Game #187: Rhudd y Deffrwr (Rith the Awakener)

Game #187: Rhudd y Deffrwr  (Rith the Awakener
Date: 2016-01-19
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland, OR
vs.: Doran the Siege Tower; Iname, Death Aspect; Meren
Result: Fun Loss

Rith y Deffrwr.1vsDoran, the Siege Tower, Magic, LorwynIname, Death Aspect, Magic, Champions of KamigawaMeren of Clan Nel Toth, Magic, Commander 2015

I keep a 1 land hand with a Wild Cantor (and draw into a second land on turn 2). I miss a third land drop, but cast a Commander Sphere.  Iname plays some spirits and a Royal Assassin, and Meren has a few elves in play.  I’m able to Artifact Mutation Iname’s Caged Sun (mostly because I needed some creatures in play), and follow it up with a Sporoloth Ancient and Scatter the Seeds. Iname gets cast and dumps 20+ spirits in his yard.  Meren casts some creature that mostly wipes the board, dealing with Doran’s Siege Rhino.

I cast a Sporemound, and then follow up with Rith on Turn 7. Iname has a 20/20 Revenant and also a Mikeaus in the graveyard. Meren has  a Birthing Pod and starts finding stuff. When I get the chance I’m able to swing and kill Iname over the course of 2 turns. I get an active Beast Master’s Ascension, but I lose Rith (and then am able to recast it).  I intend to kill Meren, but I miscalculate.

Doran casts a Forgotten Ancient and then uses Aligned Hedron Network to neutralize my team. I misplay my mana and don’t have enough to retrurn and cast a Naya Charm.  I draw some cards off of a Psychotrope Thallid.  Meren is still hanging on and getting life, via stealing Siege Rhinos with a Sepulchral Primordial, whereas I am losing it, and then dying.

About the Deck:  I wanted a new Naya deck, and Rith was always my favorite of the Invasion Dragons. I also wanted an excuse to make more poorly (i.e. Google) translated Welsh Magic cards.  Rith fit the bill well both because the name was transliteratable and because the art could easily be edited to look similar to Y Ddraig Goch.  My Rhys the Redeemed is also poorly translated into Welsh (because it’s a Welsh Name and it pisses me off when people pronounce it wrong).

The deck has a pretty strong Saproling Theme to it, as well as some color changing effects to maximize Rith’s breath-weapon. It also has the Sporemound/Life and Limb combo for good measure.

Rith y DeffrwrRhys y Rhai Gwaredol

The Rest of the Night: I did also win a game with my “Creatureless” Soramaro deck.