Game #59: Sygg, River Guide

Game #59: Sygg, River Guide
Date: 2013-09-04
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Sek’Kuar the Deathkeeper; Ezuri; Selenia;
Result: Moderately fun Loss

Sygg, River GuidevsSek'Kuar, DeathkeeperEzuri, Renegade LeaderSelenia, Dark Angel

Happy Tappy Fish vs Elves and Monsters in Round 4 of the “Night of Insurrection and Obliteration”…

I start with good lands and a Sol Ring. Ezuri starts with Ridiculous, and Selenia is also doing Dumb things. I play some fish and Counter a Hermit Druid.  Ezuri Genesis Waves for 6 but doesn’t get anything too great. Selenia’s Thrashing Wumpus cleanses the board of Elves and also a Merfolk Sovereign and Lullmage Mentor.

Selenia has a Vizkopa Guildmage (which can win games), Sek’Kuar has a Lord of Extinction and casts Insurrection which gives him enough guys to kill the other two players and then kill my creatures (though I live).  I keep myself afloat for quite awhile by casting Summon the School a lot of times. (I think I also had Sek’Kuar in death by general damage range too, but I couldn’t get Sygg to stay out). Sek  uses survival of the fittest to get Mikaeus and then casts Obliterate. I am able to survive for 4 more turns off of little dudes, but not enough to not eventually lose.

About the Deck ( is close)

This deck is about tapping things and also untapping them for fun and profit. It’s also tribal Merfolk token-swarm, which is really fun. Sygg plus white mana is good times, and Basalt Monolith with Wake Thrasher and a Surestrike Trident (quite fish appropriate) is a good way to just kill someone.  Opposition is in there for Fish Prison fun, and Reconnaissance does work like a boss. This one only plays 35 lands, but I always seem to have enough mana (it’s the opposite of Rakdos)

Game #58: Marton Stromgald

Game #58: Marton Stromgald
Date: 2013-09-04
Location: Family Game Store
vs.: Lazav, Dimir Mastermind; Maelstrom Wanderer; Selenia, Dark Angel
Result: Neutral-to-Fun Win (the crazy endgame was the fun part for me)

Márton StromgaldvsLazav, Dimir MastermindMaelstrom WandererSelenia, Dark Angel

The little guy vs craziness in round 3 of the “Night of Insurrection and Obliteration”…

I start with a Hasty goblin (courtesy of Chancellor of the Forge) and a Single land, and I don’t do a whole lot in the early game.

Maelstrom Wanderer comes out extra fast and brings a Howling Mine and a Mana Doubler with it. Selenia has a Bloodchief Ascension and Sorin of Innistrad as well as a Tainted Sigil. Some how Maelstrom Wanderer is cast again into Akroma’s Memorial and Viscious Shadows.

Someone blows a Memory Jar, and for once, I don’t lose all that much to it.

Lazav, by this point has been a Bloodgift Demon, Platinum Empyrion and becomes a Sylvan Primordial.  Maelstrom plays Show and Tell (Myr Battle Sphere, Oricish Oriflamme for me, Lightning Greaves and Eternety Vessel).

I get out a Blood Moon (which later dies to a reanimated Sylvan Primordial), Ensnaring Bridge, Meekstone and Goblin Bombardment (which gets taken by the Wanderer so it can be sacced to be re-cast). MW is recast bringing Eternal Witness and a Brutalizer Exarch (which hides Sorin).

I dump stuff out of my hand, use tricks to give trample and haste to things and then cast Insurrection, but Marton and Signal Pest get killed, so I only end up doing 14 damage.

Maelstrom Wander casts an Insurrection too, Kills Selenia and sacs all of the things to the Bombardment.  Wanderer gets cast again for something that doesn’t get played and a Font of Mythos.  I draw into Firecat Blitz and realize that I have just enough Mountains in play to cast it and go pretty much All-In to  Flash it Back  for a total of 16 Hasty Fire Kitties. I  swing for 32 (Oriflamme) to Kill Maelstrom Wanderer. Since Lazav died somewhere in there, too, I win!

About the Deck (Tapped out Someday)

Marton Stromgald was the first Legendary Creature I ever cracked in a pack (well, an Ice Age Starter Deck in the Food Court at Miller Hill Mall in Duluth. I was so psyched because it was my #1 want from the set).

