Game #219: Arcades Sabboth

Game #219: Arcades Sabboth
Date: 2017-01-03
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Atraxa +; Brago, King Etrnal; Breya, Etherium Shaper
Result:   Fun Loss

NOTE: due to a baby, I’m way behind in updates, so  I’m not going to write a full game write up initially. Also, due to me playing this game almost 4 months ago, I don’t remember the details from my notes as well

Arcades Sabboth, Magic, ChroniclesvsAtraxa, Praetors' Voice, Magic, Commander 2016Brago, King Eternal, Magic, ConspiracyBreya, Etherium Shaper (Commander 2016), Magic, Oversize Cards

  • I had a total of 14 Clues
  • I had to leave before the game was over, but it was quite fun
  • Breya got an Elspeth Ultimate
  • Brago was having fun with equipment and Wurmcoil Engine and Strionic Resonator
  • Most people were at really big life.
  • Atraxa had a Mathar’s Crusade out at one point.

About the Deck (tapped out.  ha ha ha maybe someday)

Clues seemed like a fun game to play. Arcades Sabboth seems like he could be a draconic detective.  I can’t remember if I had plans to turn clues into creatures and buff them or what. I know drawing lots of cards was a goal, since I played a Psychosis crawler.

Game #168: Treva, the Renewer

Game #168: Treva, the Renewer
Date: 2015-05-06
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs. Grimgrin, Corpse Born; Horde of Notions
Result: Mostly fun Loss

Treva the RenewervsGrimgrin, Corpse-Born, Magic, InnistradHorde of Notions, Magic, Lorwyn

I had a 3 land hand, with no white mana. Eventually I was able to Wargate for 1 getting a Birds of Paradise (maybe a land would’ve been better…), which I then Doppleganged. I followed it up with an Emeria Angel, which then got Doppelganged, and then followed that up with a Windreader Sphinx (doppelganged).

Horde of Notions was Ramping like CRAZY, Fertilid tricks, Silverglade Elemental, etc, and Grimgrin was just drawing cards off of Rhystic Study, and causing problems with a Withered Wretch.  I played a Gravitational Shift and Derevi.

Horde cast Maelstrom Wanderer into Boundless Realms (for 9) and then Mirrorweaved Silverglade elemental for an attack. Then he cast a Tornado Elemental (!) but it was countered, but horde brought it back for free. This was bad for me.    Luckily I was holding an Angel of the Dire Hour (a card that almost got cut) and was able to lure an attack in and exile the Wanderer and the Tornado bro (Or maybe they came back again… I can’t remember now).   He still had tons of mana.  Grimgrin got eliminated from the game.

A Legacy Weapon was cast (that he could activate at least 4 times a turn) and I used Diluvian Primordial to get an artifact destruction spell.  I forgot the clause about it shuffling back in, and I missed the turn where he tutored and re-cast it, so that when I tried to rite of replication my Primordial, he exiled it (seemingly) out of nowhere.  I had really good stuff, and he was at really low life (like 7), but there was just no way I could keep up with 4-5 things being exiled per turn.

After this game I pulled out Iname, Death Aspect, and it was one of the most lopsided mana games in history.. sisters of stone death had more than 20 lands and Grimgrin had like 4. My deck was too slow to do anything, though I did get Mortal Combat in play, but died before it mattered.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

This is Treva’s Flyers.  It plays a bunch of DTK Dragons, plus lots of other flyers and flying matters cards.  It also plays clones so that I can have two of the Enduring Scalelord in play at the same time.  There are a few life-gain tricks with Treva, but mostly I just want to find Radiant, Archangel and have her be huge.

Game #130: Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Game #130: Derevi, Empyrial Tactician
Date: 2014-05-18
Location: Friend’s House in Baltimore
Vs. Sigarda Host of Herons
Result: Win!

Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, Magic, Commander 2013vsSigarda, Host of Herons, Magic, Avacyn Restored

I had a chance to play a few games with a friend of mine in Baltimore while our significant other’s were visiting Babies. Derevi had just gotten finished, and I really watnted to give it a try. He was playing an Enchantress build with Sigarda (Because he didn’t like Krond’s mana requirements). I started with 3 lands and the Quest that gains counters when things tap, and untaps things when active, but he stuck Quiet Disrepair on it. I played Keeper of the Nine Gales, and a few other creatures, and he played Sigarda with an Ethereal Armor, and then had at least two other guys of 4/4 or greater – Elderwood Scion and a Rust something-or-other.  However, he wasn’t drawing enchantments and was just flooding with land.

