Game #241: Nissa, Vastwood Seer

Game #241: Nissa, Vastwood Seer
Date: 2018-07-24
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Iroas; Nekusar; Lazav
Result:   Fun Los

Due to Backlog, and temporal distance, these recaps will be brief.

Recap: I cast Boundless realms for 15, and Howl of the Nightpack for 29 on turn 8. Died to Insurrection next turn.

About the Deck

Nissa tribal. Lots of Forests and Planeswalkers

Game #232: Liliana, Heretical Healer

Game #232: Liliana, Heretical Healer
Date: 2017-07-18
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Locust God; Gisa&Geralf; Maelstrom Wanderer
Result:   Fun Loss

Due to Backlog, and temporal distance, these recaps will be brief.

Recap: Locust God got crazy, Maelstrom Wanderer quit halfway to go to another game, I made a last ditch effort to kill Locust God with Gempalm Polluter, but died on turn 8.

About the Deck: This is all Liliana, all the time. Any card that references her is foil (not all the PWs though).

Game #150: Nextwave, Agents of H.A.T.E (Sliver Hivelord)

Game #150: Nextwave, Agents of H.A.T.E (Sliver Hivelord)
Date: 2015-03-04
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Karona(Foils), Karona(Dragons), Grimgrin, Gisa
Result: Neutral Loss

Sliver HivelordvsImage (1)Image (1)Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014

Game #150 is finally here. This deck has been well over a year in the making. The usual suspects were all gathered, despite the impending weather. The All-Foil Karona (with every card also in Top-Loaders, deck was present, as was another Karona deck based on the new Dragons, plus Grimgrin and Gisa (whose players only have the 1 deck). A nice mix of 5 colored decks and the balance of mono-deck-owning to my too-many-deck owning.

Gisa kept a 0 land hand (drawing into a land) and had 6 mana by turn 2, casting Gisa that turn. I had WUG lands and a Guard Gomazoa, Paradise Mantle and Gilder Bairn in my opening hand. 3 other players had turn 1 sol rings. K-Dragons played the mana-making Siege. A turn 3 Chromatic Lantern put me in a decent starting place, followed by a Guard Gomazoa.

Chandra Nalaar

Tabitha Smith

Ajani Vengeant

a very angry Howard the Duck

Grimgrin played a Noxious Ghoul. I got my first Planeswalker, Ajani Vengeant, out and -2ed him to Lightning Helix the Ghoul (which my indestructible general was not fond of), then Gisa killed Ajani. Next turn I played my Broccoli Man… I mean Sliver Hivelord and gave him a paradise mantle, but he died to a Black Suns zenith, as did Guard Gomazoa. I played Chandra Nalaar and started pinging people, She got two activations before being killed by K-Foils Nicol Bolas (Karona ended up playing nearly as many Planeswalkers as I did… silly duel decks).

Venser the Sojourner

Forbush Man

I played a Venser and blinked a land and also had replayed my general, but Kokusho and Sliver Hivelord got Ashes to Ashes’ed and Venser got zombie swarmed. I had clockspining in my hand and would have Ultimated Venser the next turn. I re-cast Sliver Boss, but then K-Foil cast Hallowed Burial and I lost it (Gisa went away too). Bummer.

Vraska the Unseen

Nico Minoru

Gisa had been pounding on K-Dragons, and ended him with a Lashwrithed Inkmoth Nexus. I played Vraska to kill the Lashwrithe, and would have been able to Ultimate Vraska the next turn, but Vraska died to an All Is Dust. Then a Memory Jar absolutely hosed me (I lost Doubling Season, Chain Veil, Liliana Vess and Nicol Bolas to it ). GrimGrin hit me with a 9/9 Nether Shadow.

Garruk Wildspeaker

The Captain

Tezzeret the Seeker

Aaron Stack

Gisa was slowly dying to bad coinflips with Mana Crypt (to the point that he had to Unstable Obelisk his own crypt to not die). I cast Tezzeret and Garruk, and then Kiora and, unfortunately, Jace the Mind Sculptor* but K-Foils Comet Storm and and Karona Attack killed all 4. Next turn Karona killed Grimgrin by Damage and Gisa by Soul’s Fire.

Kiora the Crashing Wave


Jace The Mind Sculptor



Sorin Markov

“Successful” Dirk Anger


My last hope was Sorin Markov. I set Karona to 10, but since Garruk had died, I couldn’t Overrun my Karona Attack, and left K-Foils at 2. He pinged Sorin, and I clockspun him to keep him alive, but I couldn’t protect him long enough to do the last two damage, so I scooped. It was a frustrating game. Not Un-fun, but there were way too many “I was about to do something exciting, but then couldn’t” let-downs for it to be a really fun game.

ABOUT THE DECK ( and Gallery Here: )

I had wanted to build a Planeswalker (“Superfriends”) deck for a long time (because I rarely play PWs). Originally I had thought of doing DC Comics Heroes as proxies (the actual Superfriends), but I realized that it would be WAY cooler to use my favorite hero team instead. (Seriously, you should all go read Nextwave right now, Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen are great).

It took me awhile to make all of the choices for who would play whom. I also ended up dipping into Runaways (another great series) for a few characters, and also Howard the Duck for Ajani, and Namora for Kiora.

The goal of the deck is to just play as many Planeswalkers as possible and use Proliferate and Clockspinning and GilderBairn (possibly Vorel/Liquimetal Coating) to cheat more Loyalty counters out. There are some walls to block and some recursion as well.

