Game #26: Marrow-Gnawer

Game #26: Marrow-Gnawer
Date: 2013-06-01
Location: A friends’s house in Baltimore,MD
vs: Kresh, the Bloodbraided
Result: Neutral Win

Marrow-GnawervsKresh the Bloodbraided

Despite the set-back of not being able to play at my LGS for quite awhile, I was able to get in a few games at a friend’s house while we were waiting to go to another friend’s wedding. There were only the two of us, which means head-to-head games, but the decks I brought were ones that could potentially handle that.

The first game pitted a pretty generic Marrow-Gnawer plus lots of Relentless Rats deck against a high-curve Kresh the Bloodbraided deck.  I started the game with 4 lands, the deathtouch rat, a Relentess Rat and a Necrologia.  I got out 3 relentless rats, a few of which died to Kresh’s Vein Drinker, but I stuck a Marrow-Gnawer with a Thornbite Staff and created 100 rats (which I felt was arbitrarily large enough).  Kresh couldn’t draw a board wipe, and that was the game. Not super exciting. I wish there would have been more battling, but that’s what happens in 1v1 games.

About the Deck: (

There’s not much special about this one. 30 Relentless Rats (in a variety of languages), a general that makes more rats. A Thrumming Stone to cast many rats fast and furiously. Things to get rats back from the dead, etc.  This one might come apart for the new demon-finder that can have multiples in a deck.

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