Game #203: Geist of St. Traft

Game #203:  Geist of St. Traft
Date: 2016-10-18
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Omnath, Locus of Mana; Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Result:  Mostly Fun Win

Geist of Saint Traft, Magic, Duel Decks: Blessed vs. CursedvsOmnath, Locus of Mana, Magic, WorldwakeProssh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013

The second game in week THREE of the “Super October Frightfest of Cereal Box Monsters.”

I kept a 4 land hand, started with a Guildgate, a Secluded Steppe and a Mausoleum Wanderer on turn 2, and Geist of St. Traft on turn 3.  Prossh started with a Viscera Seer, and Omnath found a Nykthos.

Prossh put the Zombie Curse on Omath. On turn 4 I attacked with Geist and cast a Spectral Reserves, turn 5 I cast Midnight Haunting and used a Zombie, some spirits, and mana to cast Obelisk of Urd. Omnath had an Oracle of Mul Daya and had been pumping out a bunch of big Hydras, but I was able to chip away at both opponents’ life totals in the air and killed Omnath on turn 7 and Prossh on Turn 8.

About the Deck (tappedout nearly complete)

This is just a simple spirit tribal deck, with emphasis on Innistrad type ghost spirits, though it does play a number of non-Innistrad creatures.  I had considered making it a “Ghost Boy Detectives” deck, but fitting in Investigate made the deck less fun and cohesive.

The Rest of the Night.

Game 1 of Monst-tober was a 1v1 game of Olivia vs. Prossh that I just barely won (via general damage, the turn before I would have died)

Game 3 of Monst-tober was Gisa and Geralf 1v1 against a Sen Triplets deck (which I neutralized by just never having cards in hand), I kept hanging on despite the Triplets’ board advantage, and the Triplets player had to go home before we could finish, thus making Gisa and Geralf still Undefeated after 3 games!

I played Reveka Wizard Savant vs. Borborygmos and Uril.  Borborygmus knocked Uril down to 1 life. Uril was a 1-shot 40+ Trample Damage nightmare.  I topdecked Feedback, cast it on his Gratuitious Violence, and won on his upkeep.

The last match I played Numot Team ‘Murica and lost to Borborygmus.

Game #202: Olivia, Mobilized for War

Game #202:  Olivia, Mobilized for War
Date: 2016-10-11
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Kira, Great Glass Spinner; Mazirek
Result: Neutral Loss

Olivia, Mobilized for War, Magic, Shadows over InnistradvsKira, Great Glass-Spinner, Magic, Modern MastersMazirek, Kraul Death Priest, Magic, Commander 2015

The first game in week two of the “Super October Frightfest of Cereal Box Monsters.”

I kept a 3 mountain hand, and drew a swamp. I played Olivia on turn 3.  Mazirek started with Boots, Kira started with a basalt monolith and a phyrexian colossus. On turn 5 I played a Bloodhall Priest and madness-ed a Strength of Lunacy on to Olivia.

Mazirek played a Saber Ants and a Mortician Beetle. I used a madness-ed murderous compulsion on Phyrexian Colossus.  Mazirek kept recurring Cultivate and also used a Jarad’s Orders to wind up with a Hornet Queen and a Phantom Nantuko (it was insect tribal). I kept myself alive.

The highlight play of awesomeness came when I cast a Muck Drubb to steal Mazirek’s cast Alpha Status and then was able to use Olivia to turn Muck Drubb into a vampire AND madness on a Senseless Rage onto Olivia, making a huge Vampire Muck Drubb.

Despite the awesomeness, Kira had out a Kozilek, The Great Distortion, and was also able to get a Cyclonic Rift and put Argentum Armor on Kozilek, and then crushed Mazirek for 18. He also destroyed one of my two sources of black mana via the armor, so I scooped (also he was casting Blightsteel Colossus on the next turn).

I had cast Behold from the Beyond, but nothing was going to save me with only 1 black mana.

About the deck (tappedout coming very soon)

This is mostly newer vampires and madness cards. Nothing super special, but it does have a bit of a “crazy” theme.


