Updated NextWAVE Superfriends

This is the updated Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. “superfriends” collection.  I made a few adjustments, from the previous one.  Ajani wasn’t working as random  splash page sabertooth white-tiger, so he became Howard the Duck.  I also dipped into Runaways for a few planeswalkers, and did up a few Lands and other key cards (I really like my Doubling Season and Command Tower).  I’m also pretty psyched to have Devil Dinosaur as Ugin and I like the BabyMODOK/ElvisMODOK as Baby Jace/Big Jace (and Jace as Number None/Modok in general).  Not every one of these guys made it into the current deck, but they are still cool.

New Decks in the Works, 2015

150 isn’t enough, so I’ve got several new decks in various states of construction.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon, 2:  Takhisis/Dragonlance themed — black knights, Viashino Draconiana, Dragon Highlord Legends,  Mono colored Dragons (okay and the FRF legendaries too).    Oh how I wish that WotC let MTG and DnD cross the streams… Dragons of Tarkir have the WRONG breath weapons.
STATUS: needs lands, and utility cards

Zuberi Golden Feather: Griffin tribal because.
STATUS: needs lands and cards other than griffins

Rosheen Meanderer: The Joy of X. Hydra tribal and X-Spells
STATUS: just needs lands

Asmira, Holy Avenger: Voltron and/or combo (to make Asmira bigger).
STATUS: needs lands and some final cuts

Sakashima the Impostor (Lazav, Dimir Mastermind): Formerly Thada-Adel. Copy, Borrow, Steal, minus merfolk. This one’s also meant to be “Transformable” between a Mono-Blue deck and a Blue Black one.
STATUS: Have to figure out the “Swaps” between the two versions.

Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch: Either a +1/+1 matters deck, or a Bad Girls deck. Also really want to try Bazaar Trader/Hivestone/Plague Sliver somewhere
STATUS: still deciding on Cards

Latulla, Keldon Overseer: Phoenixes and discarding for profit.
STATUS: still deciding on cards

Feldon of the Third Path: Red Mill. This deck is meant to be a “Convertible” deck between Tiny Leaders and a Regular EDH. It will have a TL shell that I can add 50 other cards (of any CMC) to make it a real deck. (and who knows, I might not play much more TL…)
STATUS: Still deciding on the final 50

Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker: SHHHH it’s a Library. Mostly library themed deck (all of the “Book” or “Scroll” artifacts, and other theme-y things) plus some convoluted ways to take advantage of Michiko’s ability. Already made some proxies of Michiko, Masako the Humorless and Linvala Keeper of Silence as the Page Sisters from the Jack of Fables comics.
STATUS: Still in acquisitions mode.

Hilary Page, Research

Hilary Page, Research

Priscilla Page, Acquistions

Priscilla Page, Acquistions

Robin Page, Security

Robin Page, Security


Intet, the Dreamer #2: I wanted to build a RUG Dragons deck and also play with my favorite combo engine of Aluren/Horned Kavu. This one is Kavu, Kobolds and Dragons and maybe a Dragon Storm. Tarkir makes me build more Dragon decks. Intet is just for the colors. I suppose it could be Yasova or Surrak too.
STATUS: still building

Lady Evangela: has been sitting with a rad proxy and wanting to be a Color-matters deck for almost two years
STATUS: just a twinkle in my eyeLady Evangela

Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest: either a Prowess deck or Prowess/Heroic, with maybe Jeskai Ascendancy combo and Sunforger funtimes thrown in. I had lots of possible ways to go with him, still not sure. I considered a RW deck with a Blue general (with only enough U to cast Shu Yun), or a Creatureless build, or Monk Tribal, or having two Shu Yuns (See below)
STATUS: waiting for a few pieces and lands

(Numot the Devastator (Gwafa Hazid/Norin the Wary tag-team): This is human tribal, and most people don’t play Tag-Team rules. Considering letting Shu Yun be the new Commander here)

(Ramses Overdark): considering splitting it into tow decks: a Ninja/Assassin deck and a Rogue/Evil Aura deck. Not sure though.

