Game #40 : Progenitus

Game #40 : Progenitus
Date: 2013-07-06
Location: Friend’s house in Duluth
vs: Kumano, Master Yamabushi; Riku of Two Reflections

ProgenitusVSKumano, Master YamabushiRiku of Two Reflections

I had a decent number of lands and cheap artifacts to keep my opening hand, unfortunately the colors didn’t line up with the other spells (and really never did). I also missed my 4th and 5th turn land drops.

Riku came out early, but got Comet Stormed Early.  Riku killed my Amulet of Vigor with an Uktabi Orangutan, and then after some ramping Genesis Waved for 6, but only got Lands and a Fathom Mage.

Kumano was using Urza’s Blueprints to gain card advantage, but those got killed too. Riku kept playing decent creatures.  I managed to at least get a Firewing Phoenix on the table, Kumano played Lord of Shatterskull Pass and I got a Xathrid Gorgon.

Then Riku went infinite with Palinchron (but no Haste), and also dropped two Roil Elementals and stole the Lord of Shatterskull (because it was the biggest, not knowing that it saved him his victory) and my phoenix. My last ditch effort was to Psychic Theft something.  Had Kumano not already had his turn, I could have killed the Roil Elemental and given him back his Lord of Shatterskul (which he could have fully leveled-up). Instead we died to too many copies of a stupid 1-card combo creature.

In the background of the game another friend was watching a really strange and brutal movie about a Pawn Shop that had a lot of big names in it.

About the Deck: ( )

An EDH modified-rainbow stairwell deck.  The “color breakdown” graph on Tapped out is satisfying.

CMC 1-9 for each color and colorless (54 cards),0-cmc (6 cards, do not have to match colors),10-cmc general (all 5 colors),9 non-basic lands6 of each basic land

I’m still not sure whether to do Ob Nixilis/boundless realms/amulet of vigor or diabolic revelation/krosan tusker/expedition map at B(5)/G(7)/A(1).

I’m also not sold on the choices for W(7) and W(8).

This deck does have a “swap-board” of cards for certain slots so that I can change it up and try new cards.   It also has a Trade Secrets that needs to be removed from the deck.