The rest of the night:

I played Gisa and Geralf again for Monst-tober.  I was able to survive (as zombies do) to beat Shu-Yun, Azusa, and someone else. I just barely eeked out the win to kill a super deadly Shu-Yun who was also playing with Jeskai Ascendancy.  Thus making Gisa and Geralf 2-0…

Game #178: Sekki, Seasons’ Guide

Game #178: Sekki, Seasons’ Guide
Date: 2015-10-13
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland, OR
vs.: Daretti, Scrap Savant; Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Result: Fun Loss

Sekki, Seasons' Guide, Magic, Saviors of KamigawavsDaretti, Scrap Savant, Magic, Commander 2014Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, Magic, Commander 2013

My first game with a new deck in several months. I was playing with two guys I’d never played with before. I had a 3 land hand and played an early Petalmane Baku. Daretti played some myr and a Wanderer’s Twig, and Prossh went hunting for land. I played a Loam Dweller and a Traproot Kami and followed it up with a Kodama’s Reach into Jugan. Prossh played a baby dragon with a Pattern of Rebirth. Darretti was up to 9 counters, so we attacked him down. He responded with a Blaspehmous Act that killed off my team and left me with only 6 land… I had planned on using Petalmane mana to cast Sekki, instead I had to struggle to find lands. Prosh followed up with an Utvara Hellkite that got pretty crazy, and Daretti was making tons of baby Myr. I had a beefy Forgotten Ancient, and I had to take advantage of a Tempting Offer to get more land. Utvara Hellkite was pumping out more Dragons and there wasn’t much that could be done. I cast Sekki and made her 21/21 from forgotten ancient. I attacked just for fun, but died to an Earthquake. I got to cast Sekki, so it was fun.

About the Deck: I was a bit inspired by reading a tiny bit of an article on Sekki (which I stopped reading so I didn’t get too many ideas) that pointed out the fact that Sekki makes spirits even if counters aren’t removed. I built it to be somewhat Spirit/Arcane tribal, with ways to pump up Sekki and lots of Fight cards to get damage dealt to Sekki. One thing that I forgot was that Kamigawa spirit tokens don’t fly.

The Rest of the Night: I played one more game with these guys, choosing Narset. I almost switched when I realized Daretti had switched to playing Ruric Thar (and I had literally one creature in Narset). I played it anyway, and for some reason Ruric Never got cast. I got a chance to attack with Narset (who was Indestructible and Gift of Immortalitied) and flipped two extra-attack step cards, which lead to more, and some deck-stacking ability and a beacon of tomorrow and I plowed through a ton of hydra tokens to get 20 damage on Ruric, and then, after removing all lands from my deck, was able to do the same thing the next turn. I didn’t mean to blow up like that, but Narset had lots of kung-fu and Ruric never showed up…

Game #177: Teneb the Harvester

Game #177: Teneb the Harvester
Date: 2015-06-24 (Last Game in MD)
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
Vs: Titania; Captain Sisay; Karona (Squirrels)
Result: Fun (I think?) Loss

Teneb, the Harvester, Magic, Planar ChaosvsTitania, Protector of Argoth, Magic, Commander 2014Captain Sisay, Magic, From the Vault: LegendsKarona, False God, Magic, Scourge

This was my final night playing at the Family Game Store in Savage Mill (in Savage MD) before I moved to Portland, OR, so I wanted to make sure I got at least one new deck played there.

I started with 3 land (I think all forests?) but I think I drew into a plains somewhere. I know I was able to Mortify Titania’s early Azusa. Sisay had played Dosan, and Titiania Stripmined an Island from Karona, who followed that with a Mirari’s Wake.

I used a Priest of Gix to play a Phyrexian Plaguelord. Sisay dropped a Karametra and Jedit of Efrava. Titania played Exploration, a Zuran Orb and Parallel Lives (which was troubling). Cast Unearth on Priest of Gix to get the mana to play Teneb and then cast Necromantic Selection on the next turn, returning my own Teneb. Teneb harvested a Solemn Simulacrum, and a Deranged Hermit (which helped pay the convoke to Endless Obedience out Jedit).

It seemed like I was in a good spot. Sisay started rebuilding with Heroes Podium and Karona was doing things with Tiling Treefolk and Strands of Night. Karona was at really low life but dropped Parallel Evolution, Parallel Lives (up to 72 squirrels) and then a Goblin Bombardment. I play Death Frenzy and Karona casts Riot Control (for 30) in response, and then also Kills me.

