Game #230: Alesha Who Smiles at Death

Game #230: Alesha Who Smiles at Death
Date: 2017-06-06
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Jazal; Mikaeus;
Result:   Neutral Loss

Due to Backlog, and temporal distance, these recaps will be brief.

Recap: I played a 3 land hand, but died before turn 7 to a massive Jazal attack.

About the Deck:  All creatures, mostly Knights, mostly resurrectable by Alesha.

Game #138: Zurgo Helmsmasher

Game #138: Zurgo Helmsmasher
Date: 2014-10-15
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Grimgrin, Corpse Born; Sun Quan; Captain Sisay; Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
Result: Fun Loss

Zurgo Helmsmasher, Magic, Duel Decks: Speed vs. CunningvsGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradSun Quan, Lord of Wu, Magic, From the Vault: LegendsCaptain Sisay, Magic, From the Vault: LegendsSidisi, Brood Tyrant, Magic, Khans of Tarkir

For the second game of the evening I played another new deck in my least favorite colors (though RWB is growing on me). Zurgo started out with a playable amount of land, which was nice. I played an early Ironclaw Orcs (for the intimidation factor).

Sidisi played an early Mesmeric Orb, which hung around for a long time, and was really annoying, which made me attack that direction most of the time.  Balthor’s player borrowed a Sisay deck and was having a lot of fun with Selvala (and eventually also a Yeva, Avacyn and Gaea’s cradle.  Meanwhile, Grimgrin had an Avatar of Woe (that later killed Zurgo) and Grimgrin himself was throwing around a Surestrike Trident.

I had a Fervent Charge on the table, as well as Zurgo and a few other guys and was making sure to attack (mostly Sidisi) often.  Sun Quan had out a Thassa and also a Teferi, which made things more difficult. His Sphinx Ambassador attacked me, and he had trouble finding anything in my deck worth trying to take (Orcs and small Warriors didn’t do very much), so I correctly guessed that he would pick Hamletback Goliath.

Sidisi continued with Mill shenanigans (though I had destroyed the Mesmeric Orb with a manic vandal). I also got to attack and use Ride Down with Zurgo.   Sisay cast a wrath, followed by Elesh Norn (which wiped my team) and that was game.

About the Deck

This one is basically a mix of Orcs, Warriors, and Orc Warriors. The other warriors are predominantly humanoid (Humans, Ogres, Giants, and a Goblin Berserker).  The idea is just to attack… alot.  I had been pulling Sunforger from a lot of decks, due to not having enough instants to make it worthwhile, so I specifically built this deck with more instants to make Sunforger possible.

Game #137: Kaalia of the Vast

Game #137: Kaalia of the Vast
Date: 2014-10-15
Location: Family Game Store
vs. Grimgrin, Corpse Born; Phenax; Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
Result: Unsatisfying

Kaalia of the Vast, Magic, CommandervsGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradPhenax, God of Deception, Magic, Born of the GodsSidisi, Brood Tyrant, Magic, Khans of Tarkir

I was psyched to play The Deck I Said I’d Never Build, and foolishly kept a two land hand. I was able to cast a Ring of Valkas, but I didn’t drop a 3rd land until turn four, and my fourth land drop, on turn 8, was a Temple of the False God.

Other stuff happened while I didn’t get to play. Grimgrin counterd a Rhystic Study. Phenax played a starfish and a Withered Wretch, and an Undead Alchemist.    This mostly meant that I had a small library and most of my creatures were removed from the game.  Phenax Traumatized Grimgrin, to suprisingly little effect. Sidsi played a Tombstone Stairwell (which actually gave me something to sac to my Phyrexian Vault to draw said Temple). Grimrgin got out an Avatar of Woe and Geth.

Then the game turned into a pretty long drawn out mill battle between Sidisi and Phenax.  Grimmy stole my Ob Nixilis the Fallen with Geth… making me mill 5 cards, 4 of which were lands… dumb.   Someone won. It was not me.

