Game #239: Tatyova, Benthic Druid

Game #239: Tatyova, Benthic Druid
Date: 2018-06-05
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Zada; Rhys; Tana/Tymna
Result:   Mostly Fun Loss

Due to Backlog, and temporal distance, these recaps will be brief.

Recap: I had a Ghost Town, and I played 6 lands somehow on my 7th turn, but died before turn 8 to some combo with Relic Warder.

About the Deck:  Get lands, get cards, do stuff with the mana.

Game #182: Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper

Game #182: Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
Date: 2015-11-24
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland, OR
vs.: Borborygmos; Kaseto; Wort
Result: Fun Loss

Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper, Magic, Battle for ZendikarvsBorborygmos, Magic, GuildpactWort, the Raidmother, Magic, ShadowmoorKaseto, Orochi Archmage, Magic, Commander 2015

(it’s been awhile since this game was played, so details may be fuzzy)

I started with 3 lands, into a Merrow Commerce, Manalith, and Jace’s Sanctum on turn 2,3,4.  However I missed lands on turn 5 and 6.  Though Noyan Dar came out on turn 5 and Meloku, turn 6.  Everyone else started out with lands. Kasero dropped some Ninjas and Wort had a Solemn Simulacrum, and then a Seedborn muse.   Borborygmos got huge with hardened Scales and a Runes of the Deus.

I was able to start bulding up lands into big creatures, and using Meloku to get other creatures to block with. I played a Merrow Reejery.   Kasero put a quietus spike on a Wake Thrasher, and Wort was Wurm Calling a whole lot.  Borborygmos smashed Kasero down to 7.  Borborygmos died to something.  I did a decent job of hanging on for awhile against Wort, and built up more land creatures, but I think I ultimately died.

About the Deck:  The goal is to build up lands via Noyan Dar and other Awaken spells. Xenograft is also used to make everyone Merfolk (and I think I also try to make them all Blue as well). Lots of buyback spells to keep fueling Dar’s pseudo Awaken abilities.  I didn’t think much of Noyan Dar at first, but after putting in a ton of land-protection spells and creature-untapping stuff, I think he’s pretty all right.

Game #179: Omnath, Locus of Rage

Game #179: Omnath, Locus of Rage
Date: 2015-11-24
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland, OR
vs.: Ruhan of the Fomori; Thassa, God of the Sea; Horde of Notions
Result: Fun Win

Omnath, Locus of Rage, Magic, Battle for ZendikarvsRuhan of the Fomori, Magic, CommanderThassa, God of the Sea, Magic, TherosHorde of Notions, Magic, Lorwyn

It has been almost a month since I’ve gotten to play EDH, and I had 5 new decks to try tonight, and plenty of time to play them.

I had a 4 land hand to start, so I was happy. I led off with an Evolutionary Leap (good card!) followed up with a Young Pyromancer (who didn’t do all that much, but lived the whole game!).  Thassa led off with original Jace and Legendary Jace.  Horde was mana screwed (he accidentally kept a 3-land hand…. all were bounce lands).  Ruhan built up some artifact Mana, which Thassa kept tapped down via Tamiyo.

My 4th turn was Impact Tremors, which I used to keep planeswalkers in check.  Thassa ramped into a Lorthos, which Ruhan tried to Swords to Plowshares. Thassa Comandeered that Swords to my Nissa Legend (who was about to transform!), so I Smelted his Sol Ring to slow down the roll of Lorthos’ tide.  Horde of Notions hit the board, and then that player cast a Conflux getting ALL 5 of the “experience counter” legends from C15 (which was awesome). He also played Ashes of the Fallen set to Elemental, and had a Bringer of the Red Dawn.  I had also played Cosi’s Ravager, and played Omnath on Turn 8.

Thassa cast Rite of Replication on my Pyromancer. I set Ruhan to 1 life via a pretty smashy attack (As I had built up a decent number of elemental tokens) and left Lorthos to finish him.  Horde tried some Palinchron tricks.  Thassa got smashed to a low life total by Horde, and I had to be careful to keep Thassa alive a bit longer to draw attacks from Horde. Thassa fought back with a Future Sight and his own Copied Palinchron.

On my turn I played a creature, which did enough damage to kill Thassa, and swung with basically my entire team.  Since they were almost all Elementals, anything that died from being blocked did 3 damage and I had enough mana available to sacrifice the rest to Evolutionary Leap to bolt my way to a victory in a very fun, very close game.

I’ve played games with all of these guys before, and have enjoyed most of those games. It’s a bigger store than I’m used to, but slowly I’m starting to figure it out.

About the Deck:  Omnath was my clear favorite of the new legends in Return to Zendikar (or whatever it’s called).  I already have a few “Lands” decks (Angus MacKenzie, Titania, Borborygmos), so I went a bit more with Omnath’s second ability and made this deck not just Ramp/Landfall, but also strongly Elemental Token/Tribal.  I think it’s a pretty good deck, and also a “fair” one.


Game #149: Borborygmos Enraged

Game #149: Borborygmos Enraged
Date: 2015-02-04
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Kruphix, God of Horizons; Grimgrin, Corpse-Born
Result: Mostly Fun Win

Borborygmos Enraged, Magic, GatecrashvsKruphix, God of Horizons, Magic, Journey Into NyxGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, Innistrad

I started the game with a 6 land plus Harmonize hand and was quite happy with it.  Kruphix played an early Lorescale Coatl, Grimgrin had a lotus bloom.  I kept playing lands, and cultivated once. Grimgrin played a Sheoldred the turn before I played Borborygmos. I pitched two lands to Borbor to kill Sheoldred before she could recur anything for him.