I tried to use tricks to have my Wake Thrasher and Gustcloak savior kill off Sigarda, but I didn’t calculate for first strike, and it ended up costing me the wake thrasher. I had a Finest Hour in play and I would make use of it and a Strionic Resonator when I could.

I had to resort to Derevi tricks to stay alive though, having only small-ish creatuers. S he was able to hold 3-4 of his creatures at bay each turn via her alternate casting cost, a Strionic Resonator and an Unbdender Tine, then blocking a final creature to die and be reborn again. I did this at least 3 times. Then I was able to drop Kruphix and draw an Arbiter of the Ideal, which, along with the Gustcloak Savior and Finest Hour was getting me multiple free new Enchantements (drawing me cards off of Eidolon of Blossoms).

Eventually I drew what I was looking for: Vedalken Plotter. You see, I’d been holding a Sorrow’s Path in my hand for several turns. I played the Path, traded it via plotter for a forest and swung with several tokens. I was able to stack the triggers of the ones that got through to tap and untap Sorrow’s Path enough times to wipe his board clear of creatures. One more untap/tap was enough to kill him.

I won the game because of Sorrows Path. I restate: SORROW’S PATH won me the game!

Had he drawn more enchantments (and thus cards, as he had an Eidolon of Blossoms, too) and few er lands, the game could have ended very differently.

About the Deck (no TappedOut yet)

Derevi started being built when I saw Arbiter of the Ideal.  I already had a tapping/untapping matters deck (Sygg, River Guide), but it was also tribally themed, and sphinxes didn’t fit.  I started working on the deck, but didn’t really finish it until recently, and in waiting, also added a Constellation sub-theme to the deck.   It’s not designed to be a Lock deck (like some people do with Derevi), but that doesn’t mean I won’t use the commander’s ability to keep myself alive for create openings.

Mostly I try to create value out of untapping things (like Inspired cards), or tapping things down  (for Palliation Accord bonuses).  I’m also happy because it gets to play reconnaissance, which is one of my favorite cards of all time, AND Gustcloak Savior.

The other trick of this deck is that it’s All Permanents. No instants or Sorceries.  When I first started thinking of playing Derevi  (even before the Sphinx), I considered making it a Primal Surge deck. The sphinx (plus Freed from the Real and a Paradise Mantle), let me do that in a Permanent way (also as a 3 card combo, which is more fair than a 1-card combo).

The Rest of the Afternoon

This game was a long one. normally when I play with this friend, we get 8 or so 1v1 games in (and I lose 6-7 of them).  On this day we only got in 3 games.  I’ll write about Game #131: Skeleton Ship  soon.  I also played  Vorel of the Hull Clade (which was just my Momir Vig deck with a swapped General and a few card updates.   I won that game as well, but it took forever.  I couldn’t get cards to win, despite having an Everflowing Chalice with 256 counters on it, but was finally able to pull it off.

One thing awesome that happened is I was able to use both Death Mutation (stolen via Pirates) AND Aether Mutation  to save myself in this play session.

Game #103: Pheldagriff

Game #103: Pheldagriff
Date: 2014-01-29
Location: Family Game Store
Vs: Balthor; Olivia Voldaren
Result: Fun Win

Phelddagrif, Magic, Alliancesvs.Balthor the DefiledOlivia Voldaren, Magic, Innistrad

After losing to a brutal voltron-ing, I decided I’d go for the same result. I had 4 land in my hand (including two revised duals, unsleeved) plus a Fireshrieker. Olivia come down early, and I wanted to be cautious with my Hippo, so I waited until I could put an Unquestioned Authority on him (Do not question the authority of the hippo). In the mean time I cast a Lightmine Field and a Pygmy Hippo.

Olivia got up to 8/8 and then Balthor O-stoned. Olivia Ghost-Quartered Balthor’s Cabal Coffers and started building up. I was able to play Pheldagriff with the enchantment and then swing for double strike damage against Olivia. Next turn I played Eldrazi Conscription and killed Olivia, and killed Balthor (who had an empty hand) the following turn.

This deck was built to be played without mercy, so even though this was a somewhat direct win, I still had fun doing what it was supposed to.