(Tariel the Reckoner): Considering letting Alesha Who Smiles at Death be the new boss here since she looks kinda Samurai-ish (conflating pseudo-Asian cultures though… and my Tariel proxy is pretty cool)

(Oros the Avenger): Oros Hates Balthor Graveyards is less fun now that Balthor is no-more. Maybe re-configuring it somehow, or scrapping it for parts.

(Xira Arien): Eldrazi Tribal might get scrapped for parts (there’s a real dual in there, plus a Phyrexian Altar that is collecting dust)

Firefly Weatherlight: Another Theme Deck

I’ve had cards set aside to make a “Weatherlight Crew”  theme deck for quite awhile  (with Legacy Weapon as my 5-color “General,” breaking the rules of the format wide-open).

This morning it struck me that many parallels could be drawn between the Crew of the Weatherlight, another rag-tag band of Science-Fantasy misfits on a Flying Ship out to save the world from infectious science-zombies…

…thus we have: The Big Damn Heroes.
(I used the quite cool Quantom Mechanix Art Noveau portraits (please don’t sue me))

Malcom ‘Mal’ Reynolds

 Gerrard Capashen

Of course Mal is Gerrard. He’s the Boss (though Mal is way cooler than Gerrard)

Zoe Alleyne-Washburne:

Captain Sisay

And Sisay was the obvious choice for his second.

Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne:

 Hoban Ships Navigator

I was torn over who would be the better Hanna. In the end the Navigator/Pilot theme won out.  I also imagine Artificers to be like Archaeologists… which are like paleontologists and…. Dinosaurs. Also, similar fates.

Kaylee Frye: 

Karn Silver Golem

Kaylee was the other option for Hanna, but in the end, she was the one keeping the ship in the air, and had a way with machines. Please excuse the off-color quotation choice.

Inara Serra:

Mirri Cat Warrior

Un?requited  or at least awkward love with the captain? Check!

Simon Tam:

 Orim Samite Healer


River Tam:      

Tahngarth Talruum Hero

Super Badass that can “fight” anything, and had some bad experiments happen.

Jayne Cobb:

Squee Goblin Nabob

Jayne was a tough one, he’s a bit better fighter than Squee, so he could have been Tahngarth. He’s got a bit of a bad side, so he could have been Crovax. Ultimately he was revered and worshiped unnceccessarily, so I kept him as squee.

Shepherd Derrial Book:

Ertai Wizard Adept

Book was another tough one. He’s not cocky like Ertai (though there’s that whole fate thing). He has a bit of a Dark Past, but I didn’t quite see him as Crovax .

Serenity, Firefly Class:

Legacy WeaponSkyship Weatherlight

This one was another no-brainer. I really like the picture for the Legacy Weapon.

Baddies (more coming soon) — Suggestions welcome!

Saffron/Yolanda/Bridget – YoSaffBridge

Starke of Rath

She really should be Takara, but Takara didn’t get her own card. Traitrous Red-head? Yes Please.

A Reaver Ship

Predator Flagship

The deck isn’t finished. I’m going to stick with Weatherlight Story Blocks cards, of course. I haven’t decided who all the other Legends will be, and I don’t know if I’m going to make proxies of every card, or just the Legends.

On Proxies

Proxying cards is a hot-button issue for a lot of EDH players. On one hand, it’s a casual, non-sanctioned format that is nominally about Fun/Social gaming, so why does it matter if the cards are real or not. Some of the best cards in the format are $100+ . On the other hand there are copyright/counterfeit implications, as well as some indignance by those with $100+ cards when other people get to have the same effect for 5-cents.  I’m not going to go any further in to the debate; if you’re reading this, you’ve probably read it all before. Instead, I’ll just explain how I handle proxies.

(If you haven’t been part of the debate, Commander Cast’s “Staple Remover” just wrote an article about it)

My basic policy is:  If you own a copy of a card, you can proxy it in a deck.   I call this the Physical MTGO rule. If you own the cards that you need for a deck, you could theoretically build that deck, so go ahead and use them.