Next turn I played Illusionist’s Bracers and equipped them, and then harmonized for some more lands. I slung a bunch of damage around after stacking my deck with a Scouting Trek and attacking to flip 3 cards.  Grimgrin tied to cast a Fleshbag Marauder, but I killed him in response. The next turn I attacked Kruphix, discarded 4 lands to put him to 10 and then cast a Knollspine Dragon to draw a ton of cards (and the 2 lands needed to finish him off).  I hadn’t won an on-the-books game in quite a long time.

I had deck #150 ready, but a few of the normal crew weren’t there, and I wanted to save that special deck for when they were around.

About the Deck ( )

I saw a decklist a few years ago for Borborygmos that was some ridiculous number of lands, so I thought I’d try to make my own. I play with either 69 or 70 lands, mostly basics.  The plan is, of course, to sling lands for tons of damage.  Land’s Edge and Seismic Assault are there for redundancy.  Freyalise and Garruk are there to help re-fill the hand (as are Creeping Rennaisance and Knollspine Dragon).  The other best thing are the Illusionist’s Bracers, because discarding one land for 6 damage is some good.

Game #144: Titania, Protector of Argoth

Game #144: Titania, Protector of Argoth
Date: 2014-12-10
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Zurgo Helmsmasher; Daretti, Scrap Savant;Ghoulcaller Gisa; Grimgrin, Corpse-born
Result: Neutral Loss

Titania, Protector of Argoth, Magic, Commander 2014vsZurgo Helmsmasher, Magic, Prerelease CardsGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014Daretti, Scrap Savant, Magic, Commander 2014Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, Innistrad

I play Lands on Turn 1-6, casting Titania turn 6 followed by a Crop Rotation for a token and a Ghost Quarter. On Turn 7 I can swing for 20 with Titania and 3 elementals.  In the meantime Daretti has started building a Myr Army, Gisa has a 1000-year elixir, cryptghast and shepherd of Rot, and Grim Grin has killed things with a crypt rats.  Zurgo has smashed a number of people.

Turn 8 I swing elementals at Zurgo and Grimgrin.  Turn 9 I swing at Grimgrin. Turn 10 I swing at Zurgo (though Gisa Duplicanted my Titania) Zurgo has blasted Daretti out of the Game early, so Gisa kills Zurgo out of the Game. GrimGrin has a Roil Elemental, but it dies to Gisa.

I just keep drawing lands and Casting Constant Mists to try to keep Grimgrin and Myself alive, but I’m always one land short of being able to really do anything to re-mount an offense, and we get over-run by Gisa.

About the Deck (  is  close to what it ended up)

I think this is a pretty straight forward Titiania based deck. It likes to let its own lands be destroyed (Ghost Quarter is a pretty good card). There are a few ways to try to bounce or blink Titania if needed, and ways to get more lands in to play to be destroyed.  However, I think I need to cut the number of lands down from 49-50 down to 44 or 45 and add in some card draw.  I would super like to play this with the Titania Vanguard card… hmm… maybe a Rebecca Guay art proxy foil general…

Game #114: Patron of the Moon

Game #114: Patron of the Moon
Date: 2014-02-07
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
vs. Sister’s of Stone Death
Result: Fun Loss

Patron of the Moon, Magic, Betrayers of KamigawavsSisters of Stone Death, Magic, Ravnica

I thought I was out of decks to play (the only unplayed deck left in my box was Blind Seer, which is one I wouldn’t want to ever play in one on one) until I realized that I had Patron of the Moon in it’s own special box because it’s one of my, now, 4* sleeved decks due to the fact that it’s more than 50% foil (and some are Japanese Foils, or my very favorite foil Island**).

I had a 3 land hand with a Spellbook and drew a Teferi’s Isle. Sisters did a lot of cycling and card drawing early on. I cast an Everflowing Chalice with 2 counters and then a Caged Sun.  Sisters started playing snakes including a River Boa that was dangerous. I had a few small Moonfolk out, and eventually I got both Meloku, the Clouded Mirror and Patron of the Moon online and could generate several Illusion Tokens (that I so very much wished were Spirits) on board per turn as blockers for his snakes who were being Buffed by Seshiro.

I ended up re-casting Patron twice more in the game (once with Moonfolk Offering as a surprise).  His River Boa was island walking for big damage, and he also had Hythonia on the table. I played a Roil Elemental (that I should have played earlier, but was holding on to because I didn’t want to just win the game out of nowhere), but totally forgot that Monstrous could be achieved at instant speed, so all the non-gorgons died. I think at that point I still was able to re-cast Patron, and be able to block, but instead was killed with Suffer the Past.

I like that the Sisters deck was Gorgon/Snake themed like mine is (though mine is also a landfall deck… I seem to have a lot of landfall decks, including a new one in the works…)

About the Deck (  or, when I can edit it again )

The goal of this one is to be Moonfolk Tribal with a minor Spirits Matter theme and play around with Patron of the Moon’s sweet ability (and try to trinket tutor for Amulet of Vigor). I love abusing land-drops.  The deck likes lands that produce extra mana (what deck doesn’t… this would be the first deck to get a Tolarian Academy, were it legal). I was sort of trying to foil it out (or use Japanese cards) and it does have a foil Japanese Thwart in it (though only a foil Foil, I think), but sometimes I don’t remember what all of the Kamigawa cards do and I have to keep spares around. I have yet to be able to sneak out The Unspeakable, though I want to.

*All Foil Vampires; Teysa #1; 90% Foil Ashling the Pligrim; Patron of the Moon

** Favorite Island
Island (338), Magic, Mercadian Masques