Holiday Break Gaming

Over the holiday break, I had the chance to play a few games with my brother, and a few unexpected games with my cousin.  I didn’t keep detailed notes, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Playing all of my currently complete Tiny Leaders decks.
  • Winning a Tiny Leaders game by pumping up an infect creature by +8/+8 to save myself from the jaws of defeat.
  • Winning a TL game by Mill (at like 3 life)
  • Playing 1.5 4-player games with the new pre-cons with my brother and two cousins (who hadn’t played in 1 and 10 years respectively).  Won the first one with Freyalise, and we didn’t finish the second one because we got called a way to dinner.
  • Playing for 5 hours with my brother and cousin with decks that I’d left behind over the summer. Got ridiculous with Bosh.
  • Getting some Ultra Pro deck towers as a christmas gift (to store my few sleeved decks in — Ashling, Patron of the Moon, Yomiji).