Game #97: Niv-Mizzet (GUILD)

Game #97: Niv-Mizzet (GUILD)
Date: 2014-01-08
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Nekusar, the Mindrazer; Kaalia of the Vast
Result: Neutral Loss

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, Magic, Return to RavnicavsNekusar, the Mindrazer, Magic, Commander 2013Kaalia of the Vast, Magic, Commander

Two more new people had shown up, so I switched tables to join them. When I saw the generals and heard them talking about their multi-trillion dollar collections, I wished that I hadn’t, because it seemed like this game was going to be at a speed/level different from what I enjoy. Expecting to lose, I decided to just play a Guild deck and see how it happened. I kept a 2 land hand with a signet and drew into another land, and then played Ral Zarek (who got up to 6, before being killed). All of us played Signets early on, actually.

Kaalia played some lands, Nekusar played a Fog Bank, and later a Chrome Mox into Nekusar. Kaalia followed up with a Sneak Attack (which I tapped, for fun, with Ral Zarek). Nekusar Windfalled for 5, I lost good cards and drew 4 lands and Niv-Mizzet 1.0, which I cast into a Counterspell. Kaalia dropped some swords (no general yet though). Nekusar reanimated my Niv-Mizzet. Kaalia got back a Sneak-Attacked Adarkar Valkyrie (which he used to get back Sneak Attack creatures for the rest of the game).

I played my general and then shot a lot of damage at my stolen Niv-Mizzet (2.0 show’s them who the real Dracogenius is). Akroma is Valkyrie Sneak Attacked in. Nekusar draws the Windfall on a stick guy, but I throw some damage at Nekusar to kill it and keep things sane (I had the enchantment that deals damage when I cast a multi-color spell). Then I cast an Overloaded Vandal Blast, which destroys A LOT of mana-production and A LOT of swords.

Kaalia sneak-attacks in an Academy Rector (who fetches an O-ring to stop my Niv (who had the ability to shoot 6 times), it was almost Mana Flare, but that’d be too good for me) and an Elesh Norn. I have to cast 3 multicolor spells, including an Izzet Charm and an Invoke the Firemind (for 0) to get rid of Elesh. At this point I’m just trying to draw things to stay a live: Gigadrowse replicated 4 times, etc. Nekusar plays Stasis when I have a lot untapped (and things that can untap themselves like Gelectrode) and Kaalia is tapped out. However, Stasis runs out, and we die.

The game wound up being more fun than I anticipated, and the opposing decks not as broken as they seemed, however it took long enough that there wasn’t time to start another game, which was a bummer.

About the Deck

Just another Ravnica/Return to Ravnica block constructed EDH deck with only Izzet or un-watermarked cards. This one is also a lot of fun.