On Summer Vacation

Vernal Equinox–Becomes–>Summer Bloom

One of the great benefits of working in a school is having summer break.*

Why am I telling you this?

I went to my local (in Maryland) game shop last night, only to find out that they had closed early, which cancelled the regularly scheduled EDH/Commander night. Next Wednesday I have an all-day field trip, so no EDH next week. Then I leave Maryland for the summer to go to Portland, OR, (maybe Honolulu, HI) and Duluth, MN.**

I have friends in MN who play, but I no longer have a regular game-time set up for EDH there, which means that it will be harder to get in quality games to keep momentum going on this project.***  I’m going to do my very best to get in a few game days, but I can’t promise regular game updates.

I will, however, still write some things here. Let’s be very honest, judging from the comments, the only person that reads this is my friend Ted, but I still feel like I should keep things going here. (If you do read this, please do leave a comment), so I’ll probably write some deck updates or deck features.  I wrote a lot of lists in a previous blogging life, so I may do that here as well.

In conclusion:  If you do read this blog, please don’t stop (add it to whatever aggregator you use now that Google are being d*cks and are closing down Reader), and if you know any Fun groups in Portland that would want to get a game in near the end of June, let me know.

* A well earned break: working in education is a high-stress/high-intensity/high-reward, and the vacation time is pretty inflexible.

** The summers in Maryland are inhumane and inhospitable. Heat+Humidity=Hell.  Maryland also lacks lakes, but Minnesota has myriad.

*** My very first EDH experiences were back in 2010, when my brother and I just decided to take up Magic again. We played one-on-one (not French) EDH for hours every morning and evening, to the chagrin


of our sister.  Unfortunately, my brother moved to the Twin Cities and isn’t around to play on a daily basis anymore.