Kaalia played some lands, Nekusar played a Fog Bank, and later a Chrome Mox into Nekusar. Kaalia followed up with a Sneak Attack (which I tapped, for fun, with Ral Zarek). Nekusar Windfalled for 5, I lost good cards and drew 4 lands and Niv-Mizzet 1.0, which I cast into a Counterspell. Kaalia dropped some swords (no general yet though). Nekusar reanimated my Niv-Mizzet. Kaalia got back a Sneak-Attacked Adarkar Valkyrie (which he used to get back Sneak Attack creatures for the rest of the game).

I played my general and then shot a lot of damage at my stolen Niv-Mizzet (2.0 show’s them who the real Dracogenius is). Akroma is Valkyrie Sneak Attacked in. Nekusar draws the Windfall on a stick guy, but I throw some damage at Nekusar to kill it and keep things sane (I had the enchantment that deals damage when I cast a multi-color spell). Then I cast an Overloaded Vandal Blast, which destroys A LOT of mana-production and A LOT of swords.

Kaalia sneak-attacks in an Academy Rector (who fetches an O-ring to stop my Niv (who had the ability to shoot 6 times), it was almost Mana Flare, but that’d be too good for me) and an Elesh Norn. I have to cast 3 multicolor spells, including an Izzet Charm and an Invoke the Firemind (for 0) to get rid of Elesh. At this point I’m just trying to draw things to stay a live: Gigadrowse replicated 4 times, etc. Nekusar plays Stasis when I have a lot untapped (and things that can untap themselves like Gelectrode) and Kaalia is tapped out. However, Stasis runs out, and we die.

The game wound up being more fun than I anticipated, and the opposing decks not as broken as they seemed, however it took long enough that there wasn’t time to start another game, which was a bummer.

About the Deck

Just another Ravnica/Return to Ravnica block constructed EDH deck with only Izzet or un-watermarked cards. This one is also a lot of fun.

Game#52: Momir Vig, SIMIC GUILD

Game#52: Momir Vig, SIMIC GUILD
Date: 2013-08-21
Location: Family Game Store
vs: Savra (GUILD)
Result: Fun Win

Momir Vig, Simic VisionaryvsImage

Crazy Mess-with-the-living Guild vs. Crazy Mess-with-the-dead guild. I start with a 5 land hand and a Vigean Hydropon. Savra has a Dark Confidant and Birds of Paradise. I get a Master Biomancer and Savra gets Jarad. I play Momir Vig, but it’s Seal of Doomed. I try Vig again, but it’s Sealed again thanks to a Recollect, so I play Vorel instead. Jarad is back too, doing tricks with his Sister to make me sacrifice things. Then there’s a Corpsejack Menace. I comment that it would be really nice if I could play black mana, then I recast Vig followed by Coiling Oracle and search up Progenitor Mimic… to copy the Corpsejack Menace. I some how am able to keep ahead of Savra’s sac-forcing and hang on to the Corpsejack Mimi, and then get out a huge Fathom Mage and a big Fluxmage. I get up to 5 Corpsejac Menace tokens, and play an 80/80 Nimbus Swimmer and use that to fly in for more victory than is necessary. Corpsejack menace is a great Simic card.

About the Deck
Another of the 10 guild decks. I used Momir Vig because he lets me get all of the other cool creatures. Also, everyone and their mother/brother/cousin/dog has a Prime Speaker Zeganna Deck these days, so I’ve vowed not to use PSZ as a general.

Game #48: Lazav (Dimir GUILD)

Game #48: Lazav (Dimir GUILD)
Date: 2013-08-08
Location: My Childhood home in Duluth
vs.: Aurelia (Guild); Trostani (Guild)


Lazav, Dimir Mastermindvs.Aurelia, the WarleaderTrostani, Selesnya's Voice

My brother and fiance were both down to play a guild deck game again, so we gathered ’round the dining room table. I had a 4 land hand, but very few swamps. I played Bloodletter’s Quill (which is  a silly card).  Lazav came out on turn 5.

the Boros guild (fiance) had a Viashino Firstblade, and brother Selesnya had a Phantom General.  An Armada Wurm ended up in the graveyard, so Lazav became it and so did a Dimir Doppleganger.

The Boros  swung at me with Tajic, Firemane Avenger and something else to hit for 12.  I Hex away most of the board and Lazav becomes a Phytohydra.

Aurelia swings at the Selesnya (who have a Trostani’s Summoner and some tokens), with Aurelia, Tajic, Agrus Kos and another dude, but Kos gets killed. Trostani is down to 10 and has 18 general damage.

Lazav and the Doppleganger are now both Giant Adephages. Trostani regains some life, and convoke Exiles the Doppleganger-adephage, and Razia joins Aurelia. Then they kill Trostani.

I Mind Grind for 7, but I  think it gets Frontline Medic-ed. So I kill the Medic and use Codex Shredder to get back Mind Grind, cast it for 8 and win via Mill.

About the Deck: This is a Guild deck. All the cards are from Ravnica sets, and are either Dimir Stamped or un-guilded.

Game #46 : Borborygmous (GRUUL GUILD)

Game #46 : Borborygmous (GRUUL GUILD)
Date: 2013-08-05
Location: Lake Vermilion, near Tower,MN
vs: Trostani (Guild); Obzedat (Guild)


Obzedat, Ghost CouncilTrostani, Selesnya's Voice

On a short family getaway to Lake Vermilion in Northern MInnesota, my Brother, Fiance and I decided to thow down some Guild Decks.  I started with 2 Lands, played a wimpy Goblin and stalled out for a very long time at 4 lands.   Obzedat played a Guild Mage, a High Priest of Pennance and Sin Collector-ed me.

Obzedat kept coming for me the entire game, while I languished without fatties, or mana (I was hovering at 6).  Obzedat made it even eaiser by playing a Rogues Passage (my Fiance’s least favorite guild-deck card), so I couldn’t even keep chump blocking with little Gruul-lings (I even had to Recollect a 1 mana creature just to have a blocker and survive).  Finally I succumb to Ghost Council pounding.  My Next Draw was Frenzied Tilling… 😦

Meanwhile, Trostani built up a sizeable army, life-total and set of enchantments (Doubling Season, Collective +3/+3, Unflinching Courage, etc and was swinging at Obzedat.  T was joined by a Giant Adephage and a Phytohydra. Trostani swung for exact damage, but also added in another buff on the general to double kill Obzedat.  Trostani maxed out at 90 life.

General Damage in the Game:

Borborygmous =  Nil. Obzedat on me: 21, Obzedat on Trostani: 20. Trostani on Obzedat:19 (plus a buff at the end where regular damage also killed)

About the Deck

Another guild deck.  I chose regular Borborygmous because I like attacking with creatures more than discarding lands.  The deck has more of a Blood Rush component than anything else. I enjoy playing it and just attacking as much as I can until I die.

The best play it ever had was in a 5 player game when I was hemming and hawing about who to attack, and whether to be political or mean.  Another player (playing his own Simic/Zeganna deck, though we were not all playing Guild Decks) suggested I ask “What Would Borborygmous Do?”   So I attacked him with Borborygmous, Bloodrushed to give him a huge bonus, and then gave him double strike to Kill the Simic Guild in one swoop with General Damage.  (Then I eventually lost to a very non-guild Niv-Mizzet deck).