This is, of course, within reason. A deck of all sharpie-proxies would be ugly and hard for opponents to understand, and just printing out an entire deck is kind of lazy (except not, because that’s a lot of physical cutting and pasting).

In practice, I have “placeholders” in a lot of my decks. Sharpied lands that hold the slot in the deck for the actual card.  Whenever I can, I keep a binder of my most commonly used cards so that I can swap cards in if I draw the placeholder (or, if playing with sticklers who are willing to wait for me to prepare a deck, swap the cards in before a game and swap them back out afterwards).  It’s sort of like the “Commander Cube” idea, with out the pain in the backside of having to Draft.


Case in point:  I own 90% of a playset of Revised Duals.  They’re good lands and they go in every deck. They’re better than any other multi-color land (I don’t proxy for Shocks – I only play what I own) They also are expensive, and I can’t afford to buy enough for all of my decks. Rather than swapping them around all of the time, I put real ones  in the two-color decks, and do sharpie-proxies for the rest. I keep a page in my proxy binder with one of each as “proof of ownership.”  Some people think it’s because I don’t play with sleeves or worry about damaging them, but I’ll happily shuffle them into a deck if someone wants me to take the time to do it. (I almost sharpie altered one of my 3 Underground Seas for an old CommanderCast contest with a picture of Ib Halfheart  on a ‘beach’ vacation, but I can’t draw well enough to make it look cool)


Other cards that I frequently have placeholders for:  Good lands that are also expensive (Urborg; Cradle; Stronghold, etc.).  Genesis; Survival of the Fittest.  None of these are cards that I play in every deck that they could fit into, but when they really fit into a deck, I want to have them there.  I also proxy Sol Rings (I own about 15-20), but I don’t have to have them in every deck.    For the lands and the Sol Ring, I’ll usually just use the sharpie-proxy on the table, and for the non-land permanents I’ll always fish out the actual card from the binder.

The key thing here is that I proxy for cards that I really want to have in a deck. Just because a deck has green, it doesn’t mean I feel that the TryHard Law of Staples requires me to include a Cradle and Survival of the Fittest, but for the 4% of my decks that I want to have a Survival in, I don’t feel super bad about sticking a placeholder in.

The other area where I use proxies is for Generals and Planeswalkers. Wiping a foil-common and printing a custom-card decal  with MSE is pretty easy (though time consuming), and I like having foil generals, or alternate art generals, or full-art generals. Sometimes the old Legends cards have kind of lame art, so I like to make them look cooler (or I’ve gotten an Italian Legends card because they’re cheap, but want to easily see what it says in English… in those cases I often use a clear sleeve with the cards back to back).

Angus MacKenzie Gwendlyn di Corci.1 Lady Caleria.2 Xira Arien.2

I don’t play Planeswalkers a lot, but they’re usually pretty pricey, and when I do want one for a deck, I really want it in the deck. Plus, Planeswalkers ALSO look cool with alternate art, so I’ve made foil-proxies for several of those as well.

Chandra Ablaze Elspeth Knight-Errant.1 Liliana of the Dark Realms  Tamiyo the Moon Sage

I am planning a WUBRG Planeswalker deck. In order to make that happen, I’m going to have to proxy a lot of them (only ones I own though), but I think it will be cool. I thought about doing alternate arts of DC superheroes (as the “Superfriends”), but instead I’m going to go with  Marvel’s “NextWave”.

Tezzeret Agent of Bolas

I don’t mind playing against non-placeholding proxies if they’re not going overboard, but only if it’s for play-testing purposes, or because the card is in the mail.  However, I’ll usually give a hard time to someone who’s slotting in things like Mishra’s Workshop, or Imperial Seal, etc.

In the last few months I have done some de-proxifying of decks. The equipment suite that used to be shared between Kemba, Rafiq and a few others got mostly replaced in Kemba when I decided it wasn’t Voltron.  I own a set of Swords of Protection and Value, but I only play them in two of my decks.

So, there you have it. I’m a terrible human being that fundamentally ruins your ability to enjoy the game because of individual, non-gameplay-based, choices I make in my decks.