Rest of the Night: I switched tables with Karona’s player so we could play some last games with Gisa/Ihsan. I played one game with my Tariel and the Seven (Legendary) Samurai deck. I had a Neko-Te on Kumano, Master Yamabushi (which is fun times), I came really close to winning, but Squirrels happened. I ended the night with my very first deck (from this project, and ever, which was recently featured on the Mothership site), Kangee the Aerie Keeper. I don’t really remember what happened in the game, being more focused on one last game with some really good friends.

About the Deck:  This is just big dumb reanimation. It doesn’t stray far from the theme of it’s commander. Stuff goes to the graveyard, and I get it back.  There might be combos, but I don’t even remember.  I think it forked from building another deck.

NOTE:  This game was played at the end of June. I haven’t built any new decks since then due to a cross country move and not yet being settled in permanent housing (I’ve been swapping decks to my backpack from the trunk of my car).  I have new decks in the works and found a new place to play.  I anticipate recording some new games around October.  Finances might keep me from hitting 200 decks as soon as I’d like,  but it will happen.

Game #176: Medomai, the Ageless

Game #176: Medomai, the Ageless
Date: 2015-06-17
Location: The Family Game Store, Savage, MD
VS. Karona (Squirrels); Captain Sisay
Result: Neutral Loss

Medomai the Ageless, Magic, TherosvsKarona, False God, Magic, Scourge

I started with a rare Leyline of Anticipation and a good Land hand, Karona plays Rhys the Redeemed and a Fertilid to start ramping and Sisay catches a Reality Acid courtesy of me. It doesn’t stop Sisay from getting out Michiko Konda, Selvala and a Heroes Podium, while Karona usis a Cabal Coffers and a Token Solemn Simulacrum to ramp like crazy via Rhys the Redeemed doubling the Solemn Tokens.

I manage to get an Early Paradox Haze out and cast Tezzeret’s Gambit (into a Long Term Plans… I don’t remember what for, but it didn’t end up mattering. Next turn I cast Medomai, and Karona tried to kill Sisay, but Sisay cast the Green Myojin and dropped Vorinclex, Akroma, Huo Toa and Karametra. Soon after either Karona or I got crushed and the other scooped.

Second game: I played a second game with the deck and managed to play Paradox Haze followed by Mirror Sigil Sergeant and True Conviction. I got up to 32 Sergeants, but I made some kind of mis-play and didn’t win.

About the Deck: Normally I don’t believe in taking extra turns (I think only 4-5 — so like 3% — of my decks have ways to do them. I know Narset has one, and I think Azami has Wanderwine Prophets), but I decided this was the one deck I’d build that takes many extra turns. The real goal is to win via Azor’s Elocutors, sped along by things like Paradox Haze. There’s a slight “Time” theme to the deck. I may have shifted my one Time Stretch to this deck too. I feel like the extra turns Medomai generates are pretty fair.

Game #167: Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis 2.0

Game #167: Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis 2.0
Date: 2015-04-29
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs. Grimgrin, Corpse Born; Kruphix, God of Horizons; Jarad.
Result: Mostly fun Loss

Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis, Magic, Magic 2013 (M13)vsGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradKruphix, God of Horizons, Magic, Journey Into NyxJarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Magic, Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari

Grimgrin had arrived to round our our pod, and Jarad made some deck adjustments (he only has one deck, but has a huge “sideboard” to make it play differently, kind of like my Kaalia).

This game got kind of crazy. I had a 3 land hand, and cast Beseech the Queen on turn 3 to get Waste Not. Jarad played Rites of Flourishing and later Howling Mine, Kruphix had Shizuko, Caller of Autumn, and later Howling Mine AND Dictate of Karametra. Grimgrin had a Soothsaying. This allowed us to build ridiculous board-states (having a Dreamstone Hedron and a Sol Ring helped me out too). Ridiculous enough that I was basically able to rebuild my board in one turn after a Cyclonic Rift from Grimgrin.

I cast Nefarox with a Hedron Matrix, Predator’s Gambit and Vow of Malice, but GrimGrin Fleshbagged it. Booo. There was also a Heartbeat of Spring out by this point, and there was so much mana available it became really hard to keep track of what all was going on. I know I did a Necromantic Selection at one point, AND I know I played a Warped Devotion which was BRUTAL when Kruphix cast a Warped Devotion.

