Games #118: Sharuum, the Hegemon (2.0)

Games #118: Sharuum, the Hegemon (2.0)
Date: 2014-02-26
Location: Family Game Store
vs.: Balthor; Tolsimir Wolfblood; Nekusar, the Mindrazer
Result: Neutral Loss

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I brought 3 new decks with me this evening, but now that I’m “free” I chose to start with this one and see how things went. Seeing Nekusar, I wasn’t sure if Karametra would last enough to be fun, and I didn’t think that a silly 5-colored deck was going to be worth it.

I had a 4 land hand and some pretty cool cards, but no access to white mana. I kept drawing lands, but not the right  ones.  Balthor had a Withered Wretch, Death Baron and Undead Warchief. Tolsimir had a Sword of Body and Mind and an Intangible Virtue, and Nekusar was ramping like crazy and had Jace 1.0.  Then he played Chandra Ablaze and we had to dump our hands and draw 3. I lost Pursuit of Knowledge (great anti- nekusar tech), Omniscience (played for deck theme not for brokenness) Minds Eye (great anti-nekusar tech) and some other stuff.  I drew 3 lands, and continued to draw lands.  It sucked.

Balthor followed up with Gray Merchant and swung at Nekusar. Tolsimir played a Master of the Wild Hunt for awesomeness, and then Balthor played lots of things, popped the general and I died along with everyone else.

About the Deck (tappedout someday)

This deck was basically re-built from the ground up after taking apart the old Sharuum deck I had. That deck became Slobad/Sydri/Bosh, and this deck became a Sphinx tribal deck. The only combo in the deck involves a Sphinx that isn’t Sharuum (Arbiter of the Ideal, Paradise Mantle, Freed from the Real), and the rest of the deck is themed around puzzles, secret knowledge, etc.

The rest of the night: Nekusar still looked to be dangerous, and I took the opportunity to finally get to play an updated version of Animar (now with Gods and Archetypes). I came out really hard with a very early Animar, Gaea’s Herald, Ruric Thar and Archetype of Hexproof. We had added a 5th player at this point, and I was slamming damage around. Then Balthor cast Damnation. I was able to rebuild, but not enough to survive and win. It was a really fun game though.

We played one last game, with Balthor’s player borrowing the Karona Foil deck. I pulled out the 35$ Thromok deck. That game didn’t last very long, though. There was a Purphoros deck involved.