Game #220: Kraum/Reyhan

Game #220: Kraum/Reyhan
Date: 2017-01-10
Location: Red Castle Games, Portland OR
Vs. Omnath Locus of Rage; Kynaios and Tiro+
Result:   Neutral Loss

NOTE: due to a baby, I’m way behind in updates, so  I’m not going to write a full game write up initially. Also, due to me playing this game almost 4 months ago, I don’t remember the details from my notes as well

Kraum, Ludevic's Opus, Magic, Commander 2016/Reyhan, Last of the Abzan, Magic, Commander 2016vsKynaios and Tiro of Meletis (Commander 2016), Magic, Oversize CardsOmnath, Locus of Rage, Magic, Prerelease Cards

  • Kynaios built up a big defense with Propaganda and some swords for offense
  • Omnath almost had a Parallel Lives, but Kynaios countered it
  • I had Reyhan with a Rancor and got to move counters, and Kraum did work too drawing cards
  • Corpse Harvester fetched a Thraximundar, but it was too late.
  • I huge horde of Angels did me for 46 (Luminarch Ascension for Kynaios).

About the Deck

This was a reconstruction, reconfiguring of my original 4-color tagteam zombie deck. Reyhan isn’t a zombie, but I rebuilt it around a Zombies and +1/+1 counter theme with stuff like Skullbriar and Grave Betrayal, etc.

Game #143: Ghoulcaller Gisa

Game #143: Ghoulcaller Gisa
Date: 2014-12-03
Location: Family Game Store
Vs. Ghoulcaller Gisa; Sidisi, Brood Queen
Result: Very Fun Loss

Ghoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014vsGhoulcaller Gisa, Magic, Commander 2014Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, Magic, Prerelease Cards

Preface: Balthor is no more. Balthor’s player decided it was time for a new mono-black deck, with fewer foils and with a slightly different angle (but still several non-foil but super expensive cards). Thus Gisa is born… just in time to play against my Gisa deck.

It was a Zombie Token Land crazy match. I started with a 3 land hand, but hitting land drops pretty well. Turn 4 Moan of the Unhallowed, Turn 5 Gravepact, Turn 6 Gisa, Turn 7 Filth (into zombies).  Other Gisa has a Gravecrawler, Crypt Ghast and a Metalworker (Because it’s legal now).  Sidisi has an amulet of Vigor and a Zombie Infestation AND Necromancer’s Stockpile.

Other Gisa kills my Gisa with Liliana of the Dark Realms, while Sidisi kept attacking other Gisa in order to offset the life that Sangromancer was gaining him because of Sidisi’s discards.  I’ve got out a Grim Haruspex and a Necropolis Regent and an active, but patiently waiting, Quest for the Gravelord.  Other Gisa Duplicants Sidisi.  My guys have gotten pretty big from the Regent.

Other Gisa has built up a pretty sizeable Zombie Army, Sidisi plays a Masscre Wurm (which is what I was going to do on the very next turn) that clears Gisa’s board, but sends him to 96 life.  I’ve got out a Wall of Blood, but my life total is low enough that it doesn’t do me any good.  Gisa knocks me down to 10 and then a Damnation followed by a Massacre wurm puts me to 2.  I play my own massacre wurm (Wurms for everyone!). Gisa gets crazy with Yawgmoth’s will.

I try to reanimate Sidisi’s Eternal Witness, but it’s countered.  Other Gisa gets knocked down to 6 and we both die to a horde of Sidisi’s Tokens.   All in All this was a very fun game that any of us could have won.

About the Deck: (

While Other Gisa is more along the lines of Robots and Zombies, my Gisa deck is a Zombie deck with NO zombies in it at all. It started as possibly being Gisa and the Bad Girls (with a human tribal, and female character theme), but slowly became more of a Gisa and her Graveyard Pals deck.  The Bad Girls might become a Kiku tiny leaders deck.   I like this deck, and am looking forward to playing it more, though probably not in mirror matches, just for variety’s sake.