About the Deck ( )

This deck used to be Rafiq, but around the time I started building Zur Group Hug, I decided it needed to become Brutal Hippo. I changed about 25 cards from Rafiq (who joined the 99) and added in things like Elesh Norn (here, have a DOA Hippo). The tapped out list is close, though I made a few changes yesterday.  It is named, of course, after Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

Game #76: Angus MacKenzie

Game #76: Angus MacKenzie
Date: 2013-11-03
Location: Friend’s house in Baltimore
vs: Thromok the Insatiable

Angus MacKenzieVS.Thromok the Insatiable

After having played a few games with the new Commander 2013 decks, my friend and I got in one regular EDH game before it was time to play Star Trek Catan.

Thromok got a quick start with a Nest Invader (which always makes me think of the “Bed Intruder” song).  I start with a Rhox War Monk followed by my General (who gets Chaos Warped).  My start was pretty slow, being stuck at 4 lands, but eventually I start drawing lands and a bunch of Landfall cards like Rampaging Baloths, Lotus Cobra, etc as well as lands like Ghost Town and tricks like Fathom Seer.  Finally a Tradewind Rider (with an active Quest for Renewal… or what ever the untapping quest is) let me deal with threats and continue to draw cards off of Fathom Seer.   The game ends with huge attack from a Nacatl War-pride.

About the Deck (

This is a deck to play with landfall and make tokens.  Fun tricks include trying to get bazillions of Doppleganger-ed Mirror-Sigil Sergeants, or doing crazy mana tricks with Amulet of Vigor and Patron of the Moon (similar to my Moonfolk deck, but with white and green for more fun like Lotus Cobra).  Angus is nice to ward off attacks, and there are ways to untap the general frequently if necessary.

Game #49.1, 49.2: Rafiq of the Many

Game #49.1: Rafiq of the Many
Date: 2013-08-15
Location: Home, Duluth, MN
vs. Thraximundar
Result: silly Loss

Rafiq of the ManyvsThraximundar

One last game with my brother before heading back to Maryland. We were still doing Planechase, starting at Tember City, but we rolled to Kilnspire district on the first turn. I had 3 lands, and I tried to leave kilnspire district quickly, but to no avail. My brother casts an early Rooftop Storm thanks to the plane, and I cast Rafiq, but he counters with Thraximundar on turn 3 or four and I sacrifice Rafiq. I spend much mana trying to leave the plane, but I can only manage to cast Wax/Wane on the Rooftop Storm. Thraximundar hits me. I roll 4 times to leave the plane. Rafiq doesn’t stay on the board. I get rid of Rafiq, but the Kilnspire has like 9 counters on it, so Thrax is going to come back no matter what. I roll Chaos and kill Thrax, but hey, haste and I lose.

Since this was Rafiq’s last ride before being transformed into a Hippo tribal deck, and since turn 3 Thraximundar is unfun at any speed, we decided to play one more game.

Game #49.2
same day
vs Teneb the Harvester
Result: fun and epic win

Rafiq of the ManyvsTeneb, the Harvester

We started on the Furnace Layer, but it sucked so we pitched it. Norn’s Annex also sucked, so we pitched it and took Cliffside Market.
He started with a swamp, I had a 1 land hand with a Noble Hierarch. I played an Aven Squire, and my brother planeswalked us with Interplanar Tunnel into Stairs to Infinity. I play a Sword of Vengeance and suit up the Aven, then play Rafiq, who gets Beast Within-ed. I swing with the Aven, and Teneb Buries Alive Massacre Wurm, It That Betrays and Avatar of Woe. He reanimates the Wurm and I have to put the sword on the surviving Beast Token.

It that betrays is Zombified, but I Bant Charm it away and also find a way to Kill the Massacre Wurm. Teneb is loading the yard and making zombies with a Zombie Infestation, I have some more Exalted Birds, but they all die to Eternal Witness returning Zombify for the Massacre Wurm. I have Teneb at low life, but he keeps gaining life or wiping my board. Vault of the Archangel is doing work for his team.

I throw a Bear Umbra on Sigil Paladin and cast a Behemoth Sledge. After attacking I play Rafiq. Liliana Vess shows up and so does a giant Demon of some sort. I’m able to Meddle a Doom Blade aimed at Rafiq to take out Eternal Witness. Swinging with the Sledged and Sworded Rafiq is enough to secure a victory in Rafiq’s final game.

About the Deck (

This was an Exalted/Rafiq Voltron deck. Nothing to special about it, but it did win some games in its day. I started pulling some of the artifacts in this list to put in other decks. Ultimately I decided that I wanted to make a vicious Pheldagriff deck, and reconfigured the deck enough to consider it to be taken apart and re-built.

Of course I wanted to cast Finest Hour a lot, because it makes me think of Scott Pilgrim, thus the name of the deck.