Some other stuff happened, but then Kruphix Blue Sun’s Zenithed himself into a Laboratory Maniac and cycled a land for the win.

About the Deck: tapped out someday
Nefarox used to be the boss of my 13 demons and acolytes deck, but his Exalted ability didn’t really fit into the deck, so he got replaced by Ob Nixilis the I-wish-he-didn’t-screw-over-tutoring-because-it-draws-much-hate-and-I-only-really-care-about-the-+1/+1-counters. I had a foil Russian Nefarox, so that required a new deck. I decided to go “creatureless” and play lots of the “loner” cards, as well as play Waste Not with some discard effects for fun. I may take out the WasteNot and transfer it to a Sidisi deck, but I’m not sure.

The Rest of the Night

As I predicted, this game took a lot longer than I wanted (because I wanted to get a third new deck in tonight), but we had time for at least a short 3 player game. I played Titania and was doing some fun stuff and making lots of dudes off of a great opening hand. We didn’t finish it, but it was really close. I was at 1 life (in part because I took 20 points of damage from Nu-Ob Nixilis in order to Ghost Quarter myself and Evolving Wilds), but I had a Crucible of Worlds and a Zuran Orb (that made a surprise last ditch surviving effort when Jarad chose to sac Ob Nixilis for damage instead of attacking). Jarad’s Rites of Flourishing was letting me play an extra land each turn, and I was pretty sure I could keep him off of green mana with Strip Mines long enough to get in for the win. But it was 9 and we called the game.

Chapter #165: Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker

Chapter #165: Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker
Due Date: 2015-04-15
Shelf Location: The Family Game Store
Patrons: Melek, Izzet Paragon; Shauku, the Endbringer
Result: Super Fun, thematic, Loss

Priscilla Page, AcquistionsvsMelek, Izzet Paragon, Magic, Dragon's MazeShauku, Endbringer, Magic, Mirage

Head Librarian Michiko Konda arrived early to the Five Plains branch library, stopping to admire the Fountain of Cho as she passed through the Lobby. It was a slow start to the day, and she was the only one scheduled for the shift, so she spent the beginning of it working on acquisitions.
[I had a 5 land hand, including a Fountain of cho.]

She cursed under her breath as the Science Lab across the street opened for business. Melek Industries had a habit of blowing things up and making a lot of noise, experimented in cloning and unstable energy, and they were the rare scientists that didn’t see the value of a public library that still had books in it. She vaguely noticed some kind of salamander man running around with boots on, and chalked it up to another experiment gone awry. It came into the library and poked its head around. Slimy creatures like that tended to do damage to the books, and while she was committed to serving everyone, in her heart she was glad when the county administrator’s office finally sent a truck around to have it impounded
[Melek cast a Surrakar Spellblade with a Swiftfoot Boots. It got a few attacks in before Shauku wiped the board with something.]

Michiko stepped out from the office to go into the stacks to fulfill some online materials requests, her authority was unquestioned in the library, and she briskly moved to the biography section. She looked out the window to see the County Administration offices in the building next door. Michiko did not like the current county commissioner. She was a harsh old woman, and, Michiko felt, quite the bloodsucker. Despite the extremely full coffers of the county, she had been threatening to cut the library funding for weeks as a cost cutting measure (or, because she was a misanthropic spinster, in Michiko’s opinion).
[I cast my commander and an Unquestioned Authority. Shauku has a Cabal Coffers out.]

Deciding that there was no time like the present to stand up for the Library, Michiko headed across the street to the County Offices, but as she got to the door, a low-level clerk approached her. “This has the new library budget numbers on it. The boss says you probably have the antiquated technology to read it,” and handed her a 3.5″ floppy disk. At this point Michiko knew she would be stuck in the office for the rest of the day trying to work out what to do.
[I attack Shauku with my general, and he pops the Nevinyrral’s disk in response.]