Game #121: Tymaret, the Murder King

Game #121: Tymaret, the Murder King
Date: 2014-03-19
Location: My apartment
vs.: Balthor; Karona
result. Interesting loss

Tymaret, the Murder King, Magic, TherosvsBalthor the Defiled Karona, False God, Magic, Scourge

I went to the usual locale for Wednesday nights, but from the sounds of what was going on, I had the suspicion that the store would be closing early. Karona arrived and we started a game, but as Balthor arrived, the owner came up and said he had to kick us out and close early (which was fine by me, since Seton had just gotten tucked). We considered going in to a restaurant to play, but I offered up my place since it wasn’t too far away and was on the way home for at least one of the others. I had to do a bit of scrambling to get the library/game/computer room table cleared off, but eventually we were ready to play.

I had a two land hand, Balthor led with an Urborg and a Bazaar of Baghdad, Karona mostly played lands. I kept drawing mountains (thanks Urborg!) and managed a Lord of the Undead, that helped balthor more than me. I stalled at 4 lands, but was able to cast Anathemancer to hit Balthor for 5 (all of his lands were NB), but had no sac outlet to get my guys to the yard when Balthor popped for huge amounts of Zombies. Balthor swung at a defenseless Karona (forgetting to hit Tezzeret) for big damage. I had nothing but a Murderous Redcap harbinger-ed to the top of the library. Missing Tezzeret proved huge though, when Karona hard cast a Decree of Annihilation and wiped everything but Tezzeret (who fetched up artifact lands). I drew non lands for 5 straight draws, and then didn’t hit my second drop until “new” turn 8. By that time Karona had an army of planeswalkers including an Ultimate-d Vraska (just added today from the Jace v. Vraska set, so I was happy he got to win with it). I managed to make 3 zombies with Zombie Infestation, but Karona was able to tap 2 of them and send enough lethal assassins to kill us both.

About the Deck (Tapped Out someday)
I had a foil Tymaret and felt like building a Zombie deck (I forgot about my Lord of Tresserhorn deck). Adding Red meant that I could get more value out of any potential Balthor activations, and also let me dip into Goblins a bit for things like Squee and Dralnu’s Crusade and Murderous Redcap. I also inherited a lot of foil good Zombies from Balthor (since he found a connection to get German foils), so they needed a home. There aren’t too many tricks in this one, other than it likes to make Zombie tokens. Tymaret, isn’t integral to the deck, but he and Squee are useful as cards to be discarded.

Game #19 : Lord of Tresserhorn

Game #19: Lord of Tresserhorn
Date: 2013-05-08
Location: Family Game Store, Savage, MD
vs: Balthor the Defiled; Child of Alara; Nicol Bolas…
Result: Unsatsifying Loss

Lord of TresserhornvsChild of Alara

Balthor the DefiledNicol Bolas


Oh joy, another game of when will it combo.  I started out with a fist full of lands. Nicol Bolas starts the game with a Jace for the billionth time, and adds a Sensei’s divining top for fun.  Child of Alara is piloted by someone I haven’t played before, so I don’t know if it’s a fun deck or a just-for-the-colors-to-combo deck (or something in between),  he starts with a mix of tri-lands and tapped 2 color lands and a Joiner Adept.  I get out a Reassembling Skeleton and play a Moan of the Unhallowed to get fuel for the Boss Zombie, which I cast on Turn 5, giving  Balthor the two cards (even though he’s a perennial danger). Balthor, both dangerously and perennially, plays a gravecrawler and gets out Mikaeus and some other dudes.  I get a Swing in with Tresserhorn on Bolas, and I’ve got cool stuff in hand as well.  Bolas casts Damnation and I let Tresserhorn die (figuring Balthor is going to get popped soon enough, or I’ll just use some recursion.  Child of Alara doesn’t go to the graveyard. Bolas has been tutoring a lot. I flash back the Moan of the Unhallowed and then Gravedigger back my general.  Then Bolas plays a Palinchron and a Deadeye Navigator (and I’m almost surprised that it’s not Kiki-Jiki/Exarch).  By this time a fifth person has shown up, and I switch tables.  The other new guy asks if there’s anywhere else that plays on Wednesday nights and heads out too.

About the Deck (

This deck was built right after Innistrad came out, mostly just to throw a pile of Zombies together.  I don’t even think I updated it after that when other sets came out in the block. It’s not all that thought-out, but I’ve won games with it. Lord T often comes out on turn 5 (with a regeneration mana), and the deck is quite a bit about swinging with him for a lot of damage. Inquisitor’s Flail is a good complement to the Lord’s big Axe.