I was origninally going to see if people cared if I played Legacy Weapon (The Shockwave Rider) as my general, but then Sliver Hivelord came out (this doubly filled my need to make a Hivelord deck with NO slivers in it, where Hivelord was still relevant) and I knew that a 5/5 indestructible dude would be good for protecting Planeswalkers. Of course he had to be a Broccoli man (and If I ever put other slivers in the deck for fun, they will also be Broccoli Men).

*I believe I’m the only person to go, “Oh,darn… it’s only JtMS… 😦 ”  in the history of Magic: I thought it was Teferi,which would have been AWESOME, because I could have used Gilder Bairn to Ultimate him immediately for a super-rad emblem… silly confusing Proxies.

The Rest of the Night:

I played Animar for the second game. Had a really fun looking opening hand, but didn’t draw in to blue mana. Even after a Reforge the Soul (where I lost many great things) still no island. Animar never even got cast, and Karona(Dragons) got a pretty brutal Scourge of Valkas/Baby-dragon-every-upkeep/Utvara Hellkite combo on that killed us all. Bummer.

Next game I played Teysa #1 and was doing okay. Reforge the Soul (again) dumped stuff in my hand, but Teysa can get stuff back.  I had some Sun Titan, Murder Investigation, Karmic Guide, Debtors’ Knell, Teysa good times. I did get brutally NIhil Spellbombed because I forgot to exile a Junk Diver.  I had just played Grave Pact, Ashnod’s Altar and Soul Warden, when it hit closing time.

Updated NextWAVE Superfriends

This is the updated Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. “superfriends” collection.  I made a few adjustments, from the previous one.  Ajani wasn’t working as random  splash page sabertooth white-tiger, so he became Howard the Duck.  I also dipped into Runaways for a few planeswalkers, and did up a few Lands and other key cards (I really like my Doubling Season and Command Tower).  I’m also pretty psyched to have Devil Dinosaur as Ugin and I like the BabyMODOK/ElvisMODOK as Baby Jace/Big Jace (and Jace as Number None/Modok in general).  Not every one of these guys made it into the current deck, but they are still cool.

Game #145: Nahiri, the Lithomancer

Game #145: Nahiri, the Lithomancer
Date: 2015-01-07
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Ghoulcaller Gisa; Phenax; Sisters of Stone Death; Lazav, Dimir Mastermind
Result: Fun Loss

Nahiri, the Lithomancer, Magic, Commander 2014vsGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014Phenax, God of Deception, Magic, Born of the GodsSisters of Stone Death, Magic, RavnicaLazav, Dimir Mastermind, Magic, Gatecrash

My first game back after the break, with a deck I had just recently finished (and my first Planeswalker led deck). I drew no lands to start, so I tried again and had 4. I started with a Quest for the Holy Relic (that took over 10 turns to achieve).  Phenax opened with a Leyline of the Void.

I followed up with Swiftfoot Boots, and then a Stoneforge Mystic that grabbed a Skullclamp, and then a lucky Kor Sanctifiers that kicked out the Leyline. Sisters of Stone Death had hit the table by turn 4, and Lazav was drawing cards off of a Mystic Remora.  Sisters tried for a Boundless Realms, but was stopped by Phenax. Pharika was also messing up Graveyards for people. Gisa didn’t do much that was threatening early on, just a Fleshbag Marauder and a Phyrexian Arena.

I got a Puresteel Paladin, that drew me 3 cards, and swung big at Lazav with an Ogre’s Cleaver, but suddenly a deathtouch enchantment snake appeared and killed him. I played Nahiri and started making some “draw 2 cards tokens”.  Pharika stopped my Emeria from resurrecting Purseteel Paladin.  Lazav played Stolen Identity and copied Sisters.

As Nahiri continued to roll-up, I played a Kicked Conqueror’s Pledge and then used 6 of them to play an Obelisk of Urd (naming Soldiers, though my heart wanted Kor). Next Turn I used Deploy the Forces to make 30 Soldiers. The next turn I swung to kill Sisters with my Obelisk and Sword of the Paruns pumped horde.

Phenax wiped the board with Decree of Pain and drew 51 cards, but had also been knocked down to 1 life. Gisa was in a strong position with a Whip of Erebos, 51 life (courtesy of Grey Merchant and Kokusho as well).  Phenax’s parting gift was causing us all to mill until we hit 16 lands (this actually helped me).

Gisa was tapped out, I was at 16. I Emeried back an Auriok Salvager to get a Kitesail, as well as finally using Nahiri’s Ultimate (she was up to 15). I suited up a Kor Lancer with enough things to make it a 24/24 Flying Double Strike and knocked Gisa to 3. Had I been smart and asked for the lifetotal and then also attacked with my Sword of the Paruns guy, it would have been lethal.  Instead I was dumb and got knocked to 2 life and Gem-Palm polluted. I was close!

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

I’d had a stack of Kor creatures waiting to become a deck for quite sometime. I had finally settled on doing Kor Tribal with either Masako the humorless or Michiko Konda (just because they were White Legends that I wanted to build decks for) when Nahiri was spoiled as a Kor that could be a Commander.  I already had a Kemba, Kha Regent deck that was mono-white equipment and cat tribal, but I had started phasing it from good-equipment and enablers deck to being more cat-centric (using lots of cheap and cheap to equip things to make kittens, rather than to make a voltron-cat).  This new deck allowed me to give a new home to one of my few Stoneforge Mystics.

The deck itself is Mostly Kor creatures, plus a few Equipment-helper guys, and about 25 equipment or forge-themed artifacts.  I think I’m going to put Kaldra in as well, once I get another set. I also really like playing Conquerors Pledge, Nomads’ Assembly and Deploy to the Front, and Kor Armament Master a lot.