4-Color Thoughts

I am anxiously awaiting ANY kind of spoiler about the 4-color Commander product from Wizards that’s coming out this fall.  I am really excited to be able to take apart the 4-color “Tag Team” decks that I have built (since Tag Team never took off).  Lots of speculation on how it will be executed.  My guess is there will be a “True” 4-color legend, and then a 2-color with a hybrid ability for the other 2 colors, though I’d love too see 2-colors that are flip-walkers  (Dark Trauma Spark Ignition!).

Of course I did a 5-part series on some of my card-creation attempts at 4-color commanders back in 2013 .

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.Part 5

I never ended up building decks around any of these, but I had a lot of fun designing them. I didn’t use Hybrid technology as much as I could have either.  Of all of them, I think I like the pair of the twins Pradoc and Pradice the best.   I also really liked the idea of the “Dark Transformation” double-faced cards, and the idea of having one card represent a team-up of two characters. Oh how I would love a  Teysa/Zegana  Orzhov-Simic Team-up card…. Hmmm…. time to go back to Magic Set Editor