On the way back to her office, Michiko set out the particular volume the patron had requested. A particularly fulfilling and enlightening read that was the journal of a recently deceased teleporter. From her desk window, she saw that Commissioner Shauku was arriving for work, looking furious. Michiko could only imagine what political machinations were bothering her today. Across the way, an astronomer (astrologer?) had arrived at Melek Labs. For her own amusement, she emailed Comissioner Shauku copies of a feature article detailing her recent political victories. “That should keep her busy for awhile. She’s so self-centered.”
[I play a Venser’s Journal and cast Pacifism on Shauku. Melek casts Lunar Mystic.]

Suddenly, a series of loud explosions rocked the building. Michiko saw smoke and small flames rising from the front door of the County Offices. “Well,” she thought, “there goes our chances of keeping her busy all day.”
[Melek kills Shauku with some spells and a Grapeshot.]

After the dust settled, Michiko went back to reading the biography, which continued to strengthen her resolve. I thought struck her, and she pulled out the library’s architectural plan from special collections, how ever “this is not the right time,” echoed in her head, and she put them away, instead pulling out a rare volume of literary criticism that was accruing value. Across the street Melek industries unveiled a new project. One they hoped to get a grant from the county to finance, and that would bring them significant returns. Not wanting to share the glory, or the profit, Shauku spent a great deal of money to make sure the paper work was lost in the shuffle.
[I cast an Urza’s Blueprints to draw a card. I get the second card and gain life from Venser’s Journal, but I don’t pay the echo cost, and cast Barrin’s Codex. Melek casts a Diluvian Primordial — nothing in my yard– and tries to copy a tutor, but Shauku activates Greed several times until drawing a Suffer the Past to exile the tutor from the graveyard.]

The fuss with Melek labs had clearly angered Commisioner Shauku, and she arranged for the termination of key employees at the lab. Bolstered by her show of power she donned her shadowy cloak and crossed the street to confront Melek, howling something about “Closing you down for good!” It was so loud. Michiko did not like loud, and began to worry about the noise disturbing her patrons. She made eye contact with the commissioner through the window, and raised her finger to her lips in the universal library gesture for “SHHH!”
[Shauku, equipped with Umbral Mantle, exiles the Lunar Mystic, untaps and attacks, using Howl From Beyond to hit lethal commander damage on Melek. I gain more life, and cast a Moment of Silence to buy time.]

Clearly still in the mood to cause havoc and abuse her power, Shauku called an emergency meeting of the budget committee and sent drew up a new budget. One would cut the libraries assets in half. Cutbacks weren’t going to hold back Michiko though, and she made arrangements to sell the rare volume she’d been perusing to a wealthy Friend of the Library in order to keep it afloat.
[Shauku makes me sac half of my permanents rounded down (9 down to 4), but I sac the Barrin’s Codex to draw two cards. I keep Venser’s Journal, 2 plains and the fountain of Cho.]

Her plans thwarted by the last-minute sale, Shauku, realizing how thoroughly she had bankrupted the county, did what any politician would do in that situation: burn down the building to cover her tracks and try to sneak off into the night. However, our ever vigilant Librarian Heroine tipped off the authorities, and Shauku didn’t get away as cleanly as she had hoped.
[Shauku, is down to 2 life due to Greed and her own lose-3 ability. I cast Quiet Purity to destroy Shade’s Form (which would have given her a lethal attack on me), and an O-Stone had to be found, cast and popped in order to kill Shauku to save her player.]

The afternoon shift workers started to file in to the Five Plains Branch Library. First an Angelic Curator, head of the conservation department, as well as a Cataloger and Meta-data shaman trained in Dublin-Kor. The curator, an infinite authority in her field, was working on scrolls from an old master that were in the special collections. The two of them went to the remains of the county offices to look for any records that may have survived the blast. Their search was spoiled suddenly, but they were still able to find some useful information, but nothing that would drive a stake through the heart of Shauku’s political career.
[I cast an Angelic Curator, Shaman en-Kor, Scroll of the Masters and Infinite Authority. I swing for two, but Shauku casts Sudden Spoiling, and I respond by buffing the Curator with the Scroll hitting for 1.]

The lack of damning evidence would be their downfall, as Commissioner Shauku was able to call in enough favors, and bleed-dry enough of her secret slush funds (including the library’s endowment) to reassert her political authority. Feeble attempts by Michiko and her staff to keep the Library open were met by the shrieks and Endless Screams of Commissioner Shauku: “You’re Fired! You’re Fired! I’m shutting your doors, just like those nuts across the street!”

