Sorry for the Hiatus, I have an excuse!

I’m about 6 games and 2 months of posting behind…

Also, we just had an adorable tiny human enter our life, so that’s going to make both playing EDH and writing about EDH pretty difficult for awhile.  I am going to try to catch up though.

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I am building her her first EDH decks though!

Return from Hiatus

I’m back from a long summer Hiatus. Due to wedding and Honeymooning reasons, not many decks were built over the summer, and most of the games I have played in the lase few weeks have been just for fun to reconnect with old decks.  However, there are still new decks in the works, and at least two decks were completed over the summer.

Hopefully there are still a few of the old readers out there, and maybe a few new ones.

Decks built over the summer:
Grenzo, Jhoira.

Decks near completion and almost ready to be played:
Narset, Enlightened Master (with NO omniscience and NO land destruction (and NO other creatures))
Anax and Cymede
Zurgo Helmsmasher (WarriOrcs)
Kaalia (with, in an attempt to make a fun Kaalia deck, 35 randomly-selected-each-game Angels, Dragons, and/or Demons)
Reki, the History of Kamigawa (green legends)

Summer Hiatus! (and any European players want to get a game in?)

Due to Summer Travel and my impending Wedding, I probably won’t be posting very much until August.

Please don’t forget about this little blog, and do come back. I Will be back to updating semi-regularly in August

I have several new decks in the works (Mogis, Anax and Cymede, Asmira, Reki, Jhoira), and I may get the chance to play a few of them this summer. If I do, I’ll try to update the blog, but no promises!

If there are any EDH or Commander players/venues in Barcelona, Copenhagen or Stockholm and you’re interested in a game, I’ll be in those areas in July, and I plan on bringing a deck or two with me just in case.  Contact me via this blog.

Long Hiatus! Sorry


I’ve almost removed my last suspend counter…

For anyone who was actually reading this blog, I apologize for the severe lack of updates. A cross-country trip, coaching, and moving have all cut into my playing and re-capping time (more-so the latter).

So, while the blog is only caught up to game #46,  I have actually played up to game #76.  I hope to get caught up with the re-caps soon, though I may do some “digest” format posts and cover a few games at once in shorter form (with the misguided intention to go back and do full posts) so I can write longer ones about the more recent games.

A few highlights to look forward to.

So, I hope to be writing more. If you’re reading this (and you’re happy) please let me know. It’s easier to write when I know people are reading.