The plan for this deck is to play many creatures (preferably ones that are 2 power or less) quickly and then get things like Meekstone and Ensnaring Bridge (which is rad with Grafted Skull Cap and 2-power creatures) as well as stuff that only pumps Attacking Creatures (Hooray for Battle Cry). Then I turn Marton and everyone Sideways as much as possible without fear of retribution. There’s some Token Generation going on as well.  I may throw in a Purphoros some day as an extra bonus, but I kind of like just attacking a lot. Moonveil Dragon is a Boss in this deck, even though she doesn’t really get to attack if things are going correctly.

Game #57: Rakdos, Lord of Riots

Game #57: Rakdos, Lord of Riots
Date: 2013-09-04
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Sol’Kanar the Swamp King; Rorix Bladewing

Rakdos, Lord of RiotsvsSol'kanar the Swamp KingRorix Bladewing

Demons and Dragons in Round 2 of the “Night of Insurrection and Obliteration”…

I start with 2 land and a Tormod’s Crypt and a Scroll of Grislebrand. Sol’Kanar has  Sol (ka)Ring and puts a Darksteel something or other onto a Prototype Portal, and soon plays Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker. Rorix is doing stuff with artifacts and plays a Voltaic Key. I manage to get a Reassembling Skeleton out.  Sol’Kanar casts Windfall, and I am happy because I have to get land, right? Nope I get 1.  (this deck, while playing 40 lands, is always mana screwed).

Eventually I get a Stuffy Doll out aimed at Sol’Kanar, who has a Necropolis Regent. Then I finally can play Rakdos, but Rakdos dies to Inferno.  I have a Pyrohemia out, but Nicol Bolas kills it.  I terminate a gigantic Regent that swings at me, and replay Rakdos, which Bolas copies some how and then plays a cheap Mindleech Mass, which steals away my Disciple of Bolas (fitting… I suppose). I cast Boris Devilboon and another big creature for cheap, but that’s about all I can manage.  I dont’ remember who won, but I think Rorix had a Hellkite Tyrant and 15 artifacts at one point…

About the Deck (Tapped out Someday)

This is somewhat Demons and Devils tribal, but not really, and lots things to make people lose life so that Rakdos can make things cheaper. Other than that, it’s just an Aggro deck.

Game #56: Xira Arien

Game #56: Xira Arien
Date: 2013-09-04
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Edric, Spymaster of Trest; Vorel of the Hull Clade

Xira Arien.2vsEdric, Spymaster of TrestVorel of the Hull Clade

The Eldrazi Horde vs Simic Guys in Round 1 of the “Night of Insurrection and Obliteration”…

I start with 2 lands and a Moss Diamond and later a Basalt Monolith plus Nest Invader and Emrakul’s Hatcher.

Vorel has an Enclave Cryptologist, then soon a Doubling Season and Primordial Hydra.

Edric entwines Tooth and Nail for Ulamog and Spore Frog. Vorel  unkicked Rite of Replications Ulamog (please note that I am the one playing Eldrazi Tribal…)  Edric has Genesis and Spore Frog online and Natural Orders for  Woodfall Primus

I have an Ulamog’s Pawn and another Eldrazi Spawn. Edric Kicked Rite of Replication on my Kozilek’s Predator and Edric’s Ulamog attacks Vorel. Vorel tries a Kederekt Leviathan, but it’s Mana Drained. Then Edric Knowledge Exploitations me, casts Obliterate, and it’s over.

About the Deck (Tapped out Someday)

This is Eldrazi and Eldrazi Spawn Tribal with friends. Emrakul is still legal  in my own home, but She/he/it (in your best Clay Davis voice) only gets played against my brother (also this deck was originally built before that banning). The other reason this deck exists is because I love Dragon Appeasement a lot (and the general is card-draw). It’s pretty much every card that is or says Eldrazi on it and a few other good things like Beast Master Ascension. I think my brother and I also allow Spawnsire of Ulamog to do its Ultimate (I need a huge stack of Ulamog’s Crushers).

This deck could maybe maybe get taken apart to build Prossh (or maybe I’ll take apart Kresh), but then again, probably not.