Michiko hated noisy people.
[Shauku cast Exsanguinate for 24, leaving me at 54 and him at 25.  I couldn’t do anything to do that much damage and keep creatures on the board. Shauku used Magewright Stone to untap, exile both my creatures and swing in, using Endles Screams to buff up for lethal Commander Damage.]

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

I’m a librarian (at least for now… who knows if I’ll find a Library Job in Portland). I also really wanted to build a Michiko Konda deck. Advisor tribal wasn’t working, and I had ALSO wanted to build a deck with as many Books, Tomes, Codices, Scrolls, Grimoire’s, Journals, etc in it. I decided to make this a mostly-themed library deck.  It plays spells with names like ‘Quiet Purity,’ ‘Moment of Silence,’ and ‘Quietus Spike’ (one of the few win conditions.  As well as many other things that amuse me like ‘Unquestioned Authority,’ ‘Glarecaster,’ and ‘Angelic (book) Renewal’.  I don’t really know if or how it’s supposed to win.  It has White Sun’s Zenith in it (crazy Cat-Lady Librarian Stereotype).  I wanted to put Glasses of Urza (on a chain) in the deck, but it just didn’t quite fit.

Head Librarian Michiko Konda is a Truth Seeker, as a good Librarian Should be.  She is played by Priscilla Page (of the Page Sisters: Librarians from the “Jack of Fables” comics).

Priscilla Page, Acquistions

Priscilla Page, Acquistions

Assistant Librarian Masako the Humorless is played by Hillary  PageHilary Page, Research

And Assistant Librarian Linvala, Keeper of Silence is played by Robin Page

Robin Page, Security

Robin Page, Security

I carry a foil ‘My First Tome’ around with it as a “Banned Book” (since it’s silver border).

It also has a small damage re-direction theme to try to make me take damage to trigger Michiko.


The Rest of the Night:  Won my first game with Rakdos, Lord of Riots. Lost a really close one with Riku (and a Clone of Melek). Scooped (a bit petulantly) because someone countered Isamaru, Hound of Konda for no real reason. Lost a game with Bruna, where she never got cast. Should’ve won a game with Animar, but it was over time, and I played nice/wrong.

Game #150… Coming Soon

I showed up for game night ready to play Deck/Game #150 ( Nextwave Superfriends with Indestructible Sliver), but we had a large showing of people, including some new and old faces.  They had already broken up into two pods of 3, and the two guys (one who runs Gisa, and the other who is best known on this blog for Karona (foils and lucifer) who I wanted to play the deck with were separated.  So Game #150 is postponed until next week

But, I have a lot of decks, so I was prepared.  I won’t give full recaps here (as they aren’t “official” games) but here’s a rundown of how they went.

Game 1:   Ghave Guru of Spores  vs.  Patron of the Moon; GrimGrin; Melek, Izzet Paragon

Ghave, Guru of Spores, Magic, Commander

  • I was mana/color screwed early, and people left me alone
  • Patron built up some crazy amounts of land and other shenanigans with Amulet of Vigor, Proteus Staff, and did lots of beating with Inkwell Leviathan (not at me).  Melek had rebound for everything, GrimGrin did work with Crypt Rats (as always)
  • I built up enchantments: Parallel Lives, Retribution of the Ancients, Death’s Presence (temporarily Blatantly Thieved by Melek).
  • When I finally got mana I ended up with a 24/24 Mycoloth, a 15/15 (later 40/40) Ghave and 40 Saprolings.
  • I swung to kill GrimGrin and Patron (Melek had died already), but Patron had a trick of some sort and that was the end of it.

Game 2:  Xira Arien  vs Karona (Lucifer); Grimgrin; Ascendant Evincar

Xira Arien.2

  • I’m considering retiring this deck, so this might be it’s Farewell Game.
  • I was great for Mana, but Night of Soul’s Betrayal, plus impending Evincar meant that pretty much every card I had in hand (all Eldrazi token makers) were useless for a long time.
  • A activated a Beastmaster’s Ascension pretty much on attacking with a 0/1 or 1/2 Xira alone (once I borrowed Grimgrin).
  • Parallel lives was nice, but Evincar had a pretty strong board state AND was killing creatures with an Altar of Shadows. And stopping life gain with Erebos.
  • It came down to me vs Evincar. I had enough Mana and life left to barely hang on and survive all of the Blood Artist Triggers when I Obliterated with mana floated to cast It That Betrays.
  • A giant Eldrazi that eats your only lands means winning