About the Deck

Kaalia was always one of those generals I said I’d never build: too autopilot, too abuseable, tough to be creative with.  Then one day I decided it would be fun If I had very little idea of what creatures were in the deck.  Now the deck is 45 mana sources, 15 spells or artifacts that give haste, extra attacks or non-broken buffs to Kaalia, and a huge stack of almost 100 Demons, Angels and Dragons.  Each game I shuffle and pull out 40 random creatures and shuffle them in to the deck.  If I swing with Kaalia, I let my opponent pull a random creature from my hand.  It seems like a fair way to do it.

I was super annoyed that it’s innaugural game didn’t even include a single Kaalia casting…

Game #72: Oros, the Avenger

Game #72: Oros the Avenger
Date: 2013-10-30
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Emmara Tandris; The Mimeoplasm

Oros, the AvengerVSBalthor the DefiledThe Mimeoplasm

It took me a long time to draw a hand that had more than one land in it.  I started with a Withered Wretch (who only ate a fetch land, before it was Skinrender-ed) and a White Knight.  The Mimeoplasm did a lot of Transmuting to load up the Graveyard and Emmara played Collective Blessing and Knight Captain of Eos (who always makes me think of Captain E.O.) and later a Nomad Assembly (or whatever the Kor Soldier Token Rebound Spell is.

I played Everlasting Torment (to give Oros Wither-breath), and a Lethal Vapors (to try to deal with the massive token producing horde and give us an extra turn against Emmara). But Balthor just did his thing and generated ridiculous amounts of Mana (Candelabra, multple Cabal Coffers, probably Nykthos) and made lots of zombie triggers (or maybe some Extort) and that was the end of us.

About the Deck (

This deck was designed back when I was really frustrated by Balthor (and Glissa) and all of their repeated recursion shenanigans (eventually I will do an “On Balthor” post). So I decided to make a deck that only cared about the graveyard in that it didn’t want anyone to have one ever. It has tons of graveyard hate, some Exile spells, and I don’t think it has any recursion.  It also plays a number of other grief-style cards (prevention of life gain, destruction of creatures, damage on spells). I try to win by either General Damage, or by doing silly things with Indestructible or Infect-y Thrashing Wumpus-es  or by wiping the board.

Game #11: Tariel, Reckoner of Souls

Game #11: Tariel, Reckoner of Souls
Date: 2013-04-10
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Savra, Queen of the Golgari (Guild); Doran the Siege Tower;
Result: Neutral WIN

Tariel Reckoner of SoulsVs.

Savra, Queen of the GolgariDoran, the Siege Tower

A silly Kamigawa Block deck provided me with my first victory. I had a 4-land hand, and all colors represented (which is hard to do in Kamigawa block). Savra had a bad mana start.  Doran built up a strong position with a lot of high-tougness creatures and Doran himself. I made good use of Night Dealings and some pro-black attacks from Hand of Honor.  Michiko Konda hung out for a bit, and Tenzo, Godo’s Maul was on the table when I cast Tariel.  With Doran in play a Tenzo-ed Tariel was a 2-turn clock, and the severe lack of fliers meant that she flew in pretty easily for General Damage victories.  The game only recieves a Neutral rating, because it wasn’t very interactive (and I didn’t get to do too much tapping of Tariel).

About the Deck: ( )

I needed another RWB deck. I already had Oros (graveyard destruction/grief), and I’m opposed to Kaalia on a fun-damental level, so it fell to Tariel.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with her mechanically, and I had a number of Samurai sitting around. Tariel looks vaguely samurai-esque (though I eventually custom-foiled her to be even more so).

The deck, aside from the general, is all cards from the Kamigawa block. There are exactly seven Legendary Samurai in the deck (from the Kurosawa block), and a few other supporting samurai. It’s also got the requisite splice/arcane package to be extra silly. My Jitte is currently homeless, so it may go in to this deck.