Bottom 9 Games of 2013

These were the games, 1 for each month, that I had the least fun playing (and one bonus one that I made un-fun).  For the Best Games of 2013, Go here!

Game #7: Kemba,Kha Regent
Hated/LD’ed out for keeping another player from being alpha-struck

Game #21: Skullbriar, the Walking Grave
another combo-loss so un-fun that I didn’t want to even play Magic afterward

Game #31.1, 31.2: Doran the Siege Tower
Played a total of 5 lands across the two games (and one was strip-mined)

Game #35: Vorosh, the Hunter
singled out for playing a Rhystic Study

Game #49.1: Rafiq of the Many
Silly Planechase makes for a turn 3 Thraximundar. Redo game was a Best-Game runner-up

Game #60: Skyfire Kirin
Just didn’t really get to do much. Not a great deck for head-to-head vs Balthor

Game #71: Rasputin Dreamweaver
Not a bad game, just dragged on for waaaaayyyy too long

Game #75.1: Lim Dul, the Necromancer
I misplayed Necropotence vs a discard deck in a cut-throat level pod and had my only chance to remove the Skull exiled.

Game #86.1: Daxos of Meletis
We all scooped on Turn 5 against a super Try-Hard Damia deck

DisHonorable Mention (game un-fun because of Me)
Game #93: Maelstrom Wanderer
I shouldn’t have played an infinite combo deck at this table, and shouldn’t have cast my entire deck on Turn 5.