Game 3:  Animar #1 vs Horde of Notions; Daxos of Meletis

Animar Soul of Elements

  • Only 20 minutes til store close.
  • I kept a weird hand of 4 lands a 0-cmc dude and 7-drops
  • Animar hit the board early and built up pretty well.  “Missed” with an Etherium Horn Sorcerer (an X Hydra).
  • Daxos wrathed, and then was obliterated by Horde.
  • I could cast Animar, but my hand was two 7-drops, an 8-drop, two 9-drops and an 11-drop.   If I had lived to cast Maelstrom wanderer, I might have been okay. But I didn’t.

Game #146: Selvala, Explorer Returned

Game #146: Selvala, Explorer Returned
Date: 2015-01-14
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Karona (Lucifer); Gisa; Jarad, Golgari Lich-Lord; Lazav, Dimir Mastermind
Result: Neutral Loss

Selvala, Explorer Returned, Magic, Conspiracyvs10744945_10153296444478747_1509206168_nJarad, Golgari Lich Lord, Magic, Return to RavnicaGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, Magic, Gatecrash

My first draw had no lands, and my second had 1 plains, so I kept it. I ould continue to play Plains for 5 turns, dropping a Loyal Pegasus and a Stormfront Pegasus and an Obelisk of Urd convoked. In this time, Jarad has Boundless Realms-ed for 7 and played a Ring of 3 Wishes. and a Grave Titan which Lazav steals and Gisa Duplicants.

My obelisk gets destroyed, as does a pegasus, but by then I have Selvala out and am able to cast a Collective Blessing. Karona is on the table, but gets passed to Gisa first who swings at Karona and then sacrifices her for more zombies. Jarad plays an Ob Nixilis. Most of us are down pretty low in life, and I (at 14) die to Jarad’s Exsanguinate for 14.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)
This deck started as a pile of Griffins, Centaurs, Pegasuses, Unicorns, etc. Eventually I pulled out the Griffins and decided to do more heavily horse-based theme. Selvala was picked mostly for colors and it was an excuse to play her with Well of Lost Dreams. However, I decided the deck was now “Selvala, Homecoming Queen and her Little Ponies.” It’s just a lot of Centaurs, Unicorns, Pegasuses, and Horses and some creature buffs. It only has 2 non-permanents in the deck so it can play Primal Surge.

The Rest of the Night

We played tiny leaders the rest of the night. I played Feldon mostly which was a pretty fun deck to play, though kind of slow. I did manage to get him to summon Twin Ball Lightning Robot Lovers at one point.  One game was a 5 player game, both I and the generally really-really-good Selvala elf tribal deck got booted from quickly, so we played another game while we waited for that one to finish.   The last game I switched to my Soraya birds deck. In the course of the game I drew 16 of the 20 lands in my deck, and probably under 6 other spells, there were also two global mana-increasers on the board, so those Plains were all tapping for 3. It was annoying and didn’t get finished.

So far my general thoughts on tiny leaders are 1. It’s more fun 1 on 1 because the games go fast and there are not many global answers and 2. Its MUCH harder to build a good and fun deck. I’m not giving up on it though.

Holiday Break Gaming

Over the holiday break, I had the chance to play a few games with my brother, and a few unexpected games with my cousin.  I didn’t keep detailed notes, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Playing all of my currently complete Tiny Leaders decks.
  • Winning a Tiny Leaders game by pumping up an infect creature by +8/+8 to save myself from the jaws of defeat.
  • Winning a TL game by Mill (at like 3 life)
  • Playing 1.5 4-player games with the new pre-cons with my brother and two cousins (who hadn’t played in 1 and 10 years respectively).  Won the first one with Freyalise, and we didn’t finish the second one because we got called a way to dinner.
  • Playing for 5 hours with my brother and cousin with decks that I’d left behind over the summer. Got ridiculous with Bosh.
  • Getting some Ultra Pro deck towers as a christmas gift (to store my few sleeved decks in — Ashling, Patron of the Moon, Yomiji).